Academy Dickens Wool Duster

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Just like in the old days! This type of Duster is not “old fashioned”, but simply remains the most effective and environmentally friendly. It is a a time-honoured tool used to clean which has stood the test of time!

All Natural - Wool and Wood.

When eventually it is replaced, you can bury it in the garden, or compost it, it will just decay back to the earth and rejoin the circle of life.


Crafted from high quality sustainable wool and beech wood
All Natural
76cm x 13cm

How to use Wool Dusters


Wool naturally attracts and holds dust providing more efficient and gentle cleaning that leaves delicate items and displays undisturbed.

The soft wool dusters combination of static electricity, a web of fibres, and lanolin, work together harmoniously to gently and effectively attract and hold dust without the use of chemicals. It really is amazing that nature could invent such a valuable and versatile raw material.

It is also perfect for dusting blinds, timber and leather furnishings, as well as electronics, and larger items such as walls and art.

Wool is a natural fiber that has an abundance of unique attriubtes. The physcial make-up of wool fiber is so complex it can never be duplicated or imitated by man-made synthetic processes.

Scratch Resistant - The Epicuticle is a thin protective film covering the cuticle (scales) which makes the wool fiber more resistant to abrasion.

Extremely Durable - The Cortex is the main inside layer of the fiber that composes 90% of the fiber mass. Because of the amazing cable-like strength of the Cortex each wool fiber is so elastic and resiliant that it can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking or damaging the fiber. When you think long-lasting durability, think Wool dusters.

Amazing Dust Grabbing Ability - The Cuticle layer is the outer part of the wool fiber and is composed of hundreds of microscopic, overlapping scales. Tiny pockets between the scales naturally trap and hold dust particles. This amazing feature has made Wool dusters famous for their dust-grabbing ability.


Use a smooth, swiping movement. And always dust from top to bottom.  When a surface has been dusted, gently release the dust by tapping on the side of a garbage bin.

Care Instructions

To remove the dust twirl handle between your hands to fluff. If wool becomes matted, comb and fluff the wool. If the duster becomes excessively soiled, HAND WASH using wool wash.


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Customer Reviews

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great duster

great duster - does the job only problem is that I have very high ceilings so I couldnt quite reach them, but that is an issue with the design of my house not the product. An extendable handle would be great..