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Just like in the old days! This type of Duster is not “old fashioned”, but simply remains the most effective and environmentally friendly. It is a a time-honoured tool used to clean which has stood the test of time!

Ostrich feathers, they have proven themselves for decades, if not centuries, for being effective for cleaning. We sometimes look for the next, best thing for cleaning, when the best is staring us right in the face.

Ostrich feathers naturally attract and hold dust providing more efficient and gentle cleaning that leaves delicate items and displays undisturbed.

All Natural - Wool and Wood.

When eventually it is replaced, you can bury it in the garden, or compost it, it will just decay back to the earth and rejoin the circle of life.



Crafted from high quality sustainable ostrich feathers and beech wood
All Natural


60cm x 20cm


The structural character of an ostrich feather is likened to tiny “fingers”, that naturally attract and catch dust, they also provide an efficient and gentle clean leaving delicate items and displays totally undisturbed.

There are two elements to the feather: the feather plume itself, and the quill.

If you look closely at the plume you will see tiny hairs, or barbs, that when swiped over an object become charged with static electricity. This helps the dust particles to stick to the feather and hold it till shaken free, , unlike other feather dusters that just move the dust around.

The quill is the real secret behind the value of an ostrich feather for dusting. It is long, and flexible, which permits the cleaner to reach into tight spots, and to dust around delicate objects without handling them. There is simply no other product that offers this advantage.


Use controlled movements without waving the feathers about. Use a smooth, swiping movement, as if you were painting. And always dust from top to bottom.  When a surface has been dusted, gently release the dust by tapping on the side of a garbage bin.


After use/ shake the duster & hang out to air. Can be washed. Fill a bucket or sink full of warm water and a little dish washing soap.

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