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LooBlade is the only toilet cleaner on the market, independently tested to remove 99.9% of germs.

LooBlade is engineered for superior cleaning and adopts a radical new approach called SwipeClean, which uses a highly sustainable and efficient siliconeTPU elastomer material that is both durable and flexible. Infused with silver, LooBlade kills 99.9% of germs on contact!


1/ Kills 99.9% of Germs-  The anti-microbial technology and anti-bacterial silver/zinc based additivewithin the plastics is certified to kill 99.9% of germs on contact. That’s all of LooBlade, not just the head, but the handle and holder too. TÜV Laboratories of Germany have certified LooBlade’s antimicrobial action with certification ISO 22196-2011. This means you can use less bleach during cleaning and there is no need to disinfect LooBlade afterwards.

2/ SwipeClean Technology®– The 8-blade helix shaped flexible head swipes the surface clean.It maintains a broad area of contact to “swipe clean” rather than scrub a surface. Brush bristles are inefficient at cleaning. They only touch a small part of the surface, requiring extensive scrubbing to be effective and often still leaving areas untouched. LooBlade’s blades maintain continuous contact with the toilet bowl, swiping the surface clean much more efficiently.

3/ Hydrophobic Performance- Silica-nanotechnology combined into the plastics, ensures LooBlade minimises dripping, sheds water and dries quickly, improving hygiene. Its hydrophobic blades ensure that no water collects on the cleaning head or in the holder and ensures LooBlade does not clog like a brush. During cleaning, regular brush bristles quickly become clogged with paper and other things, and these can be hard to dislodge – even with extensive rinsing and shaking! LooBlade’s smooth, flat surfaces stay clean and clear and ensure that any debris is immediately removed with a gentle shake. Compared to conventional toilet brushes, LooBlade’s properties reduce dependency on cleaning chemicals and remove the need for multiple cleaning flushes. 

4/ Unique ‘hollow-point’ head– This unique feature helps clear blockages, and acts a a plunger. 

5/ Ventilated dock- Ensures any remaining moisture is quickly evaporated.

6/ 10 year Guarantee - LooBlade is designed for longevity, reducing the unnecessary landfill caused by our disposable attitude towards toilet brushes.


Stop brushing. Start swiping.

  • No Germs
  • No Dripping
  • Sheds Water
  • No Clogging
  • Superior Cleaning
  • Less Bleach
  • Less Water
  • Better for the Planet
  • 100% Recyclable

Customer Reviews

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Loo blade

Loving it, cleans the toilet well. No more messy brushes.

Loo Blade

I love the loo blade! It cleans the inside of my toilet 100% better than the old brush. There’s no more drips either! It just feels so much cleaner!
I know it’s expensive but if I add up the cost of replacing old toilet brushes every few months, I’m sure I’m going to be ahead!

My mum wants one!

I bought this a while back, and have just ordered my second one for my Mum, who was cynical about a toilet brush costing this much - but she’s seen mine in action and has been dropping hints for a while now that she wants one too... I like the fact that it doesn’t have grotty bristles that retain bits of “you know what” - ewwwwwwwww. It’s also great for getting up under the rim and the first time I used it I was surprised (and kinda disgusted) by what came out from under there..... definitely worth the money!

Loo Blade - no more festering brushes

The Loo Blade does everything it claims to and best of all is the easy-rinse cleaning. I used to clean the previous toilet brushes in a half flush, but this would not always remove all of the waste. I bought one for each of our toilets and have been thrilled overall.
It cleans the bowl and under the rim well, however the straight handle makes it a little tricky to truly angle in to the s-bend to get at the discoloured build up we observe in the loo plumbed into the rainwater tank. That being said, I would never go back to the skanky toilet brushes

Germ free relief!

I was so relieved to throw away my old toilet brush. It looked like it must have been housing a colony of millions of nasties! The Loo Blade is so sleek and smooth and germ-free. No more embarrassment went visitors go to the bathroom.