Neatspiration - Aluminium Spray Bottle 250ml


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My Aluminium Spray Bottles are lined with Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer. It is especially important that Aluminium bottles for storing diluted Essential Oils, are lined, as Essential Oils can eat through unlined aluminium bottles over time. It is also recommended not to use plastic bottles to store your diluted essential oils, as the essential oils will dissolve the plastic, which in turn will contaminate the oil.

Aluminium bottles also have the added advantage of being lightweight, leak-proof and vapor-proof, ensuring the quality of the essential oils and preventing contamination. They are a bullet slim design, which makes using them really easy!

The trigger is a mini trigger. They spray a fine circular mist, that gives a really great and even coverage – meaning you also use less product – but the even distribution is more effective :)

This trigger is the only trigger designed to be used with essential oils. But, due to the nature of essential oils - your trigger will need to be replaced regularly. It has also been designed with prolonged use in mind. It takes far less effort to operate this sprayer than a typical finger sprayer.

A feature I love is the lock. The lock gives you peace of mind if kids are around, and your aluminium spray bottle won't leak when locked when travelling.

Customer Reviews

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I love these spray bottles

These are such wonderful spray bottles to have around the home, bathroom, kitchen and laundry. I love that they are aluminium and you can use them with essential oils or just as a water spritz!


Great little bottle

A favourite

I use these bottles everyday. I love giving them away with a bottle of lemon essential oil’s.

Perfect for the shower

I bought this spray bottle to use my own made up antibacterial and antifungal mixture in the shower. It is the perfect capacity and works brilliantly. I chose an aluminum body can as it keeps essential oils completely out of the light and if it’s ever dropped I don’t have to worry about breakages. I highly recommend this product.

I love these bottles

I really like these, they work really well and I like how you can lock it with the little switch. Seems to be holding up much better than others I have used.