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Australian made with only the best and most essential ingredients. Simply NO Mould is a unique chlorine-free, earth-safe & human-safe spray that uses the power of oxygen to kill and remove mould and mildew

Your Family’s Health. Mould thrives in most Australian homes through the dampness of winter and the humidity of summer. Mould inside the home is a health hazard, causing respiratory problems for the young, the elderly and anyone with asthma and other respiratory complaints. It also damages clothes, soft toys and shoes and looks ugly on walls, ceiling and in the grout around tiles.  Simply NO mould is a unique mould treatment formula for inside the home. Unlike the majority of mould treatments which are chlorine-based, Simply NO Mould is toxin free, sensitiser free and safe for use on food preparation surfaces.

Your Environment. Simplyclean Simply NO Mould is part of our "Powered by Oxygen" range, utilising the power of the oxygen "O" molecule in hydrogen peroxide to treat mould safely and healthily. Simply NO Mould is amazingly biodegradable, as the hydrogen peroxide breaks down to just water and oxygen, leaving no harmful residue.

Your Home. Simply NO Mould kills mould and mildew

  • in the bathroom, in shower cubicles, on tiles and grout, around the sink and bath, including plugholes and around taps
  • in the kitchen, around the kitchen sink, on the seals of your fridge and freezer doors
  • in wardrobes, especially walk-ins, and dark cupboards
  • behind doors that are regularly left open
  • on walls, ceilings and skirting, plaster and wood

You can see Simply NO Mould at work - just watch for the Simplyclean Fizz after you spray when pure oxygen is released as the hydrogen peroxide does its job.

  • Kills mould & mildew on indoor hard surfaces
  • Chlorine-free
  • Powered by oxygen (hydrogen peroxide biodegrades to just water and oxygen)
  • No harmful residue
  • Toxin free & sensitiser free
  • No artificial colour or added fragrance
  • Earth safe AND human friendly
  • Not tested on animals & contains no animal products
  • Palm oil free


Does Simply NO Mould contain chlorine?
No. Simply NO Mould contains 5% hydrogen peroxide, which kills the mould and has a mild bleaching effect.

How does Simply NO Mould work?
Simply NO Mould has a double oxygen action. Firstly, the power ingredient in Simply NO Mould, hydrogen peroxide, utilizes the power of its oxygen (O) molecule to penetrate the cells of mould and germs and dissolves them away (using a process called oxidation). Secondly, the hydrogen peroxide combines with the readily biodegradable cleaners in Simply NO Mould to create a mild bleaching action which, over time, removes the colour of the dead mould. (Dead mould is often black which looks unsightly, especially in shower cubicles).

Does Simply NO Mould contain anything other than hydrogen peroxide?
Yes. Simply NO Mould also contains gentle, biodegradable cleaners and food grade citric acid.

Can Simply NO Mould actually prevent mould from coming back?
Yes. With routine use Simply NO Mould can prevent the regrowth of mould. This is particularly helpful in wet areas such as shower cubicles and around sinks in the kitchen and bathroom.

Is Simply NO Mould safe for use on my taps and showerhead?
Yes. Unlike chlorinated mould sprays, Simply NO Mould is non-corrosive to most metals, including standard tapware. However, contact with copper and brass should be avoided.

Is Simply NO Mould safe around food e.g. around my fridge seals?
Yes. Simply NO mould contains only food safe ingredients. Hydrogen peroxide is even recommended in National Standards for Organic Food for cleaning in organic certified food processing and production facilities.

Does Simply NO Mould contain any artificial fragrances?
No. Simply NO Mould has no added fragrance. Its natural light citrus smell comes from the food grade citric acid combined with oxygen.

Does Simply NO Mould bleach mould like a chlorine spray would?
Chlorine based products often bleach the mould (so you think it’s disappeared) before you have applied enough product to kill it. The mould therefore grows back and you repeat the cycles again & again. Great for the makers of the product, but bad for your hip pocket and health.

Simply NO Mould treats and kills mould and has a mild bleaching action. Bleaching occurs gradually so you can continue to target the applications to ensure the mould is killed before it is hidden by the bleaching effect.

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