Bon Savvy Le' Savvy Mist Charmant


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Bon Savvy Le' Savvy Mist Charmant:
  • Body + Linen + Home
  • Naturally derived & free of toxins
  • Australian Made & Owned

We understand that scent is powerful. It can enhance your mood, reduce stress, bring back memories and make a house feel like a home. We designed Le’ Savvy Mist as your perfect multi-talented partner for every aspect of your everyday – safe for use on your clothes, bedding, upholstery, around your home as well as a personal fragrance. All natural plant based ingredients will not harm your fabrics, your sensitive skin or the environment.

Our bespoke ‘Charmant” is a classic scent that combines layers of soft accents with bold warming undertones of sandalwood, rose and vanilla. Presented in a generous 100ml sleek lined glass recyclable bottle with modern black cap and black atomiser. 

Self care never smelt so good!



Charmant – (Pronounced ‘Shar-moh’) 

French for charming - uncomplicated, simple sophistication. Pure natural, undeniably captivating. From the heart and of the earth. 

Ingredients: Aqua (Purified Water), Natural Grain Derived Ethyl Alcohol, Natural Fragrance 

• Vegan, cruelty-free, no animal by-products 
• Colour and texture may vary with natural ingredients 
• All natural plant based ingredients will not harm your fabrics, your sensitive skin or the environment. 

Interesting fact:- The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), describes fragrances as Natural or Naturally Derived if they are derived from natural aromatic raw materials physically obtained from plants using distillation, expression and extraction. Natural fragrances are complex compositions of natural aromatic raw materials such as essential oils, fractions of essential oils, isolates, exudates such as resins, distillates, extracts and volatile concentrates. 

Please note: as this product is plant based there may be some sediment settling in the solution over time. Just give the bottle a gentle shake to disperse.

Proudly Made in Australia


We recommend spraying from a distance of 15cm. Our multi-talented spray has many uses:

• Spray directly on your clothing to maintain that ‘just washed’ fragrance between washes (safe for natural fabrics). Keeps your clothes smelling fresh.
• Perfect for refreshing your lingerie drawers, closets, linen cupboards etc
• Deodorise those hard to clean items - upholstery, carpet, car interiors, even luggage.
• Use as a bedding spray or pillow mist to help with a relaxing night’s sleep
• Spray on your body as a personal spray - Le’Savvy Mist is gentle on skin and low irritant to sensitive noses. We recommend patch testing first.

Caution: Although Le’ Savvy Mist is plant-based, still take care to keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. If swallowed seek medical advice.


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