Bio Bag - Dog Waste Bags 40 bags


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The world's first fully certified biodegradable and compostable plastic doggy-doo bags. 

Compostable cornstarch bags for picking up after your pet. BioBag dog waste bags do not contain any polyethylene-based ingredients. The bags biodegrade within 10-45 days in a well-functioning composting environment.

Coloured black so you don't see whats inside! Just drop it into the worm farm, compost bin or green waste bin contents and all.

Certified according to the European Standard EN 13432 for compostable products and the US Standard ASTM D6400

By comparison, it takes centuries for normal plastic bags to decompose!

Did you know? Australian’s love their dogs… According to the RSPCA’s website there are an estimated 4.2 Million dogs in Australia… just imagine if each of those dogs were walked once a day and their responsible owner picked up after them with a bag that would be over 1.5 Billion bags used every year!!

Completely compostable bags perfect for lining your bin for the collection of organic waste such as food waste, or even for general waste. These bags are made using sustainably sourced plant starch and as such compost in a well-functioning composting environment just like any other plant will.

A bag made from corn starch so just like corn it breaks down in compost.

Years of research have allowed for the production of a bag that not only breaks down fast in compost to become plant food but allows it to keep on the shelf for about 2 years without losing much strength.

Certified according to the European Standard EN 13432 for compostable products and the US Standard ASTM D6400

40 bags

30cm x 19cm.


  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use.


  • Completely biodegrades after 10 - 45 days depending on the method used — compared with 50 or more years for normal plastic bags;
  • A better choice for rubbish, because normal plastic bags slow the natural process of the rubbish biodegrading;
  • Because these bags breathe, they are ideal for collecting food waste for composting as they reduce smells, stop mould growth and the waste dries out making it easier to compost or worm.
  • Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and DIN CERTCO;
  • Made of a material called Mater-Bi, which consists of cornstarch, biodegradable and compostable polyester and vegetable oil.

Made in Norway.