Murchison-Hume. Everything Laundry Soap. Basil, Mandarin and Kale 946ml

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The only detergent you need for every garment, every time. Designed for hand-washing delicate garments, soaking and machine washing in hot, warm or cold water. Suitable for use on all washables including silk, linen, wool and most synthetic fabrics.
Fragrance: Basil, Mandarin, Kale.
Size: 946ml


Our household cleaning products provide everything you need to maintain your home without the use of harsh chemicals. Plant-based, natural, gorgeous to look at and lovely to use. Clean is beautiful and easy.


I created Murchison-Hume when we learned that our youngest son had inherited my allergic sensitivities to common cleaning products. After trying all of the available eco-friendly options, I found that most didn’t work and others were loaded with synthetic dyes and fragrance. That was a problem.

Armed with a Mother’s determination, I sought to create something that was genuinely safe and effective, but also a pleasure to use.

Murchison-Hume Household Cleaning Products marry practicality, SAFETY and style.

You choose carefully and work hard to keep your family safe and make your home beautiful. We’re here to help you keep it that way.

M. Kater



(The Full Disclosure of Ingredients – please see

Customers are attracted to us because of our looks, but they come back to us because we actually work. Of course we’re proud of our gorgeous packaging, but it’s our plant-based ingredients that set us apart.


Our products are:

All of our products are PH neutral, which basically means, not caustic and not acidic e.g. non corrosive

All of our products are free from:Parabens, Petrolatum Wax, silicones, Propylene Glycol, PEG, SLES, ALES, No Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, Polycyclic Musks, Retinol and Animal By Products.

Free from dyes (Linked to cancer, can be toxic to animals and slow to biodegrade)

Free from Petrochemical solvents (Respiratory and skin irritants. Petroleum based)

Free from non-sustainable Palm Oil derived ingredients (Causes destruction of tropical rainforest)

Safe & Effective: Our surface cleaning products are highly effective, but more importantly, they are Marine Safe which means they have minimal impact on the environment after drain disposal.

Non-irritants: Our formulas have been tested and classified as non- irritants.  Even so, please exercise caution and keep out of reach of children.

Biodegradable: Our products rapidly bio-degrade into harmless by-products providing a “down drain benefit” and making them septic system safe.

Harsh chemicals: Our products do not contain the following “harsh chemicals”: ammonia, caustics, phosphates, bleach, ethoxylates or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).

Cruelty-free: Never tested on animals.

Packaging & Reuse: Our recyclable containers are made from PET (aka PETE) plastic. PET is a safe, non-harmful recyclable packaging material, suitable for the storage of food and beverages. We use it to store cleaning products because we care about the quality of both our ingredients and our packaging materials. Our bottles are designed to be refilled and reused as we offer most of our products with a (32 oz) refill option.

Septic Safe: Our products do not contain bleach or chlorine, which would harm the beneficial bacteria system.


A few notes on terminology:

Natural: In most cases, we’re 99% natural. The 1% is in the fragrance (perfume) that we add to the essential oil to make it stable. We intentionally keep our fragrances light, yet beautifully aromatic. We always use cosmetic grade, phthalate-free fragrant and essential oils in order to create intriguing scents.



Q: How did the company get started? 

A: Max & Peter Kater developed the range when their son developed allergies to most common household cleaning products.

Q: How long have you been in business? 

A: The company was launched in Sydney, Australia in 2007. We opened in the United States in 2012.

Q: Murchison-Whom? Where did you get the name for the company?

A: The simple truth is: We stole it. Well, maybe borrowed is the more correct term (we did ask first). Murchison-Hume is taken from Max Father-In-Law, Dr. Roderick Murchison-Hume Kater. We think it has just the right mix of style and old-school gravitas. Even better, the man himself is the embodiment of our company’s core values: practical, elegant, extremely durable and authentically eco-friendly. He is Our Reluctant Muse.

Q: What makes Murchison-Hume products different from other cleaners?

A: We are genuinely eco-friendly, look and smell gorgeous and above all our products actually work! Our aim is to make the best looking, best smelling, most effective and easy-to-use household cleaning products available anywhere. We pride ourselves on our genuine safety, performance and Down-Drain Benefit with minimal impact on the environment. We want the very best for our family, our home, our planet (and yours).

Q: What’s “Down-Drain Benefit”?

Murchison-Hume is Green all the way down to the ground (and beyond). Unlike most cleaning products, we boast significant Down-Drain benefit. Our products rapidly bio-degrade into harmless by-products after drain disposal... Something even many “Green” products cannot honestly claim. Our products contain absolutely none of the long list of potentially harmful chemical ingredients contained in many so-called “Eco-Friendly” cleaning products.

Q: What’s in it?

A: All of our cleaning products are composed of three principal components (other than water) – the natural synergistic surfactant blend, which is derived from sugar and plant derived oils, fragrance oils and natural water softeners (chelating agents). All actives are plant based and are chosen for their low environmental and human health impact.  The non-natural element in our formulae is from the minute amount of fragrant oil we use to stabilise the essential oil in our fragranced versions. Without it, the fragrance would be efficiently broken down by our base. We also use very small quantities of preservative in the few products that actually need it. Unlike many commercial brands we do not add preservative unless it is actually needed. We tend to formulate the product in a way that discourages bacterial growth.

All of our products are free from: Parabens, Petrolatum Wax, silicones, Propylene Glycol, PEG, SLES, ALES, No Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, Polycyclic Musks, Retinol and Animal By Products.

Our products are PH neutral, which basically means, not caustic and not acidic e.g. non corrosive

What that means to you: Murchison-Hume cleaning products are superbly effective AND utterly safe to use around people, plants and pets. Throw your dirty water on the rose bushes when you’re done mopping. They’ll love it!

Q: What is different between Boys' Bathroom Cleaner and The Ladies Bathroom Cleaner?

A: The label is the only difference between the two products, allowing you to style your bathroom as you see fit.  The product formulas and scent options are the same.

Q: What surfaces can I use Counter Safe Surface Spray on?

A: All of our Cleaning Products are safe for any surface not harmed by water.

Q: What types of floor can I use Effortless Floor Splash on?

A: Any type! Marble, Wood, Terrazzo, & Tile. Even Leather (just don’t over-soak it). See above.

Q: Can I use Everyday Furniture Spritzer on wood as well as upholstered furniture?

A: Of course you can! It’s the very first domestic-use product designed for upholstered AND hard surface furniture.

Q: Can you use your Pet Care products safe (non-toxic) for all pets?

A: Our Best in Show products are designed for use on dogs and we cannot guarantee non-toxicity to all pets. Specifically, due to the Lavender oil in the products, we do not recommend using our pet care products on cats.

Q: Are your products suitable for vegans?

A: Yes. Our products contain no animal derived ingredients, nor are our products tested on animals.

Q: Is it safe for septic tanks?

A: Yes. Our products do not contain bleach or chlorine, which would harm the beneficial bacteria system.


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