Hello. Welcome to Neatspiration. So glad you are here.

My name is Sally Mortimer and I founded Neatspiration (then NeatFreak) back in 2012.

But before that, I delighted in trawling the household cleaning aisles at my local supermarket. I baulked at any ‘eco friendly’ brands. According to my then self, they did not work. I needed chemicals. The more chemicals, the smellier, the more claims made, the better. And they sucked me in and I tested out everything on offer. But, my self confessed love of chemicals came back to bite me. My chemical karma started slowly, and grew, and no matter how much I sprayed and scrubbed my glass shower screen, the fog and speckles kept on growing and would not budge. It is then, that I learnt that my shower was not dirty, it had glass cancer. And to make it worse, there was no one to blame but myself, oh, and my harsh chemicals.

I then imagined what harsh chemicals were doing to our bodies if they can do that to the surfaces in our homes, and made it my mission to find products that would not harm the surfaces in our homes and of course, ourselves! But, they also had to work!

Along the way, Neatspiration has grown from a single product – Lemon Oil, to now stocking over 60 household cleaning brands, including over 400 products.

My mission is to bring you exceptional quality environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday household cleaning products.

But not just that. They also need to work. They need to be durable. They need to look after our homes, and not damage our surfaces. They need to look after the earth and us. Oh, and of course, be beautiful.

Thanks for visiting and have the best day!