Bon Ami - Powder Cleanser Natural Home Cleaner - 400g


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America's original natural home cleaner.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser has been a household favorite since 1886, largely due to our effective, nontoxic formula. Feel confident using Bon Ami around family and pets. Our powder cleanser excels at cleaning everything from dried-on food to scuff marks and is gentle enough for most hard surfaces. Bon Ami does not scratch surfaces clean, but polishes them clean - resulting in a scratch free finish.


  • Clean countertops
  • Keep white grout white
  • Remove stains from bathtubs, toilets, and sinks
  • Clean residue from glass-top stoves without scratching
  • Clean & deodorize microwave
  • Remove stains from porous surfaces like marble
  • Make faucets shine
  • Remove caked-on food from pots & pans
  • Remove scratch marks from china
  • Remove stubborn soil and stains from outdoor furniture
  • Remove scuff marks from walls and floors
  • Remove fingerprints & marks from white walls because it contains no dye
  • Natural soft abrasives (feldspar and limestone)
  • Absorbs odors
  • Effective on kitchen, cookware & bath surfaces
  • Nontoxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains no phosphorus
 Bon Ami does NOT contain:
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Perfumes
  • Dye


Limestone;Feldspar; Surfactant (from coconut 7 corn oil);Sosa Ash and Baking Soda

Sal's Review

I really, really really like love Bon Ami.

I love, that the sprinkle motion alone, is so satisfying!

I love, that Bon Ami is a Cleanser, and Polisher in one!

And then, theres the whole eco thing and it just gets better and better!

But. More importantly.

It is pretty much HALF THE PRICE of some similar products out there...

And, the best part, is you don't need to rinse this product!

It is perfect for glass shower screens because if you polish the product in, future water will bead off. Sprinkle some on the tub and bam, no ring. The oven? Yes please. And my favourite, Stainless Steel Cookware. I just love that is is so versatile

I did mention I love it right?

And thats because it has been around for well over 100 years and has never scratched a surface.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fun and effective

I enjoy using this product, probably because it works!

So Simple

I love how simple and effective this product is... win-win!

Same as I remember it to be

My grandmother used this product and it was partly nostalgia that led me to purchase it. But I remember it being a great agent to clean sinks, etc and it still is. Happy to have it in the cupboard.

Bon Ami Powder

I have been searching for this product for many years. My Mother used to use it when I was growing up. See used to swear by the uses for this product. I also used to use it when I married in the 1960's but not long after it became unavailable in Western Australia. It was not until recently I was checking on line for another product, Barman's Friend that I came across this product to my delight.

Great old fashioned cleaner

Perfect for tougher cleaning jobs and safe to use. Win for me, win for the environment:)