Founded in Scone, Australia in 1990. Australian made with natural ingredients. 

Nothing beats experience. Geoff Searl is a man who knew what horse enthusiasts were looking for.

That’s why he designed Oakwood’s Leather Conditioner more than 25 years ago.

Geoff knew the value of caring for saddle leather, and if well looked after, that leather could last a lifetime. He also knew that riders wanted something that was simple to use, penetrated quickly, repelled water and resisted dust.

“Tired of complaining about the quality of leather conditioners, I simply went and made a better one.” – Geoff Searl

So he created a product based on experience, for people who loved their gear. Working together with local polo players, Geoff designed the product with special touches, so that it wouldn’t rub off onto their white pants.

Founded in Scone, the horse capital of Australia, Oakwood Leather Conditioner set the standard for leather care around the country. It’s the special blend of natural Australian ingredients like eucalyptus oil, beeswax and emu oil that makes this Australian made and produced product stand apart from the rest.

Since then, Oakwood has expanded its range to provide the best quality products for your wooden furniture, the family pet and all your leather goods, from your saddle to your designer handbag and leather car seats.

Twenty-five years on, Oakwood is still committed to creating products using natural ingredients to provide the best care for your products and pets. It’s the perfect finish, made simple.