Mopping Slippers - Purple

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$7.00 they might look funny...but...not only are the mopping slippers very cute, and make me laugh...but they also are really practical!

You can use them a few ways...

- Do you want to mop, and actually put your mop back in the laundry? Chances are, you will get mopped in...and will be forced to walk over freshly mopped floors...and no one wants foot prints after all that hard work! The moping slippers take care of the foot prints and actually help dry the floor at the same time!

- Mopping can be tricky with kids and pets, and I love that you can quickly run over the walk ways with your mopping slippers and dry the thoroughfares before everyone trashes your hard work ;)

- If you want to air dry your mop outside, and mop to the door...thinking you will spend 5min in the sun while the floors dry...chances will want a drink. Arrrr!!!! Walking back will leave footprints...but not with the mopping slippers ;)

- And my favourite is a great trick for a quick non mop, mop! Just spray the floor with some Lemon Oil, and use your feet to clean the floor. A super quick way to get a great result without having to do a full mop.

- You can even use the moping slippers to give your skirting boards a dust - with no bending!!! Just shimmy your toes along.

- And for one more idea...if you have a no shoes can offer them to your guests to wear while visiting, as lots of people like wearing something on their feet.

Customer Reviews

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Love them. Wear them when I’m mopping and also when I’m using the carpet cleaner so I don’t slip when going from damp carpet to the tiled floor.

Debbie Katon
Fun and fitness cleaning

I love this product. They make cleaning tile floors so easy..and fun! I also get a good, fun workout and enjoy getting my slippers into those spots that a mop just can't reach.