BAMBOOEE Reusable Bamboo Towel Single Sheet - Extra Thick

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Bambooee is an alternative to traditional kitchen paper towel. the name suggests, Bambooee is not made from paper, but a sustainable organic bamboo. 


Bambooee is:

  • super durable
  • super absorbent
  • super thick
  • re-useable
  • naturally antibacterial
  • machine-washable for reuse up to 100 times!
  • These Organic Bamboo reusable towels can be washed up to 100 times.
  • Just 1 Bambooee sheet will replace up to 14 rolls of paper towels.
  • With every roll of Bambooee purchased world wide 1 tree is planted. So far more than 78,063 trees have been planted around the world. Everyday more than 3,000 tonnes of paper towel waste is being processed.

Sally's Review

'Love Paper Towel, but hate the waste?

I have never stocked this item because I assumed it was crap...
ok...ok...back it up.
I love a bit of an honesty policy, so here goes.

I never really got on the Bamboo paper towel band wagon. For two reasons. Isn't paper towel MEANT to be chucked out?? And, I really just don't like paper towel.

But...I gave it a go. For the paper towel lovers.

I am really impressed!

Backing up again, there is a thin sheet and a thick sheet. The thin one feels more like paper towel, but the thick one, looks and feels a lot more like a chamois! Like a great quality chamois actually! Yes. I am surprised!

And, it cleans!!! I cleaned some outdoor furniture and normally that kind of gunk stains cleaning cloths, but with a bit of dish liquid, it rinsed clean! And then I realised...I just cleaned outdoor furniture with...paper towel!!! How is this even possible!

And the fact that one cloth can be machine washed 100 times! And it is Bamboo! I just think this is amazing!'


Over the weekend I further tested my thick towel, and cleaned my entire oven with it.

Dean, was only amazed that there were three layers in the glass door...anyway...

Our relationship has just ended.

I had to...Polly, our dog had an accident...two in fact. The thick towel blitzed through them both. And it was on rinsing that final time, something occurred to me...I am not sure where those accidents came in...what end...

So. As you can see. I really had no choice. And she is in the bin.

The thick towel, not Polly, and also, the thick towel and not Dean.

BUT!!! I have heaps more so I just went and grabbed myself another one 😉


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I love these!

Omgosh I love these! I always felt awful using paper towel, they are bleached and have a toxic perfume smell! these are great!