Your Lemon Oil Feedback!

Your Lemon Oil Feedback!

Your Lemon Oil Feedback! appeared first on Neatspiration

I LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback!

To me, if someone takes the time to let me know what they think, they must be really happy with a product:)

A BIG Thank You for sharing your thoughts, and ideas with me


from Dianna Cavallucci.
‘Thank you Sally, I’ve received the microfiber cloths and measuring spoon. I’m extremely happy with your products. Thanks again.’

from Rachel Wade.

from Kylie Allan.
‘Hey chick!
Just want to share with you my amazing results. I used coconut oil on my belly and boobs once a day. I just delivered my 4th baby and so far I can’t see any new stretch marks. The old ones are still slightly visible but I’m over the moon and promise to continue using NeatFreak bought coconut oil for absolutely everything! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!’

from Natasha Southwell.
‘I love lemon oil from cleaning the kitchen and glass, mopping the floors to putting on mozzie bites. I have a lot of glass and mirrors in my house and have found the perfect combination.’

from Lesley Ryan.
‘Just to let you know I’m still loving cleaning with the lemon oil & recommend it to everyone who complains about how much they hate cleaning. ‘

from Kate Castle
‘Soooooo I was playing with black Spray Paint in the back yard, as you do, and i realised i’d run out of mineral turps…How am i gonna clean up this mess??? i thought to myself i wonder if lemon oil will work…and by golly it did! It got all the paint of my hands and i cleaned the spray nozzle with it. Not a chemical in sight! (except for the spray paint!!) Is there anything this stuff cant do?!:)’

From Sharon Leigh.
‘Love my lemon oil. Smells amazing and can be used safely all through the house. ?’

from Susie Hatherly.
My new favourite use for it is pimples!

From Nicole Cross.
‘I use it in every room of our house. We even use it as air freshener! You can use undiluted lemon oil to clean stubborn marks off a white board. We drink a drop in warm water. Clean every part of the house. Great stuff. Thank you Shirley Stringer for putting me on to this page! I sprayed drawers with peppermint oil yesterday to prevent insects too!’

From Sarah Olsson.
‘Love lemon oil ! Use it love its versatility Def highly recommend neat freak J’

From Nicole Mitchell.
‘Love it!’

From Nikita Towers.
‘Love it especially for my stainless steel stuff!’

From Sarah Smith.
‘Love it! Yesterday I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I used a multitude of cloths but only one spray bottle filled with lemon oil. It cuts through kitchen grease and bathroom soap scum with the same ease.
It is gentle enough that I can use the same product to wipe out the microwave, kids lunch coolers and chopping boards without rinsing and without worrying about poisoning the kids with chemicals. I can’t live without it!! Great product Sal J’

From Kristy Gardiner.
‘I use it every day and love it!!! ‘

from Kellie McMurray.from Jo Miner.
‘I reluctantly washed my little yellow car today and my 6 year old neighbour came over to help. Out came my lemon oil, and I let him go to town on the Windows, he says “Jo, this smells all lemony, it is yummy, but I would like strawberry next time.” Any chance of strawberry oil so I don’t lose my helper?’

‘Sally, I have been using your lemon oils since you started out, and I use it to clean everything, windows, mirrors, stainless all surfaces, and I love it, and as you would know I order 3 bottles a time in case I run out!! ‘

from Karen Tweedie.
‘Dear Sal, Thank you for being a NeatFreak!! Your products are amazing and they are all I use. The Lemon Oil has changed my life – the ease in keeping my shower clean is amazing. I have two south facing windows that no longer grow mould. Even the dowl that I use for safety reasons, that used to grow mould, is now mould free with just a couple of sprays twice a year! The slippers save my back – I run my foot along the skirtings as I vacuum! The pegs – outstanding. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

from Narelle Kinnard.
‘I’m a lemon oil tragic…couldn’t live without it…or your clove oil, or your peppermint oil, or your coconut oil, … love love them all.’

from Jo Minter.
‘Tried it, couldn’t have fun without it. I am addicted to it.’

from Krystal Southon.
‘Love it ? It’s truly the best stuff out.’
from Kasey Chaff.
‘Love it. Love that it can be used on anything and everything!’

from Sarah Kemp.
‘I have not looked back since I started using it a couple of years ago. Love it.’

from Rebecca Bridgwater.
‘Use it to mop the floors and always add some to the wash when doing our dogs bedding, gets rid of the smell

from Lesley Ryan.
‘It’s the only cleaner I use now’

from Jacqueline Spence.
‘I had ran out & used the old spray & wipe from the cupboard & yuck!! Nothing beats lemon oil. X’

from Melissa McNamara Duncan.
‘I love it! In our house it’s ‘If in doubt spray it with Lemon Oil’. We use it for absolutely everything and I mean everything!! Floors, bathroom (all surfaces + toilet), mattresses, carpets, mirrors, floors, fridge, air freshener, oil burner and even on skin for bites, rashes etc. And if I don’t use Lemon Oil I will use the Peppermint, Clove or Eucalyptus oil. Really don’t use much of anything else except white vinegar and bi carb.

from Carolyn Wilson.
‘Love it!’

from Nic Hendo.
‘Oh its the best thing since sliced bread’

from Kerrie Smith.
‘Hi Sally. I just wanted to give you another positive story. We are currently replacing our 15 year old kitchen and I have only used lemon oil spray, a scraper (I don’t know if that’s the official name for it) and microfibre cloths to clean the entire kitchen. I started with just the cupboard doors, oven, grill and cooktop when we were trying to sell it. Now we’ve sold it and are dismantling it I’m cleaning every cupboard, including on top near the ceiling – we’re talking 15 years of oil, dust, dirt and grime! Anyway, of course, they now look and feel all brand new with no residue in sight (or feel)
I’m so glad I’ve found this amazing product! Thanks once again, Kerrie’

from Marilyn McKenna.
‘I find the lemon oil fantastic and have only just started using it! My mirrored doors in my bedroom have never looked so clean and streak free. My bathroom benches are so clean! The shower glass has come up great but still needs a few good cleans due to age! I am impressed!’

from Sue Birchall.
‘Hello Sally. Thank you so much I have been using lemon oil everywhere and cannot believe how my house is gleaming! (And I thought I had it shiny). It’s the best cleaning agent I have ever used. Love it and will not be using anything else again! From happy customer Sue’

from Meagen Lyn.
‘I just wanted to tell you how much I love my lemon oil. I woke up on Wednesday with the beginning of a cold sore on my lip. Normally I would just let it run its course but I’m going on holidays and wanted to clear it up asap. So 3-4 times a day I’ve been dabbling lemon oil on it and also using paw paw cream. I’m happy to say it’s about half the size and looks like it will be gone by
Monday when I leave. Thank you, I love lemon oil.’

from Rebecca Bridgwater
‘I wanted to tell you how excited I was lol
I scrubbed and scrubbed my kids white board for ages and could not get the whiteboard marker off which has been there for about 6 months! My hands were killing me and I was getting nowhere! I just seemed to be smudging it everywhere. So I decided to try a few drops of lemon oil on a baby wipe and it just wiped straight off first go! You have no idea how happy I was!! I didn’t have to stand there for another half an hour scrubbing away :D’

from Kay Williams.
‘Place several drops of your favourite NeatFreak oil inside the tubular cardboard roll inside the toilet paper. You will smell the oil each time you pull a few pieces of paper off the roll.’

from Jayme Wilson-Peasley
‘Ordered yesterday & recieved today !! How quick was that !?!? Very welcomed too as 2/3 of my kids had the dreaded gastro bug yesterday so the house is in need of a big degerming spree & what better way to that than with lemon oil !? No harsh chemicals & smells fresh & amazing !! Yes a mum could get used to this I look forward to the lemon oil life.’

from Jodi Harper
‘Hi Sally, I’ve had my starter kit for about a month now and absolutely love my lemon oil!!’

from Lesley Ryan
‘Me again! Finally got round to cleaning the shower screens with the scraper & lemon oil. This was the reason I bought my kit but I have been putting it off as I thought it would still be a big job. I sprayed then after a few mins I used the scraper then wiped with a wet microfibre cloth then buffed with a dry one. It was sooo easy & they are sparkling like new. My partner was cleaning out the garage & found an esky that had gone mouldy so I sprayed it with clove oil, left it in then wiped it out today, like new again. Just mopped the floor with my enjo mop which always does a good job but today I used my lemon oil spray with it & it’s even better. So glad I got the lemon oil, I am loving my house again, it’s looking as good as when we built it 5 yrs ago. Also still no sign of dust on lounge suite after nearly a week, always blamed it being so dusty on living near the ocean, looks like I just hadn’t found the right cleaner ? Lesley x’

from Jeannie Prest
‘I have been on a cleaning spree with lemon spray. I keep finding things to spray. I even sprayed and wiped out the cutlery tray, which now looks and smells fab. But to top it off I tried out the sodium percabonate, or the magic powder as I call it. I half filled my bathroom basin with hot water, threw in some magic powder. I then used the microfibre cloth I had cleaned everything else with (it was no longer looking pristine). This stuff shifted in seconds, the grimy build up in all the nooks and crannies. No scrubbing. And my microfibre cloth came out cleaner than it went in. This stuff is amazing.’

from Lesley Ryan
‘I’ve just used the lemon oil to clean my kitchen benches & they look fantastic!’

from Kate’s Creations
‘I am now convinced you are a wizard. My cupboard door is so clean now after a test run! My only issue is now one cupboard door looks so sparkly clean I’m gonna need to do all the others to even them up And NO SMELL!!! (Except lemon of course!) No chemical induced headaches or Asthma attacks. Now I’m off to convince hubby to ditch the spray n wipe. That stuff got rid of dirt with practically no scrubbing at all. I even did an experiment, one door sprayed with spray n wipe and cleaned with a sponge and scrubbing, and the other door with lemon oil and the microfibre cloth. The lemon oil door is gorgeous, the other one doesn’t even look like I’ve cleaned it!! I’m in love!!! I really do love it! I’m actually looking forward to cleaning the whole house on the weekend to see how it looks :)’

from Lauren Hayter
‘Thanks again for your great service! I’ve now tried your lemon oil and was very impressed! It worked really well (with minimal effort). I used it all over the house including the bench tops (and everything on the bench tops!), light switches, windows, mirrors and bathroom/toilet. It’s great to find such a safe, affordable and convenient cleaner and I’ll definitely be a regular customer!’

from Kate Leonard
‘I love the little case to keep all the oils in!!  It fits perfectly on one of my vanity shelves and will be so handy when going away – just throw it in my suitcase and I know I have everything there.  And I’m loving the lemon oil for cleaning.  I’m using it everywhere now!  The beautiful smell of the oils instead of a bottle of chemicals makes cleaning much more enjoyable.  I’ve also taken one of the small spray bottles to work and put a blend of oils in it to spray around my desk a few times a day.  I love those bottles!’

from Sharon
‘Hi Sal, I love it! I can’t live without it…lol. Nothing has ever cleaned my glass shower doors better!’

from Toni Smit
‘I’ve just started a “chemical free cleaning” business for house cleaning while my kids are in school so I’m hoping to wow my clients with your lemon oil! The lemon oil is amazing! I bought all the oils about 5 months ago but am so blown away by the Lemon!’

from Annette Rae
‘Thank you NeatFreak I cleaned my mums house yesterday from top to bottom With only lemon oil and my Dyson the place was shining. I am trying to go chemical free in 2015 and this was a little test to see how it looked and how long until all the dust returns.’

from Gillian Peatling
‘Just love the lemon oil – it is pure magic. Love the website.’

from Rachel Wade.
‘Thanks Sal! You’re always so quick to fill our orders. I love your products, especially for cleaning. My windows & shower screen have never looked so good. I’m cleaning more often with your products because it’s so easy & I get better results. Thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge & products with us!’

from Kerrie Fanning
‘Sally!!! I’m so excited!!! I just tried your oven/stove top cleaning technique on my shower glass and it’s come up brand new!!! I have been trying to clean it for months, using lemon oil and MF cloth, and I thought it was a write off. But today I used a glass scraper with the lemon oil and it’s amazing!!! Your readers *have* to try it!!’

from Regina Z. Penglaze
‘Hi hun xxxx Been using the spritz lemon oil in the morning on my face for a fresh wake up call…and O.M.G! I’m on such an energy buzz LOVE IT!’

from Trudy Mez.
‘I was lucky enough to win your prize at the Mad Chicks fundraiser. I tried the lemon oil on the weekend and found it great.’

from Rebecca Darr.
‘Hi Sally, Just wanted to say thanks – and I am addicted! I have lemon oiled the house Cant wait to receive my new order soon and looking forward to getting my house chemical free!’

from Libby Linnane.
‘I adore lemon oil, I am a freak with euco oil but this lemon oil is marvellous everywhere. I love the way people ask for help and if I can I answer. Cleaning without heavy products is very new to a lot of people and can be quite daunting, it was for me when I first started around 6 years ago but now different story, so much easier and so much cleaner. Thank you for being there for all us greener cleaners.’

from Heidi Todd.
‘Absolutely love lemon oil…. I use it everywhere… love the smell and it cleans fantastic… I have cleaned my shower glass, oven… yes my oven…my dishwasher, washing machine.. I also add a drop in the washing machine with my clothes… im finding more and.more uses for it. Having it in the spray bottle all ready to go makes it so easy to use. Highly recommend. 5 stars!!!! Thank you sal, your ebooks are very useful too. Well done! !’

from Kimberly Ryan.
‘Received my lemon oil yesterday! Loving it!!! Thank you! I’ll be telling everyone about it…just like my friend did who got me onto it!’

from Kate Forbes
‘I only just got a chance to pull my mop slippers out of the bag (I’ve been dying to mop all week!) and found my gifts! Thank you so much  and congrats on two years I can honestly say that I really enjoy your products and even though they’re not at coles or in the shops it’s totally worth the trip to your verandah with its basket of goodies! Thanks for great stuff, I like to shop local but I LOVE shopping neat freak!’

from Amy Elise
‘Hi Sally I keep forgetting to message to tell you thankyou for the glass cloth! I thought the microfiber were great for the glass but this one is even better! Thanks again and I’ll be sure to tell my friends (who I’ve gotten into lemon oil) about it!’

from Amanda O’Hello-Pike
‘Hi Sally, I was washing my windows on the outside this afternoon and a wasp got me on the wrist (man they hurt). Thankfully I was wiping them over with lemon oil, once I has hosed them so I sprayed a heap on the bite and in about 20 secs that nasty sting was gone. Yay’

from Jacqueline Spence.
‘Thank you. My house is super clean & smells great! Thank you so much for your amazing products. X’

from Tracy Karpathy.
‘Thanks so much for the quick turnaround! Love my lemon oil, and my sweet orange oil (put it on my pillow to assist with a restful sleep) and peppermint oil Happy to have the lemon back in my house.. so many uses!!!’

from Samantha Kealy.
‘Just bought my first lemon oil kit and I love love love it!! Thank you! ♡’

from Cari Sherwell.
‘Hi Sal. I just have some feedback on the products I have been using. Thanks so much for the glass cloth, it is awesome! I have filthy glass doors from children’s hands so I used some lemon oil spray with the cloth and the marks came off with little effort on my part and left no streaks. I also like the new thick microfiber cloth for general purpose cleaning/ wiping etc. I have been using your lavender oil on a patch of dermatitis on my finger, and I don’t want to get prematurely excited, but it seems to have cleared up. Woohoo! I am loving the pegs too. They are really strong and easy to use.  So in short, I am loving my NeatFreak products. Thanks again x’

from Kate Douglas.
‘I just have to tell you that lemon oil got my 5month old to have his first giggle!! I was explaining to mum how Spencer my 3 year old, had 2 bottles of lemon oil pretending to fight them against each other and what do I hear but… giggle giggle giggle! I have been waiting so long for him to giggle, who would have thought it would be at lemon oil!!’

from Rachel Wade.
‘Hi Sally, just want to say a big thank you for letting us all know how great lemon oil is. I got the starter kit 2 weeks ago & love it so much I’ve just put in an order for more lemon oil because I’m using so much of it. This time I’ll also try the lavender oil as well. I just love the way the lemon oil is safe around kids & pets, kills germs & doesn’t need rinsing off. I’ve never liked using supermarket cleaning sprays in food preparation areas because of the chemicals, so my spray bottle of lemon oil gets a regular workout! Thanks again ‘

from Trisha Oakey.
‘Hey Sally just wanted to say thankyou. Yesterday I came home from camping with my family and I had more than ten nozzle bites on each foot. It was driving me crazy they were so itchy, I couldn’t stop scratching them they were even starting to bleed and I tried creams but nothing seemed to help until I saw a post on your page about using lemon oil on the bites my feet feel so much better and the bites are almost gone.’

from Bek Walters.

‘Hi Sal! We are being demolished by mozzies up here and my ever so sceptical partner let me use lemon oil on him last night and he was amazed how the bites disappeared!! ‘

from Brooke Windever.
‘I cleaned my Microsuede Lounge before Xmas, had all water mark looking stains over it from spills. Sprayed lemon oil mixture over, then gentle gave a wipe with a micro fibre cloth. Let it dry and looks lovely :)’

from Claire Thorley.
‘Thanks Sal. Such a great product. My Aunty has been searching for orange oil for a long time. She likes to polish her antique furniture with it. She will be so happy I got her some. I will be reordering again soon as I used a whole bottle when I got home yesterday.

from Rebecca Langford.
‘Thanks to you our home smells real lemony fresh. I just had ‘fun’ cleaning all the mirrors & windows. So satisfying when I see things done. When I saw your gleaming glass outdoor table all I can think of is your son putting fingerprints on it. Thanks so much for another year of great cleaning tips and quality supplies. I cant get your freakin’ glass out of my mind me want mine to look like that.’

from Lynne Lund.
‘I’m getting a glass dining table because of lemon oil! Wouldn’t have considered it before, now I know how easy glass is to clean!’

from Samantha Kealy.
I did my fire place with lemon your lemon oil and a magic sponge.. my hubby didn’t think it would work but it did!!! Looks like new!’

from Tracy Karpathy.
‘Thanks so much for the quick turnaround! Love my lemon oil, and my sweet orange oil (put it on my pillow to assist with a restful sleep) and peppermint oil Happy to have the lemon back in my house.. so many uses!!!’

from Lisa Grech.
‘Hi Sal, My starter pack arrived and I think it’s sat on my bench for an hour while I stared at it hoping it is awesome but still not 100% convinced it’s going to be my one stop cleaning product. I made up my bottle of lemon oil as per your directions. Grabbed a microfibre cloth (I possibly should have washed it first but I was eager to give it a go) and away I went…..
Thought I’d do my stove top as it was obviously mucky, and to my surprise it cleaned AMAZINGLY (photo attached). No elbow grease required just spray and wipe. I’ve now done my kitchen, bathroom, toilet and ensuite and I am so amazingly impressed I’ve since proceeded to throw out all of the chemical cleaning products intended. Now the only thing in my cleaning cupboard is my Neat Freak bag full of awesomeness!! Besides the amazing cleaning power I love it’s safe around my little men, I don’t have to worry did some horrible chemical accidentally spray on toothbrushes in the bathroom and keeping my kidlets away while cleaning (with an 18mth old that’s very difficult during the clingy phase). So Sal, I’m converted and I’m sure to be a forever customer of yours. You’re amazing and I’m so happy I found you and your products and advice. Now to read up on the uses for my other oils… By the way as I type my diffuser is pumping out some lemon and orange oil, my house smells divine.
Thanks Sal, from one very happy customer!!

from Janelle O’Dowd.
‘Thanks Sally, I already use your lemon oil & I love it.  Your guide is super informative.  Now to win that dyson & my house will sparkle….lol’

from Lisa Grech.
‘Oh my goodness Sally, I’ve finally gotten to sit down and read the 2 guides I’ve received from you so far, and WOW!! I am so excited for my products to arrive this week and to get cracking on cleaning up my house naturally and effectively with such an awesome product. Your fact sheets are fantastic, well done you!’

from Samantha Kealy.
‘Just bought my first lemon oil kit and I love love love it!! Thank you! ♡’

from Kerri Everson.
‘I just cleaned my oven and once again love lemon oil spray and the scraper. This time I soaked the racks in the bath in hot water and surf washing liquid. WOW !!! My oven is clean with no fumes and no gloves. I will never clean an oven any other way.’

from Kerrie Sedgman.
‘I raced up to get 2 lemon oil starter kits last Saturday for my youngest son who lives in Perth and his friend who lives in Singapore – they arrived Thursday night and thought the smell of my house was amazing, Lemon oil of course. Anyway they went to Sydney on Sunday morning, Lemon oil safely tucked away in their luggage. On Monday they went to a cafe in Sydney, and they were cleaning their table with Lemon oil from NeatFreak!!!!!! Thought I would let you know Sal……..’

from Sally Pawsey.
‘I love my lemon oil. House smells so fresh after cleaning.’

from Cathy Johnson.
‘Love my starter kit and love lemon oil, I think I am obsessed…’

from Julie Myers.
‘Thank you !!! For the first time in a long time I couldn’t stop cleaning lol …. I’ve been very busy this week at work and my partner said that he would clean the house for me this week !!! I had to say…No no it’s ok I’ll do it ( I’m going to have to teach him the neat freak way ) can’t wait for the weekend so I can clean the house hehe !!!’

from Rhonda Madjeric.
‘I have been cleaning like a mad woman and everything is just beautiful. Thank you and I shall be putting my girlfriends onto this.’

from Cheryl Cowling.
‘Hi Sal, I have been telling my friends how wonderful your lemon oil is and of course they would all love to try it. They cannot believe that I drink the same stuff I clean my bathroom and oven with! I also use it on my hair. It really is magical stuff.’

from Jeanne Dillon.
‘Hi Sal! Thank you so much for my gift. I have to say your service is fantastic! Less than 3 hours after I told you I couldn’t make it to collect, I arrived home to the parcel delivery man with this bunch of goodies. It will certainly make my weekend of chores less tedious! Thank you again.’

from NeatFreak.
I had the worst headache ever today!!! While I was waiting for the panadol to kick in…I drank a cold glass of water with a drop of Lemon Oil and spritzed my face. I felt so much better and refreshed!!

from Renee Adams.
‘luving it!!! I have white gloss tiles, not my choice, with two kids and one big mankid and it brings up my tiles beautiful no streaks!

from Sarah Smith.
‘Have found yet another use for lemon oil. It makes an awesome ironing spray and leaves the clothes with a lovely lemony smell.
We now use it for cleaning, doing hair and ironing. I am going to have to buy more spray bottles. I constantly have to look for the bottle!! I use it all over the place! My husband is a vet and I have to iron his uniform scrubs. They smell lovely! His uniform is a grey colour so I can guarantee it does not leave an oil mark. Works really well. I ran out of ironing spray so gave it a go!! And no doubt has an antibacterial effect, good for vet uniforms!’

from Beth Fetch.
‘So I’m 28 weeks pregnant and yesterday afternoon broke out in a huge cold sore on my bottom lip smack bang in the middle. By bed time I had two more taking up most of my poor sore bottom lip. So I put some of the lemon oil on then paw paw ointment and went to bed. In the  middle of night when the baby woke for her night feed I put some more on and when I woke this morning I just had one big cold sore not three. By this afternoon I now have a small ish one and the blister has already closed over. I usually need the supressant medication when I break out as they don’t go away because its when I’m extremely ran down and anaemic . I cant use anything over the counter due to being pregnant so tried this to get me threw till I could see gp but I reckon by tomorrow or Sunday it will be gone! Be warned it does sting a bit but thats ok because after 2 min its fine and it works!!!!! And safe while pregnant best of all… Seriously this morning its like a small pimple no scab or anything just closed over! I wish I took pics. Doesn’t even sting now. It’s awesome we have a function on today and with some lippy you wouldn’t even know its there!’

from Kathleen Petherbridge.
‘Might I just say that as the mother of Neatfreak, you would think that I would be au fait with all things lemon oil. But today I actually (for the first time) followed the instructions for using lemon oil to clean my shower glass i.e. spray with lemon oil, leave for 10 or a few minutes and them wipe with a damp microfibre cloth them buff with a dry m/f cloth. Fancy that if you follow the instructions you get amazing results. I did it this way… at the end of my shower I put my towel around my shoulders to ward off the cold. then I sprayed all the glass with the lemon oil, then i dried myself and then (not quite so cold now) I wiped over with a damp m/f cloth then I buffed with the dry m/f cloth … by the time I had my jamies on the glass was oh so sparkly… thank you NF I will read the info sheets from now on. xxxxxx’

from Annette Grant.
Been using lemon oil in our hairs for awhile now, love it, my mum use to wash our hair in lemon oil when we were kids.’

from Karen Morel.
OMG, I tried it on our little visitors’ hair this morning after washing..For all you lemon oil lovers, my young visitor has curly, frizzy hair that tangles easily. After washing her hair and towel drying I sprayed plenty of my diluted lemon oil mix then combed. Her hair is now very shiny with no frizziness or tangles…Amazing !!!

from Karen Morel.
‘I went to windex my glass sliding door yesterday and thought I’d try my lemon oil spray bottle instead. Cleaned beautifully with no streaks and had a lovely clean lemon smell. Thanks Sal’

from Bec Engel.
‘So…I finally tried spraying lemon oil on my hair…and OMG! It is amazing! It is hands down better than any product I’ve ever tried for de-frizzing! Anyone with naturally curly hair that struggles with frizz, dryness and knots NEEDS to try this!!’

from Leah Whalan.
‘I think it’s the best stuff for the showers..’

from Kylie Tathtalian.
‘I purchased the Lemon Oil starter pack with the aim to clean my shower…….I couldn’t believe the results a clean shower just by using Lemon oil and water. Now with the family being unwell I’m using it for everything in our water, room spray, and in baths- I have gone a little Lemon Oil crazy lol’

from Kylie Tathtalian.
‘Hi, I your Lemon Oil which worked great in my shower and am really happy with the product.’

from Jacqui Wilson
‘Thanks very much for helping me on short notice! Ps giving my sister the gift of lemon oil tomorrow and everyone thinks it’s funny as when I give them lemon oil I do a “demo” on their shower screen haha they think it’s funny until they see the results then r gobsmacked!’

from Karen Morel.
‘ps love your lemon oil, it is truly amazing!!!’

from Sarah Clark.
‘Hi just wanted to say thanks for the lemon oil I absolutely love it! I have mainly used it in my kitchen and cleaning my little boys table and chairs as it gets off his textas and loosens left overs easily:)’

from Alicia Goff.
‘Love the lemon oil got so much soap scum scale build up etc off thanks heaps.’

from Khloe Jayne Wicks.
‘I am loving the lemon oil, It has cut my cleaning time in half.. What things can I clean the eucalyptus and peppermint oil with if I got some ?? Oh and my mother in-law loves her pack:)’

from Katy Lambert.
‘It’s fantastic stuff!! The new starter pack is for my mum, I was telling her about it and she really wanted to try it. Was especially good to discover Lemon Oil while I was pregnant as I didn’t want to use chemicals to clean with but still wanted a clean house.’

from Chris Lane.
‘Btw loving the Lemon Oil’

from Katrina Freeman
‘I Lemon oiled it over night, and used the Oven Scraper, and steel wool just on the racks. It was gross. Baked on everything. Every time I turned the oven on it was smoking from all the crud in it. I wish I had a before photo.’

from Jennifer.
‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your products. Firstly, I am a but if a microfiber cloth hoarder, but never have I come across ones that work so well as yours. They are phenomenal. Second, the lemon oil & peppermint oils are phenomenal. I am now obsessed with only using natural cleaning products. I am in loooooove. I am currently cleaning our studio apartment to rent out & it is sparkling with the use of the oils. My oven & showers have never been so clean. My only suggestion is to make larger bottles of them as I am running out constantly.’

from Belinda.
‘First I want to congratulate you on being a finalist in the AusMumpreneur awards!  So well deserved.  Secondly I want to ask for your forgiveness because I have sinned…Ages ago I ran out of lemon oil and ended up buying one from a chemist (more expensive than yours) and it was terrible!  I also ended up buying a cleaning spray and have been using that and feeling incredibly guilty while doing so because of all the chemicals I am using around my girls…I do NOT spray any of the chemical sprays around my girls (not even in the same room), I was just worried about the chemical residue that may be left in the chair and that’s why I feel guilty! Guilt has gotten the better of me and I am finally ordering some chemical free cleaning products again.’

from Natasha.
‘Another update on my daughter’s foot…It worked! The plantar wort has gone!!! Took just under 3wks with a morning and night direct application of Lemon oil. During the day I covered it with a gauze patch, more for comfort and support as it hurt her to walk. But over night just let it air.’

from Barking Owl Property Maintenance
‘Used a little NeatFreak lemon oil on this stove today thought it wasn’t that dirty until I started to scrape it away no chemicals!’

from Victoria.
‘It’s awesome – I am even more in love with it especially with the cloth as well ! Oh so amazing lol’

from Carla.
‘Btw – I’m doing a little lemon oil experiment. I mixed some in with my conditioner (just in my hand, not in the bottle). And I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but my hair was pretty soft and very easy to comb after my shower. Just thought I’d share! Lol.

from Natasha.
‘Quick update on my daughter’s plantar wort. The lemon oil seems to be working. It’s halved in size and causing her no pain. I’ve been putting it on morn and night. Still have a few weeks until I think it’ll fully clear up. But very happy with the result!

from Anon.
‘Hey sal, If I’m perfectly honest (and anonymous!) I’m often terrible at my own hair care- it’s fine and tangles very easily so if I don’t brush it everyday I literally have a huge matted nest in my hair (insert shame- lol) but….. Thanks so much to the fab product that is lemon oil and the wonderful person who made the post yesterday, my hair is completely knot free in about 10min! Normally takes me at least 30 min no exaggeration at all – see I told you it was bad!  I’ve been telling everyone, but not that my hair is the one who needed it! Lol’

from Victoria.
‘Oh my gosh the Lemon Oil is amazing!! Works better than bleach and no chemicals !! I’m in love !! Thank you so much’

from Megan.
‘Omg Sal….. I used lemon oil as a hair detangler this morning… Amaze-Balls! My 3 yr old has thick waist length curly hair that is so difficult to brush out without her crying… Did it this morning, not a problem.  Not to mention how good it smells!! Thank you Lemon Oil’

from Fiona.
‘I used the Lemmon Oil on the dishwasher to clean it. Oh wow!! It is sparkling and looking like new! How I love this oil….I also use it in my daughters hair when putting it up for school – I just love the smell of it and keeps her hair fresh!’

From Amanda.
‘New tip for you for your wonderfully perfumed lemon oil. To remove fresh paint from your hands – drip a couple of drops of lemon oil  onto your fingers and rub into the offending paint spots. Add a little soap and a cloth and 99% comes off! Moves spray paint quite well and smells WAY better than turps! (Of course wearing gloves would be the practical way to do it, but they’re not easy to find, because you don’t need gloves when you use NON-Toxic Lemon Oil cleaning products!!)’

from Denise.
‘AMAZING! I bought this scraper from you awhile ago but only just used it today. Why did I wait so long?!?! Used with your lemon oil too, of course! Thank you!!!’

from Debbie.
‘I was giving you a big rap again yesterday on another page (a mummies page). There was a question about if you could only have one cleaning product in your house, just one, what would you choose. People were choosing all these chemical things like gumption, pine-o-clean spray, etc. but they aren’t items that work on everything though. Imagine using them on, say, your cutting board, or in your oven! Yuck!!! Well to me the answer was obvious. If you can only have one thing, it has to be lemon oil. Because when you have lemon oil you don’t need anything else. I ended up being asked where to get it from!’

from Jane.
‘Love lemon oil and use it for everything.  We’re travelling around Australia atm and I ran out of lemon oil – had to buy a supermarket product – OMG it is awful stuff…lol! ‘

from Danielle.
‘Loving the lemon oil by the way. So does my 2 year old who loves to spray everything’.

from Amy.
‘My friend cleaned her whole house today and is in love with her lemon oil :)’

from Tina
‘Received my complete cleaning pack today, and naturally had to try it out. WOW, unbelievable before I knew it I had cleaned my house from top to bottom. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Anyone thinking about trying out NeatFreak you absolutely must try it!!! It will not disappoint.’

from Bren.
‘I can vouch that Lemon Oil is AMAZING for cleaning off the Oven gunk. I’ve even used Lemon Oil on my baking pan & dishes to get them looking like brand new again.’

from Melinda.
‘This, is the best cleaning product EVER!!!! You can use it on everything just awesome! I have never come across anything like lemon oil that cleans so well with such ease and no chemicals!!! I sprayed a bottle I had sitting on top of kitchen cupboard… You know how they get kinda oily and dusty … And it just wiped straight off !! I soaked another bottle in warm soapy water and I couldn’t get any of the build up off …. And shower screens … No one could believe it til they try it !!’

from Katiey.
‘My mother in law got me on to it, I’ll dead set never look back! I LOVE it! I clean literally everything with it, from my toilet to the interior of my car and it leaves it so clean and shiny it smells amazing, also chemical free which is good for my 8 month old! I rate it 10/10!!’

from Kylie.
‘I love it and I’ve converted my neighbour :)’

from Jessica.
‘I’m a true and total convert and I tell EVERYONE about how great lemon oil Is!’

from Dorothea.
‘I am in the middle of a multi strategy plan to get my obsessive compulsive dog to stop chewing his back leg off. It involves, amongst other things, bandaging the leg and muzzling the dog. He was (obsessive compulsive) licking through his muzzle at his paw below the bandaged area so I sprayed a bit of lemon oil on his foot and he has left it alone.  Won’t work for all dogs as some like citrus. But another use for lemon oil.  I read that natural aloe may also have the same effect.’

from Tashan.
‘I’ve recently had the pleasure of owning some of your oil. My best mate has been raving about it for months, and with my ultra “procrastinating” personality have always said, “I’ll check it out and order some” -This went on for a long long time! (Ha ha) So the other week she told me she was going to order some and If I was going to pull my finger out and put an order in with hers. Now I am kicking myself for not ordering them months and months ago. I am so happy with the results. Thank you so much for allowing us mums to use such fantastic products at such great and affordable prices.’

from Belinda.
‘I love it!’

from Alana.
‘I’m almost out of lemon oil! I couldn’t cope lol .Still loving your wonderful products :)’

from Lea.
‘Hello thankyou so much the package arrived today.. My 2 boys are happily cleaning away and not fighting, one is spraying and the other is wiping lol’

from Amy.
‘I love Lemon Oil to tame my children’s fluffy hair of a morning. I love the spray on them.’

from Belinda.
‘Lemon oil is magic! Use it on everything. :)’

from Shell
‘I am so happy to have met you today. I have full length mirrors which I hate to clean. Sprayed it with lemon oil. Wiped with a damp cloth. Then wiped with a dry cloth. Omg it has never looked so good. Thank you!!!’

from Georgia.
‘Back to school tomorrow just gave my daughters school bag inside/out a quick clean with lemon oil , looks brand new! Love it :)’

from Karen.
‘I spent today cleaning my house as the sale settles on Tuesday… I had used double sided tape to make a picture sit right and when I removed it left that sticky residue… we all know what it looks like and how hard it is to get off… well I sprayed it with Lemon Oil diluted left it for five minutes sprayed it again and used a microfibre cloth over my finger and rubbed it all came off without leaving a mark… LOVE lemon Oil… it’s all I have used so far to clean the house… with the exception of clove bud oil that I sprayed in the shower this afternoon as I left… a good scrub with lemon oil tomorrow and the bathroom will sparkle… NeatFreak I love you…  you make cleaning so easy…’

from Kate.
‘Love my lemon oil!!!!!! And peppermint too!’

from Jennie.
‘I’m still going strong with my lemon and still love it. Thanks again’

from Jo.
‘I have noticed since cleaning my floors with your lemon oil I find over the next few days I get dead cockroaches. Gotta love that.’

from Alexandra.
‘Loving the lemon oil to clean the kitchen!’

from Natalie.
‘Blown away! I have a rental inspection tomorrow! After pre spaying my oven overnight with Mr Muscle I have just gave my oven a wipe out and there were a few left over baked on little spots on the glass door, being the perfectionist I am I thought I might try my luck with my Lemon Oil. Sprayed the door, left it for 5 mins and I’m happy to report they easily got removed! I’m so happy with my LO!! …Update: haha I’ve just had my inspection and she asked what I’ve been using on my stainless steel/shower! Another customer coming your way’

from Jo.
‘Just cleaned my vanity mirror for the first time in 4 weeks, as I haven’t needed to since using my lemon oil.  Thanks Neat Freak!’

from Jeanine.
‘Enjoyed cleaning the benches after dinner tonight, big excitement for a Friday night!’

from Meredith.
‘I love love love it!!!’

from Jen
‘I had the worst experience the other day cleaning. I had no lemon oil left, and the lady had no windex so I had to use normal shower cleaners and omg the glass was so murky I could have cried I spent so long trying to get it nice I ended up having to use dish washing liquid and water :(‘

from Karen.
‘I love the stuff! I have a few clients that I use it on and they love it.’

from Jess.
‘I’m in love with my neat freak already. Nothing like scrubbing the shower at 10pm with lemon oil spray :)’

from Cheryl.
‘Love the lemon oil. Thanks’

from Louise.
‘I received it yesterday and have already done the shower with great results. Looking forward to showing my work colleagues my little caddy.’

from Tammy.
‘I’m so happy with all of your products. The lemon oil is fabulous and I now have my Mum loving it too!’

from Sarah.
‘Its fantastic, I love the smell, its such a pic-me-up when I really can’t be bothered, lol.’

from Terie.
‘I was talking to my brother today about your lemon oil product and he said he uses lemon oil on the strings of his guitar to clean them. He said it also extends the life of the strings and he gets a few extra months out of each set.’

from Nicole.
‘I am taking a small spray bottle and a lemon oil to Bali, we go this weekend. Just in case!’

from Anon.
‘Just love the fresh lemon smell. It smells amazing. Thank you’

from Rachel.
‘My beautiful sister sent me a starter kit, she knows how much I love to clean. Really happy, especially like it in the bathroom. When using on outdoor glass it works like Rain ex. Going to do car windows. Awesome’

from Elizabeth.
‘I’ve used Lemon Oil to disinfect my microfiber cloths after an intense day of cleaning. I put the cloths into very hot water, add about five drops of Lemon Oil and leave overnight to soak. In the morning I hang them out to dry. They go in the laundry twice a week. I came up with this method to finesse green cleaning in an apartment the lacks a dishwasher. I don’t want to waste water ONLY washing microfiber cloths, this seems a good compromise.’

from Jenny.
‘I would just like to say for me NEATFREAT has been a great help with my health ( II have sinus & asthma ) as well as helping keep my house in tip top condition with her oils & advice . NEATFREAK has been marvellous Sally has made cleaning less of a chore & more on the fun side ‘

from Sharon.
‘I found your awesome products today , I took it home and mixed it up … Best kitchen cleaner ever no scrubbing just spray wait and wipe and as a bonus my house smells great! Thank you’

from Jenny.
‘I hope I will always be able to buy your great, great products. And absolutely love reading your posts. An avid Neatfreaker myself.’

from Fiona.
‘Just received the NeatFreak Lemon Oil starter pack pack today and I’m already in love!!!! Beautifully packaged and what a fantastic product. I opened the bottle and my 6 year old said “I wanna eat it!”. As soon as I got home from school drop off I was straight into the shower!!! Wow! Where have you been all my life? It looks fantastic but also smells so fresh!!!! Thank you once again…..’

from Jo.
‘Love my lemon oil. Just cleaned my bathroom mirror, it came up great. Then I did my bedroom mirrors on the wardrobe….. Not sure I like my clear reflection now.’

from Kate.
‘Peppermint Oil makes an excellent ‘spider spray’ and ‘monster spray’ for both kids amongst all the other amazing things I use it for! I had none for a few weeks, and the few weeks I haven’t sprayed Peppermint, and Lemon oil as well, in their bedrooms at night, they have both developed chesty coughs and croup. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Both oils are extremely helpful in killing nasty bugs!!! I mainly spray peppermint at night as that is what they prefer but most days when I am tidying up I’ll spray their pillow and doona and the general rooms with lemon oil just because it kills all the nasties and it makes it smell great! I also spray our suede (never buying that again) couch to make it smell lovely! So peppermint at night, lemon during my cleaning.’

from Kathleen.
‘I love the smell’

from Amye.
‘Not only do I love lemon oil for cleaning but its great for mozzie bites, stopped the sting straight away…I got bitten like 5 times yesterday arvo outside. So I had a shower and wanted to scratch my skin off and thought id call on lemon oil and wow.. it took about a minute and then I was like wow..’

from Andrew.
‘I love it! It’s a great product, very impressive. I cleaned the shower screen last night and it come up great and did the kitchen tonight and it all came up like new, very happy’

from Jen.
‘I always love buying more lemon oil and my clients love how clean their bathrooms and glass is :)’

from Emma.
‘I love my lemon oil (hubby thinks I’m a bit too attached I think) so I’m looking forward to having a few more to try out.’

from Nicci.
‘The lemon oil was great for cleaning the new place. I also used a couple of drops in a bowl of water to soak up paint fumes from painting the new place. It’s uses are endless!’

from Nicci.
‘I just want to say I LOOOOOVE lemon oil. I purchased 2 bottles 12months ago and it’s the only product I’ve used to clean… Everywhere! Daily! Kitchen, bathroom, furniture, windows and doors, interior of the car, kids toys, the list goes on! These 2 little bottles have lasted this entire time! Amazing!’

from Lynne.
‘Whohoo! I just cleaned my oven! It’s so sparkly, like a new one! I am so happy with my lemon oil! Too easy! I used my scraper! I was desperate! And as I couldn’t leave it overnight, I did a couple of layers, but was blown away with how easy it is! I’m so happy, I have health issues, and cleaning is really hard work for me, and chemicals and I don’t mix well, so lemon oil and bicarb are lifesavers! And I’ll add that cleaning windows is great, and we’ve been painting, so getting paint of the bits you miss is easy too!’

from Kirstin.
‘My lemon oil is FAB! My showers have never looked so clean and smell divine and natural!!!’

from Sarah.
‘Very happy with my products… in fact I have been talking the lemon oil up to everyone that will listen.’

from Karen.
‘I love my lemon oil. My house smells great. Thanks.’

from Andrea.
‘Love it. Using it now as we speak, as I have a cleaning business. Cleaned 3 houses using only lemon oil and some domestos for the toilet bowls.’

from Ann.
‘Just used my lemon oil to clean my showers for home open inspection. Easy to use and fantastic result. Thank you.’

from Sarah.
‘I am a return customer and would just like to let you know that I have been blown away by the lemon oil. Thank you for making this busy mumma’s life just that little bit simpler.’

from Rowena.
‘Hello NeatFreak. I received my lemon oil in the post today. What can I say…….WOW! I clean houses for a living and on top of that I myself like a clean home and have been told by my family that I’m bloody fussy and picky. I used your product today on my 2 bathrooms and all I can say is Bloody Hell where has this product been all of my life. It was quick and very easy to use and the results were fantastic.’

from Emily.
‘How great is it! Found one great use- it removes oil based paints from skin awesomely, which my husband was also quite impressed by. Love it! Also the kids love their cleaning kit, mind you I should have got two as they fight over it! Ended up just filling their bottle with plain water because they were going through it too quickly. Best thing is they love cleaning so I get them to remove their own hand prints from the glass doors and windows and they think it’s great ‘

from Kathy.
‘Very impressed with the glass cleaning! Going to try on the inside of my windscreen next:) cheers’

from Rebecca.
‘Thank you so much for my lemon oil I’m soooooo impressed!!!’

from Lindel.
‘I’m addicted to the stuff lol!’

from Peta.
‘The new Lemon Oil smells so good! Much more like real lemons, it’s yummy!’

from Rebecca.
‘Not sure if you have ever tried this but you know the sticky stuff that stays on ya skin after you take bandaid off. Well I decided to test out the lemon oil. I was amazed!!! 1 drop onto a cotton bud and it comes off do easy. My kids love me more now cuz I don’t hurt them when I rub

from Erin.
‘Hi. I’ve got a complaint about the lemon oil…it cleans too well! LOL! I was trying to be lazy and just wipe one spot on my kitchen cupboards but it was so clean afterwards that I had to do all of them.’

from Beth.
‘The new lemon oil is awesome! As soon as I opened the bottle I could smell the quality, not that the original lemon oil wasn’t already great , but you can really notice the difference, and when I started to pour some into my spray bottle I could see it too. I used it as ironing aid on hubby’s horrible navy linen shirts he has. Works a treat I sometimes add lavender oil as that does help relax the fabric fibers.’

from Karen.
‘I’m still loving my lemon oil :)’

from Sue.
‘I absolutely love love love my lemon oil! Can’t stop using it on everything. And tonight I found a new use. I have a skin rash on my finger that’s been driving me crazy for weeks. I thought I would give my lemon oil a try and it immediately stopped itching for hours. Amazing! Anyway, I need more as there’s no way I can run out! ‘

from Lauren.
‘I LOVE IT! Haha we were even late for dinner because I was spraying it everywhere haha. You’re going to need LOAA- lemon oil addicts anonymous! Haha’

from Amanda.
‘I used the lemon oil for the first time yesterday on the shower, glass and mirror. Wow absolutely sparkling and no streaks at all and took next to no time. Luuuuuvv the smell. I think I have a new favourite!’

from Chris.
‘I just love all your products the more you use them the more you love them thanks Sally!’

from Emma.
‘It smells amazing!! LOVE it! It’s so lemony!’

from Lynne.
‘Sparkly shower tonight! The stuff rocks and smells amazing! How lovely to actually clean with minimum effort! I’m surprised the large chemical companies haven’t tried to patent it so no one can use it Thanks love x’

from Bren.
‘I LOVE LEMON OIL! Today with it being so rainy & wet I had my 2 dogs inside with me, so I got out my trusty old oil burner & used some beautiful NeatFreak Lemon Oil in it….it made the whole house smell so beautiful & fresh. And no trace of yukky wet dog smell.’

from Bren.
‘I’m addicted to cleaning with lemon oil now. Not only does it give brilliant cleaning results but I’ve found its also improved my moods so I’m happier each day’

from Kristy.
‘Ur lemon oil is Amazing :)’

from Cindy.
‘I would just like to say, I tried the new and improved lemon oil today and I want to back up that it is new and improved and I am still in love :)’

from Sarah.
‘On Tuesday I was suffering from the most horrible sore throat. I gargled lemon oil with salt water and drank lemon oil in my water all day and the next morning my throat was as good as new. I was sure I was coming down with full blown throat infection!! Amazing!!!’

from Jane.
‘Oh I love it… Thank you.’

from Kristy.
‘I’m loving it! (Lemon Oil). So excited to be able to throw out all the toxic cleaning agents from my cupboard! Thank you ‘

from Tammy.
‘I can’t get enough of your lemon oil!’

from Meredith.
‘Am loving it! Thank you! ‘

from Rose.
‘I love it and will continue to keep buying it THANX ‘

from Kerrie.
‘I’ve already cleaned my oven and the whole family are very impressed!! They’ve never seen it shine before and the kids can’t believe they can actually see what’s cooking in there now  ‘

from Wendy.
‘Love it! House smells amazing x I cleaned like a machine on the weekend, fans, air con, skirting boards, walls!! Love my lemon oil xx’

from Amanda.
‘I love my lemon oil especially on my Caesar stone bench tops. A friend recommended using lemon oil – what can I day I’m in love as usually I clean my Caesar stone bench tops with pineoclean then glass cleaner, now I only have to use one spray & in half the time!!’

from Kate.
‘I did not think it was possible to get this excited about a cleaning product! Thank you so much I don’t think our shower has EVER been so clean! Every time I walk into the bathroom I think my goodness who knew it could look like that?!?! Thank you thank you thank you!’

from Gemma.
‘Hi Sally, I just wanted to share with you – the 1st time I had my legs waxed they itched for a couple of days & couldn’t soothe them. I had my legs waxed for the 2nd time on Thursday, after I got home my legs started itching, I sprayed with a mixture of Lemon Oil & water which I use to clean my kitchen with. Stopped the itching right away. I just thought I would try it as last time my legs itched for days. I have sensitive skin, with bites etc. I have put it neat on bites & has worked too!!’

from Bren.
‘Lemon Oil is #1 in my house too. I made up some carpet sprinkle with BiCarb Soda & a few drops of Lemon Oil, I left it a few days in a jar to infuse the fragrance & OMG its made the old woolen rug that our dogs laze about on in our family room smell so nice, I can even smell the freshness of the lemon in the front of the house. YES I want to be known as the Crazy Lemon Oil Lady LOL’

from Roma.
‘My teenage son makes fun of me coz I’m always like, yep, lemon oil will fix that haha ! And the other day he got a stain on his school shirt and I’m like lemon oil will get that out, he’s like no way mum ! Any who…, lemon oil got it out and I was like, booya ! Lemon oil is king hahaha’

from Bren.
‘I’ve been a busy little lemon cleaning fairy since I picked my prize up last week. I’ve been keen to clean even at ungodly hours whilst suffering insomnia lol. I’ve even started cleaning my cedar blinds with it, a job i normally hate with a passion but I’ve had AMAZING results with every task I’ve thrown at it.’

from Jenny.
‘Just to let you know, I asked not too long ago about how to get rid of a wart on my sons toe, and guess what, your miracle lemon oil did the trick. My 9yr thinks your an angel cause he doesn’t have to get it frozen off xx’

from Greg.
‘The other day I went fishing, when I got home I got side tracked and forgot to get the leftover bait out of my boot. The next morning I went up to my car and nearly gagged. It had been really hot and the mullet fillets and prawns had gone off. In desperation I grabbed the Lemon Oil and gave inside the boot and car a good spray. I couldn’t believe how effective it was, mind you I wouldn’t recommend leaving bait in your boot.’

from Roma.
‘Omg it’s so nice to have a lemon oil cleaned bathroom again !! It smells better, it looks better, it just feels better :)’

from Jen.
‘I’m spraying my floors with Lemon Oil then mopping with hot, hot water. I have those large gloss tiles & it cleans & dries beautifully.’

from Alana.
‘Still so in love with your products, the only cleaner I use now !!’

from Sharna.
‘I absolutely love your lemon oil, I use it every single day and can’t get enough of it! :)’

from Margo.
‘Thx heaps Sally, my girlfriend is here for the weekend from Brisbane and was very impressed with my bottle of lemon oil haha, so I have sent her home with her own !! Also my daughter has moved to Sydney and has been asking me to get her some – I love it on my bench tops, it leaves them streak and mark free. Also, The Cleaning Faireys started here last week, cleaning on a regular fortnightly basis – the house was absolutely gleaming and smelt divine – all thanks to lemon oil !! Thank you !!’

from Sarah.
‘My lemon oil got delivered and I went crazy in my kitchen stove, oven benches, chopping boards love it . Air freshener the best’

from Rebecca.
‘I have gone nuts with mine! It’s so good for everything. I was amazed at how well my oven door came up. It’s great for windows, awesome for the shower screen and the best thing I have used on my black gloss laminate bench tops!’

from Aleasha.
‘Love the scraper by the way. I did my cooktop which had stuff on it I couldn’t shift… Until now…Also did the inside glass of the oven! Absolutely brilliant. I got given some orchids and I put some lemon oil in the water and got 3 weeks out of the orchids and water was still clear! Amazing!’

from Susie.
‘The stovetop came up fantastic! Stainless steel dishwasher, range hood & stove, all clean with not much effort.. LOVED it :)’

from Nadine.
‘So I have been anticipating the arrival of my kit and have left my shower to look yuk on purpose to see what this stuff really does….honestly I am amazed especially the bottom half of the shower screen…love the smell love it…love my little kit…thank u’

from Jo.
‘I just wanted to let you know that I just loooooove your lemon oil! With a new bubba, I feel confident using it on all surfaces… his high chair and toys.’

from ‘The Cleaning Faireys’ Client.
‘OMG !!! The house looks and smells awesome. I am a HUGE fan of lemon oil as well, so pleased you guys use it too.’

from Katie.
‘Cleaned one bathroom and the rest of the house. My stainless looks awesome!’

from Valerie.
‘So far, I have cleaned windows, benches, half a shower(normally half way through cleaning the bathroom I’m dying from the fumes but not with my lemon oil) mirrors, doors and kitchen cupboard doors all with my Lemon Oil lol xo I love the cloths, I have cleaned more today then in the last month bhahahahaha. I even cleaned my back sliding doors with it, took me like 2 secs lol normally its the squegy and it takes 10 mins.’

from Vanessa.
‘I love that stuff! It’s so nice to just spray wherever the hell I like and not have to worry about sticky residue or killing someone with it!’

from Krystal.
‘Started using it straight away.. Lovin it…’

from Amii.
‘Found a new use for lemon oil. It removed fake tattoos. Just a bit on some cotton wool and wipe over the tattoo. Just wipes off.’

from Kerri.
‘Just received my package and went straight for the oven. I have to admit I was pretty sceptical, but wow I am stoked ! It was refreshing to clean the oven without gloves, fumes and a huge gluggy mess! The oil and scraper worked wonders – THANKYOU.’

from Amanda.
‘I found a new use for the Lemon Oil. If you have stained hair line/face from dying your hair, rub a little of the mixed Lemon Oil on a cloth or tissue and rub off.. Worked great. ‘

from Cindy.
‘Working as a cleaner, I love nothing more then being able to tell my clients, this is what I use and this is how safe it is around your home.’

from Melissa.
‘I love it!!! I can’t stop using it – thank you!!!’

from Megan.
‘I’ve already been on a cleaning spree. I keep finding more and more to clean! I love it already!’

from Dunya.
‘My son is cleaning my fridge. How happy it makes me there is product safe for the kids to use ‘

from Sarah.
‘Thanks for the products. Amazing.’

from Joanne.
‘I have been using other cleaners but nothing beats this Lemon Oil .’

from Margo.
‘Thanks so much for my bits and pieces I collected today, Sally. My daughter left home on the weekend to start work in Sydney so I have been cleaning all the little nooks and Crannies in her room that I could not get to with all her ‘treasures’ in the way .. My goodness, you should see her timber shutters, they are gleaming and of course her room smells so clean and lemony. Thanks again, I am such a convert.’

from Kellie.
‘I love it!! ripped the package open and got stuck into the stove top, high chair, sticky spots under the highchair etc!!’

from Kimberley.
‘My only complaint about this stuff is I now have to clean and polish everything cause it’s so good!  House done. Bathroom sparkling. How good is it on glass!’

from Kimberley.
‘I thought my house was pretty clean but the shine and cleanliness of your lemon oil is second to none. I’ve only done the kitchen so far (been out most of the day so tomorrow the house will get a work out) but wow its very good. Combined with the microfiber cloth and the shine you girls talk about is very true. So I got to thinking I previously used Ajax lemon floor cleaner and the chemical smell was strong so I checked out the ingredient ( which I hadn’t before) and was shocked to find it didn’t even LIST what’s actually in it other than “contains cleaning and studding agent” so who knows what’s in it??? I’m really happy with my purchase. Glad I did. Your defiantly onto something.’

from Kimberley.
‘Smells divine. Looks like everything and everyone in the house is going to be lemony fresh. Top product. Love it already….now if could just find someone to clean the house lol. Nah looking forward to a lovely fresh cleaning day . I’m impressed on how versatile it is. Xx so glad I gave it a go because I kept hearing how good it was. xx’

from SomethingGorgeous Blogs.
‘I received lemon oil as a prize a few months ago and I’m still not at the end of it. I love the smell and the way my bathrooms gleam after I’ve used it. Thank you Neat Freak. Will be purchasing my next bottle soon. X’

from Tara.
‘Hi Sally that lemon oil is great. I know it stained a clients carpet but it worked a treat on mine. It got stains out that nothing else i tried could..’

from Margo.
‘Loving the lemon oil, leaves my stone kitchen bench tops and my stainless fridge gleaming and without any marks.’

from Michelle.
‘I purchased my first lemon oil and oven scraper today from NeatFreak. Bit sceptical, I took a before and after pic of my oven door. I sprayed the door with my diluted lemon oil and gave the scraper a go. I then wiped off the yucky bits with another spray of lemon oil and VIVA paper towel, and wow!! I’m sold!! If you havnt got your lemon oil from Sally yet, then get it!! Such a nicer smell rather than heavier chemical sprays. (Picture is just a quick clean, haven’t pulled the door apart and done the rest of it yet, wanted to share my progress)’

from Melinda.
‘I keep telling everyone I know about lemon oil … I just can’t get over it!! Used it on my mosquito bites the other night… But pure oil on one bite and nothing on another bite …. Woke up the one with lemon oil pretty much gone the other one a massive welt size of 20cent piece !!! I’m extremely allergic to all bites and very little has an effect… I should have taken a pic it was amazing!!!!! I sound like an add now…’

from Tess.
‘Love love your Lemon oil!!! ‘

from Carly.
‘I have been cleaning with the lemon oil today and love it! Ill be back for more!’

from Julie.
‘I’m loving the Lemon Oil in this hot weather. I just sprayed everything in the house to freshen it up :)’

from Melinda.
‘So another use for lemon oil…. Perfume!!! I’m not as careful as I am with other cleaning products with putting the lemon oil spray bottle away… So today miss 3 came and said ” can you smell me I smell like lemonade” She also cleaned the fridge while she was at it’

from Tamara.
‘Received some Lemon Oil from my GF today, used it on my disgustingly grimy glass shower screen & OMG….AMAZING!! ‘

from Amanda.
‘I got home & cleaned the shower straight away after picking it up & was amazed!! Love the stuff  thanks again :)’

from Jordan.
‘My shower screen looks amazing! Thanks heaps have been meaning to convert from my nasty chemicals for ages! Evie loves helping too! Oh and the kitchen cupboards that have been made to attract dirt are finally clean to my satisfaction for the first time in two years!!’

from Kellie.
‘I have tried EVERYTHING to clean my furniture but everything left streaks, that is until I tried Lemon Oil… I love it & would recommend it to anyone ‘

from Kathy.
‘Hi I’m in love with it !’

from Katie.
‘I literally cannot believe how well it worked on itchy bites! I usually itch for days/weeks/months depending on what bites me. One dab of undiluted oil and not only did the itch stop but the bites were gone the next morning.’

from Kristin.
‘Thought I’d share for the freaks. We’re on holidays on the Gold Coast and my husband, who is allergic to big repellant, was getting eaten alive by mozzies cooking a BBQ. So i sprayed him with the lemon oil I brought and immediately the biting stopped. Also helped with the bites he’d already gotten.’

from Trish.
‘I have been madly cleaning today. The shower screens look great. Love the stuff!’

from Nicole.
‘I have been so busy over the weekend cleaning our house The house is sparkling.’

from Kellie.
‘Thanks for supplying such great products!’

from Emma.
‘New use for lemon oil: use it on your sandwich toaster, and the little black charred bits come off with ease!’

from Jill.
‘OMG!! Just detailed the inside of my car with lemon oil & your micro-fibre cloth – WOW!!! It’s like new (& smells brands new too). Then, I took the near-black cloth & rinsed it out in warm water & it’s spotless clean too. No scrubbing, no detergent. Miracle cloth! Miracle oil. LOVE IT!!!’

from Leigh.
‘Thank you been busy cleaning, I love it… Will be ordering more for sure….thanks’

from Renae.
‘I love it!! ‘

from Kristie.
‘Hi there, just doing some cleaning, and I’m totally once again AMAZED by my lemon oil. Bye bye tarnish  thought u might want to share. I know how amazing  I used diluted lemon oil from the spray bottle and a microfiber cloth.’

from Caterina.
‘I love it. I even gave a bottle to my friend who had run out’

from Victoria.
‘Many thanks for my essential lemon oil n spray bottle. Received Monday! Lovvvvve it!!’

from Cathryn.
‘I am in love with your lemon oil!’

from Jill
‘Thank you soooooooo much for my package. I’ve been madly cleaning everything. I have also discovered that a drop or two in the windscreen washer bottle of my car helps keep the windscreen clear & also to remove the bugs PLUS I’ve been using it to eliminate foot odour in my hubbies work boots – magic stuff! Cannot get over the bizillion & one uses this product has. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!’

from Renee.
‘It is awesome. My oven and shower screen are sparkling. I love it’

from Joanne.
‘I used the lemon oil on the new tiles while cleaning after all the builders, and they came up great, couldn’t see any streaks. Our kitchen goes in tomorrow so I’m looking forward to doing that lol’

from Debbie.
‘On the weekend, I bought my 4yo son a new hat for preschool. He said to me “Spray lemon oil in it mummy, so I know it’s clean!”. Lol … See, even little kids know how good this stuff is! ‘

from Kay
‘Been cleaning all day. Love the Lemon Oil!’

from Kristy
‘I’ve been using NeatFreak lemon oil and eucalyptus for quite a while now but recently purchased a neat freak spray bottle as well as topping up my oils and purchasing a clove bud oil. Have just moved into a new house and pretty much cleaned the old house and the new house top to bottom with only those 3 oils and water! The neat freak spray bottle is fantastic and doesn’t clog like others and I was stoked with the clove bud oil on tougher grime, mould and scum. I was like a mad woman my two spray bottles and some microfiber cloths’

from Maddi.
‘Loving my lemon oil – got my cleaning groove on with it at the weekend & it is truly amazing stuff!!’

from Angela.
‘OMG my dog is also a neat freak lemon oil lover… Well not immediately.. I put a few drops into his brush and brush him gently.. He no longer naws at his back that use to cause bleeding and scabs.. Now he has great skin and smells great too I had tried so many things and this is amazing’

from Jean.
‘Just wanted to let you know I’ve used the lemon oil at the pub I clean. I have been getting frustrated trying to clean the windows and internal glass, particularly in the bistro area ( yucky food grease and kiddies fingerprints), anyway IT WORKS BRILLIANTLY!!! I used it diluted in the spray bottle with a damp microfiber cloth then dried off with a dry microfiber cloth and voila! No streaks, no smudges, no yucky filmy build up that regular window cleaner leaves. I also used it on all the stainless steel surfaces too and the result was awesome – is there anything this oil won’t do???? Happy Days

from Bethany.
‘Oh! Another use!! I added a few drops of lemon oil to the water when I was making playdough with the kids! Now it smells lovely and makes our hands smell good too! ‘

from Caitlin.
‘The oil it’s amazing! works wonders on my Caesar stone bench, unlike other cleaners the lemon oil didn’t leave the stone dull and dry looking it was nice and shiny’

from Amy.
‘I used it to clean the shower the other day! Worked wonders! It was also nice being able to really get in and scrub it as I didn’t get fumed out like I would previously using other products.’

from Jennifer.
‘I cleaned my sealed wooden hand rail with lemon oil & it came up sparkling clean again.’

from Joanne.
‘Ok I was a bit sceptical at first and had to try it for myself …. I will never let my teenage girls clean again , well for a while anyway I love it haven’t stopped since it arrived this morning . I’m even looking for things that I can clean thank you.’

from Kerrie.
‘I just wanted to pass on some feedback from my kids (8 and 11). The last couple of days they’ve both had mossie bites. After they’d tried some commercial cream on them and still complained the bites were itchy, I rubbed some lemon oil into them. No more complaints! Then this morning my 11 year old, who has had a few small pimples start to emerge on his nose and tried a few different creams and wipes etc, announces he’s found a way to fix them – lemon oil! He took it upon himself to apply some on the pimples last night then proudly showed me this morning that you can hardly see them. So happy for him that he doesn’t have something to be embarrassed or worry about now. Thanks’

from Jean.
‘Hi, just wanted to drop by and say the lemon oil is a winner! I’ve been a bit slow in trying it properly…..two part time jobs, mums taxi for teenage girls and driving instructor blah blah blah and there’s not enough hours left in my day for cleaning (and I haven’t even mention dog, cat and partner). Anyways I don’t remember my bathroom ever looking so schmicky and my kitchen is now a place I love to be in (so clean) and it’s really taken zero effort to get it that way. I’ve yet to use the other oils from the value pack but I’m sure they will be just as useful. Thanks so much for being ‘real’ about your products, it’s a rare quality these days.’

from Amanda.
‘I’m in love with it lol’

from Dunya.
‘Lemon Oil gets rid of Everything. I was spraying down my lounge and my daughter wouldn’t move. So I sprayed her too and voila she eventually moved. Best product ever. Thank you !!’

from Emma.
‘So I’m in love with the lemon oil ! The spray bottle has not left my hand since I got it … works a treat thank you :)))’

from Kathy.
‘Just wanted to let you know that I just cleaned my bath with the lemon oil and I love it! I will never use anything else to clean it again! Think I’m going to be a regular customer!! Thanks so much

from Bianca.
‘I have people in my household that now fight over the lemon oil….we now have to label our bottles with our names! Hubby, son and myself! Tragic lol!’

from Kelly.
‘I have been happily cleaning like a crazy lady…love love love it!!! ‘

From Kellie
‘This stuff is freaking amazing :)’

from Natalie.
‘Lovin my lemon oil’

from Kellie.
‘I love Lemon Oil!!!! What an amazing product. My home looks and smells fabulous. ‘

from Genene.
‘The lemon oil is brilliant. I put some drops in zip lock bag with damp cloth and sat in the sun (as per instruction) Then dusted my very dusty downstairs level a week ago. There’s still no dust! The smell of it is beautiful! Thank you so much. I’m now a more motivated cleaner! ‘

from Regina.
‘OMG! my shower looks amazing!!!! the water just does a bubbly thing and its still clean…’

from Kristi.
‘Thank u. I received it today and haven’t stopped cleaning. Its amazing. I even put drops of lemon on cotton balls in my fridge and my fridge smells awesome. Ill definitely be telling my friends about this.. Thanks again.’

from Robyn.
‘My daughter and I just picked up our latest order of lemon oil. I was scared to run out and used the good old nifti spray, NEVER again. The chemical smell made me feel sick and I have now discarded it. I have bought starter packs for my 2 other daughters and hope to convert them to lemon lovers as well.’

from Kendall.
‘I never want to be with out lemon oil. I love it. It is incredible stuff. ‘

From The Odd Spot
‘Reducing chemicals in your life does not stop with the food you eat or what you put on your skin, what you use around the home to clean with can have huge health impacts. I know in our hous…e we are careful with the products we use because of allergies and eczema. It is great to see an Australian Company selling an organic natural product with so many applications!’

from Debbie
‘I love it too. It’s amazing, it seems too good to be true, but I just can’t find anything wrong with it! There is nothing I have found that it can’t clean. And I don’t just mean clean, but clean in a far superior way to any other cleaning product I have ever tried. NeatFreak, saving the environment one bottle of lemon oil at a time! ‘

from Dunya
‘It does everything. I was a huge sceptic and followed this page for months. After so many testimonials I finally did it. Will never turn back. No more chemical haze when I clean its refreshing and cuts thru grime like no other product I’ve come across. I support it. Will always use it’

from Triona
‘My two little girls aged 1 & 2 are currently “cleaning” everything in sight, even each other’s toes!!!’

from Sally.
‘It is the best!! I now have all my xmas gifts sorted!!! Thank you!!’

from Melissa.
‘I’m a speech pathologist and use a lot of toys with my kiddies – lemon oil is AWESOME for cleaning these toys – it’s natural, cheap and leaves all my toys fresh and clean!! The best part is that I know I’m using something non-toxic – very handy for the ‘mouth-ers’  Thanks Neatfreak for getting me onto this amazing cleaner!!’

from Julie.
‘I LOVE the lemon oil – it makes cleaning so much easier because it cleans everything so much better!!! ‘

from Tenielle
‘LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lemon Oil…thank you. I hate washing my floors (whole 2 story house is floor boards, other than kitchen & bathrooms which are tiled) and I actually enjoyed washing the floor today! the house smelt amazing, it cut through all the greasy marks from my kids as well. AWESOME. now just got to tackle the bathrooms!’

from Anon.
‘My husband had a rash on his groin from being at the gym all the time! Three lots of antibiotic cream made no difference and he had a lot of pain and itching from it. Finally he let me put lemon oil on it, I did not dilute it (yes it was painful) and after three uses the rash is almost gone!! He is stoked and yes he agreed he should have listened to me ages ago!!’

from Iman.
‘Shower came up great! After all the various sprays and nothing worked, and I was amazed when I finished it yesterday. So good. I am very happy I have something that actually works. Even my husband was impressed. Haha’

from Belinda.
‘This stuff is awesome xxx’

from Tracey.
‘Hi Neatfreak, just thought I would share… I let me stove top get really dirty to test out my lemon oil… I sprayed it with my lemon oil mix left it while the baby had a shower then came back and re sprayed with lemon oil. I then WIPED with a microfiber mit… It came up soooo clean and it was soooo easy…. Thanks Neatfreak’

from Dunya.
‘It cut thru soap scum I’ve been trying for years to get off with every chemical on the market’

from Roma.
‘My car is so shiny with lemon oil :)’

from Dunya.
‘A massive thank you to the therapeutic side of Neat Freak. My son has been coughing lately. After cough medicine ( no change after a few hours 2 warm showers propped up pillows as he sleeps I was getting tired. Then I remembered the info leaflet sent with the order. A drop of lemon oil and peppermint oil rubbed lightly on his chest ( carrier oil is adviced)…he’s sound asleep. No cough.’

from Angela.
‘It worked a treat on my son’s grimy shower recess -best I’ve ever seen it and easy to do’

from Kathleen.
‘I like Iceberg Lettuce, but do not like how it goes brown when you cut it. My solution… I cut a wedge of lettuce to use/eat it. I sprayed the remainder with lemon oil (diluted of course) covered it with plastic and popped in the fridge and voila … no brown. I have a lettuce that I have had for over a week and it is pristine.’

from Susie.
‘Just went up to the laundry [sep from house, unfinished etc; ALWAYS have cobwebs and the windows barely able to see thru due to same. Well, just realized that after I gave the laundry a good clean a few weeks ago and used the LO on the windows to experiment on the spiders and totally forgot about it; the windows are still clear and clean; AND no spiders, cobwebs in sight! Elsewhere in laundry where I didn’t use the LO, spiders and cobwebs everywhere, so yes I’m spraying it everywhere now!! Won’t use around where I don’t care about the spiders as they are good to have around; but def under seats and benches etc; so not to have to worry about where to sit. Hopefully will work on redbacks as they are always under the steps so will experiment on those now. xx’

from Catherine.
‘I’ve got it, I’ve got it!! I also have 2 very clean shower screens and mirrors and 2 lovely smelling bathrooms. Thank you so much!!!’

from Karen
‘Thought I might share with all my facebook friends that over the last couple of months I have been cleaning my house from top to bottom using only Pure Lemon Oil… Diluted in just water… it is the only cleaner I have ever used that doesn’t take your breath away… doesn’t hurt your animals or children… and that you can use for almost anything… my mirrors shower screens and windows gleam… and all I do is spray and wipe with microfiber cloths… I polish my furniture… my floors… the toilet… the sink… I even spray it on my dishes on the drainer and it stops them from drying streaky… and when I’m finished and all worn out I spray it in my face to cool down… it cuts grease better than anything I have ever used… and it is the only cleaner that once you wipe it off you don’t have to rinse… I have even used it in vases of flowers and it stops the water from discolouring and going smelly… and it is amazing sprayed in my toothbrush holder… no more syrupy water or mould in the bottom…. and when you come back it looks even cleaner than when you walked away… and it smells amazing… it has replaced nearly every cleaner under my kitchen sink… the only other things I use is vinegar… Bi Carb and Aldi mould remover… give it a go you wont be sorry…’

from Beth
‘I LOVE Lemon Oil! My daughter was raving about how good it was, but having now used it myself, I am stunned! I have a burgundy glass splash back that gets western sun on it and shows every single smear, spot, splash etc, etc. I have tried every glass cleaner known to man to get it sparkling and nothing has worked. With a simple, single wipe over with Lemon Oil, it is brilliantly clean, grease-free and not a smear in sight. Unbelievable! I now use it on everything from the stove top, to paintwork, to ceramic tiles, to windows …… My husband declares if he sits still long enough, I would probably lemon oil him too! Thanks a million for providing a FABULOUS product that is natural, inexpensive and saves SO much time and effort. With much appreciation, Beth’

from Amii
‘My 2 NeatKids love helping Mum with the housework. I just love that with Lemon Oil, the kids can actually use it safely AND it works so great on the windows that you wouldn’t know they were cleaned by a 6yo.’

from Lauren
‘Hi I purchased one of your packs a little while ago and have quite happily been spraying lemon oil everywhere but I wanted to let you know how I just really tested it out. My son recently dropped melted cheese on his favourite t-shirt resulting in two grease spots each around the size of a 20c piece. I didn’t notice the mark until it had already been through a regular wash. So I washed it again with napisan but the stains remained. I then sprayed it with sard stain remover and washed again – no change. So I reached for the sard wonderstick and hesitated – I applied the stick to one spot and a drop of neat lemon oil to the other then back into the wash. The spot that I used lemon oil on had improved whereas the spot with the wonderstick seemed to have taken the pigment out of the shirts colour. Finally I applied 2 drops of lemon oil to each of the spots, left it for 10 minutes and then washed again. All clean! My son is thrilled (and all this for a shirt my friend bought back from Thailand which I am sure cost less than the cleaning products themselves!) I will be placing another order soon once I have relayed this to friends and family as I am sure there will be a few extra bottles required!’

from Amanda
‘I love the lemon oil! This stuff really works and smells so clean thanks!’

from Deb
‘I received my order… Thankyou!! Couldn’t wait till I got home, so I cleaned the partitions and desks at work!! Amazing!! The lady at work cleaned the partitions with windex, and the lemon oil did a better job!! Lol And I have now converted extra people! You will receive orders from them soon, and I will order another lemon at the same time ( as I can see me using this on absolutely everything! ) thanks again!! X’

from Kylie.
‘‘Yes I love it! Used the lemon oil on white gloss kitchen cupboards and on glass splash back.. Came up beautiful.. Normally I use 2 products.. Also had urine smell from cat in carpet so I did what u posted with the bicarbonate and smell has gone.. I’ve used the clove if oil as well.. .. I was sceptical at first but after trying I’m converted lol!’

from Simone.
‘Thank you! Love it already! Loving how shiny all my taps are, can’t wait to try it on the rest of my house! Smells amazing too! ‘

from Sandy – (my first USA order!!!!!)
‘Just wanted to tell u the lemon oil is AMAZING. You have a customer for keeps! I am even getting my mom and sister to use it.  My husband was impressed!!!’

from Shay.
‘Love the lemon oil! My sons Eczema treatment always leave a film over the bath, and I have to wipe out the bath every night. After I cleaned the bath with the lemon oil, all I had to do was rinse it for the past 2 nights and 20 minutes later the bath isn’t just clean but dry. So happy with it!’

from Nicki.
‘I wanted to leave you some feed back for the lemon oil. I just love it. I’ve cleaned & cleaned & can’t stop cleaning lol. My tiles in the bathroom are shiny once again. Being a rental they were dull & lifeless. But now I can actually see the reflection in them. My bench tops are even shiny. It’s amazing stuff my son was coming down with the flu I put a couple of drops under his nose for a couple of days & he’s all good again. Thanks heaps.’

from Anon.
‘I am happy with my purchase from you. I have been busy cleaning my granite benchtops and door handles and of course the bathrooms. I am loving the smell, its a pleasant change from the methylated spirits and vinegar that I usually use. Thanks for the info sheet, lots of good and useful tips there. I am going to recommend your products to my daughter, she is a Neat Freak in waiting. Good luck with your business and I hope to keep up with your activities in my Newsfeed here on FB ‘

from Kellie.
‘Order arrived today. I have already cleaned my shower. Amazing!!! Really impressed although I’m craving lemon cheese cake now lol. Oh and my hands are so soft I’m guessing its an added benefit of the lemon oil.’

from Estah.
‘Love it. And my friend came over tonight whilst I was using the lemon cleaning the taps. She’s amazed. I made a lil bottle for her to try. My sister got me onto you originally. Best ever. Its amazing.’

from Kate
‘Thanks so much for my lemon oil! I grabbed it this arvo and cleaned the shower, glass double doors that were full of little hand prints, high chair, added a drop or 2 to my washing, my oven door and more! The best bit ( apart from it actually working) was that my 2 year old could follow me round “helping” and I didn’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals :)’their thoughts and experience.

from Gayle
‘Thank you so much for bringing us an amazing product in Lemon Oil. My bathroom looks so clean and smells great. The floors are shining and so is my wood tables and bench tips. I have just given it to my son to use on watts so will see how that goes. Love it. Thanks.’

from Tamie
‘A little b4 and after for… Can’t believe the difference! Who knew you would get a reflexion off an oven door.. Lol sprayed lemon oil left for about 15-20min came back sprayed again then scrubbed with a non scratch scourer took about 10mins (I must say its been 2years since you could last see through it) happy to say oven cleaned without gloves and mask and done inside not out with a 2 year old running around! That’s a first! ‘

from Carmen
‘I just wanted to pass on how happy I am with my starter kit. My glass shower screens have come up sparkling, it is amazing. I love the microfibre clothes as well. Never going back. Thank you!!’

from A Lil Obsession
‘Well most of you have probably heard me say that a homemade mix of lemon and sugar is a great way of getting rid of that excess tan in the last days but tonight I didn’t have to shop for lemons or cut or squeeze them I just used lemon oil from Neat Freak! This stuff’s great! I made a sugar rub, had a bath then I made a cleaning mix and cleaned the bathroom and polished the furniture! My skin feels smooth and house smells amazing in a refreshingly subtle way! Such a versatile product with so many uses! Next on the list….Spraying for spiders! I’ll let you know how that one goes :-)’

from Kate
‘Hello! I received my parcel of NeatFreak goodies today and straight away cleaned my very cloudy shower!!! OMG it really does work!!!!! ‘ from

from Heidi
‘Omg loving my lemon oil. Just got Layla’s art works off my walls. I use it for everything!’

from Miss Sqeeky Kleen Cleaning Services
‘I’ve been using Lemon Oil to clean in my cleaning business and its amazing.’

from Jennifer
‘Just thought I would send you a big “THANK YOU” because you have made cleaning my house so much easier & quicker with your lemon oil (& other oils).’

from Kristin
‘I thought I would share the amazing job lemon oil did for me today. To clean the sticky and grubby filter from our range hood I sprayed with lemon oil, left for an hour then came back and sprinkled over some bi carb, rubbed it in with microfiber cloth, then spayed with a little more lemon oil for it to get in between all the gaps, I then waited for the kettle to boil and rinsed it all off. The grease just washed away and now looks brand new.’

from Renae
‘I am in love and converted , spent the afternoon cleaning ! Can’t remember the last time I enjoyed it so much or actually , ….. Ever….. ! Thanks again !’

from Michelle
‘These chandeliers are a legacy from my Mother. They are stunning, but have been a nightmare to keep clean. They take hours to do each individual section. Cindy came last week. She sprayed them with Lemon Oil, did some other cleaning and came back to them. She wiped them off and my goodness…They are amazing!! Your Lemon Oil is something very special. Thanks for promoting it.’

from Amy
‘I’m using Lemon Oil now and my tiles in my kitchen have never looked so clean. Plus I’m able to get cooking oil that had splashed onto my cupboards off that I hadn’t been able to before. If that makes sense. Lol.’

from Kelly
‘Hello, just another fan of your fabulous oil. I have tried everything to get rid of greasy little handprints off my double mirror wardrobe doors & everything leaves them streaky. BUT, your lemon oil is AMAZING on mirrors & with such little effort. I literally just sprayed & wiped them clean. They have seriously never been this streak free! Thank you so much! I will also add that I love it on just about every other surface too!’

from Kylie
‘I completely cleaned out our wood heater and sprayed the inside of the glass door which was almost completely black with lemon oil , let it sit for a few minutes and just wiped it clean , no scrubbing , nice sparkly glass :)’

from Megan
‘I tried mine for the first time today too ladies and have had the same results. It’s a miracle cleaner. And to top it off my miss 4 who has a VERY sensitive nose and complains about ANY smell, absolutely LOVES the smell of it. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!’

from Kylie
‘Hey sal! Letting you know the package arrived! As soon as I got home and saw it in my letterbox, I was eager to clean.. To see if it works.. Omg!! It does!!! My shower screen is shinning!!!!! I’ve never seen through it like this, and I’ve used EVERYTHING!!! I’m so excited to show Bryan when he gets home (who said nothing would work, he’s tried it all – he’s a LEGIT clean freak!!) but I think this will transform us both into…. Neatfreaks!! I’m like big kev! Excited!! Thank you!!’

from Ann
‘Hi Sally, just got round to using the lemon oil and I’m really pleased with results. Worked wonders with bathroom titles, surfaces Also the added fresh smell of lemon fragrance finish too. Thanks ‘

from Cindy
‘ahhhh nothing beats the smile created from lemon oil cleaned floors ‘

from Roma
‘Hi sal , loving the soap ! I just found another use for lemon oil , I’ve been sick with the flu for the last few days , I just had a nice warm bath with a few drops of lemon oil , my sinus is clearer , my head ache is gone and my skin feels silky smooth. Lemon oil to the rescue’

from Cathy
‘Hey Sal, thought I’d let you know that the mitts and kids bottles were a hit today with my girls. I got them cleaning today and Emi (my 7 year old) yells out “Thanks mum for buying these for us! I love doing this!” lol, now this may be normal for some kids but coming from a kid who hates cleaning and tidying, I had to ask her who she was! She was having so much fun, she wanted to clean tomorrow! Hey by all means, clean the whole house! lol Big thumbs up!!!!’

from Denise
‘I found a new use for lemon oil! I added a few drops to a water only pot to wash out our drip filter coffee maker. (i ended up doing it twice to make sure it was thoroughly clean!) I also sprayed the diluted lemon spray in & around the whole coffee machine & it’s come up sparkling & smelling fresh. Thank you!’

from Kat
‘Omg omg omg I can’t believe this stuff just cleaned all my kitchen cupboards and a glass sliding door it’s amazing, easy and quick. I LOVE LEMON OIL!!!!! I’ve now done the shower it’s amazing!!!!! I’m in love’

from Kylie
‘Day 3 of Lemon oil cleaning … Toilet check … Bath check … And I have noticed that the shower dries a lot quicker and it dries clear not all spotty like normal without cleaning with lemon oil … Also used it on the stool side of the kitchen bench where the kids sit for brekky and spill things on the floor and it splashes the kitchen bench surrounds , sprayed and let it sit for 10mins and all the dried on spills just wiped off …. This oil is amazing and my house smells great !!!! Hmmmmm what to clean next! Oh and I forgot I sprayed the dishwasher arm and the inside of the dishwasher nothing but sparkles now’

from Samantha
‘I put a few drops of lemon oil in my windscreen wiper water….comes out a treat! I just love how natural it is.’

from Deslee ‘I put diluted lemon oil on a skin burn (from touching oven) and took pain out immediately. I am a complete lemon oil convert! When the burn crusted I then used the Eucalyptus oil. There was no pain (except in shower with warm water running over it) and healing time is more than halved!’

from Melanie
‘Thank you so much I love it can now clean without getting allergies. Your a life saver xx’

from Kylie
‘OMG!!!! Have done the stove top and splash back and WOWZAS!!!!! Very very impressed, and the shower came up super shiny and clear’

from Jennifer
‘I have always had a cleaning bug but your lemon oil has given me a new way of looking at cleaning & I like it . Even the grandkids are wanting to help clean…. and today I cleaned my veranda with lemon oil and my puppy sat on the outside of the door sniffing the air. He loves it too ‘

from Samantha
‘I put some lemon oil on my dishwasher blades months ago, and haven’t had to clean my dishwasher since…every time I run it, it is so clean and smells nice, where as before I had to run a finish cleaner every few weeks.’

from Shandel
‘I just wanted to give you some feedback (I know you get a lot but I just need to say a huge thank u)I used my lemon oil today. I did the shower, bath, kitchen tiles, stove top and doors , microwave I was amazed how well everything come up. I am in disbelief with the shower door there is no soap scum!!!! It looks brand new. Everything I worked on is shining like new even my windows i am a bit worried someone will walk through them they are that clean!!! My tv cabinet is shining like new. I absolutely love it and you have one permanent customer. Thank god for Facebook lol cheers ‘

from Debbie
‘I have one more disappointment with the lemon oil. It’s made my bathroom mirror so clean that now I can see ALL my wrinkles … I never realised how many I had! Lol …’

from Angela
‘I have been so busy cleaning lol. This stuff is magic. I have cleaned the bathroom, polished furniture, mopped all the floors n cleaned all of my kitchen cupboards as well as the glass splashback that I have never been able to get completely clean n streak free. Even hubby commented on how nice the house smelt. My little silver bottle is my new best friend n I find myself randomly looking for things to clean lol. The only disappointment I have is that I waited so long to get some. Thank u so so much’

from Melinda
‘Couldn’t wait…. Used it on my shower screens…. Omg!!!!! Worked amazingly.’

from Kylie
‘This is the glass out of my over door before/after using ONLY NeatFreak’s Lemon Oil  so much love for this product!’

from Anon
‘I had a staff infection. Went through antibiotics which worked but it returned. Used straight lemon oil on it 2 times a day and it was completely gone in 2 days!!!!’

from Jacqui
‘I put a few drops of lemon oil into natural shampoo and conditioner base. Most heavenly smell. Lovely and zingy which is just what I need to drag my butt to work some mornings’

from Erin
‘Omg I loooove it I did mine and mums showers now guess who has the crazy cleaning bug… I actually feel like calling in sick to work today lol’

from Kirsten
‘When you get all hot and sweaty doing the big clean, a couple of squirts on the face doesn’t go astray either!! Also LOVE the fact that I can hand over a spray bottle to my 6 and 9 year old boys, and they actually want to help! The little spray bottle is perfect for little hands and really what harm can they do? I use this on everything. Bathroom, kitchen, wood furniture, in my wash, on the floors, outdoor area, walls, you name it, I’ve sprayed it on it!! And haven’t been disappointed yet!! Perfect product!

from Kirsten
‘Cleaned my entire house with LO yesterday – bypassed the cleaning aisle whilst doing the groceries tonight – I don’t need anything else!! Perfection in a little blue bottle!!’

from Tracey
‘Another “WOW” look @ the difference, I just cleaned my 67 yr old bachelor uncle’s shower screen and kitchen tiles behind the stove look at the difference lemon oil and a bit of elbow grease makes’

from Nat
‘I was already in love with the Lemon oil, but I’m completely in love now, when grouting our new bathroom the tiles we chose were difficult to clean the grout off, so for months I had tried nearly everything to get the excess grout off, today I thought I’d use the lemon oil only diluted slightly and this was the result!!’

from Cinnamon
‘WOW is all I can say!! I just gave my shower screen a quick clean and I can honestly say I have not had it that clean in ages.’

from Kaz
‘Finally picked up my lemon oil today and used it for the first time. I had listened to all the hype about how good it was so….. I tried it on my shower screen!!! This stuff is brilliant – and I am converted

from Leah
‘Your product is amazing! Just amazing! So glad I found your page’

from Tracie
‘Hey I am totally addicted to your lemon oil! I have been cleaning all day and loved every second of it! Thank you so much I will be spreading the lemon oil word!!!!!’

from Jaimelyn
‘OMG are you for real. I have just used your lemon oil to clean my bathroom area and WHAT THE? I have tried everything to clean that crappy shower screen of mine and nothing works until tonight. my mother said to me stop wasting my money because it is old and I just have to replaced it. I think I’M IN LOVE!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

from Kristin
‘A demanding 3 yr old leads to burnt dinner. But on the plus side I used the lemon oil spray on the burnt pan when it was still hot, and when I washed it off there was barely a need to scrub and where I sprayed is now cleaner than the rest of the pan! Wish I had before and after’

from Alison
‘Just wanted to say thank you for my value pack. The lemon oil is amazing! Our bathroom has never been so clean! ‘

from Belinda
‘Hi Sally, thanks so much for the lemon oil! It’s amazing! My shower screen is the cleanest it’s ever been, my wood furniture is gleaming and my kitchen is sparkling!! ‘

from Dean (my Hubbie)
‘Sal! Sal! Come look at this! I cleaned the door on the fire with your Lemon Oil spray thing and one of those cloths of yours, and that stuff REALLY does work! It just wiped off! I had to scrub it every other time’

from Debbie
‘Ok, it’s official. Lemon oil now replaces Rainex! We lemon oiled the inside and outside of all the cars windows on the weekend. Today it rained and I didn’t need to use my wipers. The water just beaded and rolled straight up and off the windscreen. I could also see out of the rear window, which is normally useless in the rain. And my boys were so excited by the way the water was moving on their windows. Seriously, is there anything this stuff can’t do? Lol ‘

from Amii
‘My husband was helping me do some cleaning this morning, and I sprayed some lemon oil on a really dirty surface that hasn’t been cleaned in ages. He was armed with a microfiber cloth, ready to put in some elbow grease. When he looks up and says ‘you know those adds where they spray a cleaning product on a ridiculously dirty surface and wipe it once and it’s clean….. This stuff actually does that….!!!!!’ You have now officially won hubby over. Oh and all 3 of my warts are completely gone. I’ve convinced my brother to try it now too. He is going to take before and after pics tho. Which I didn’t do.’

from Tracey
‘I used my slow cooker to make potato bake I couldn’t believe how messy it made my slow cooker I sprayed it with lemon oil left it over night sprayed it again and used the green side of my scourer sponge look at the difference ‘

from Kelly
‘Hi Sal, I’ve been meaning to message you and thank you for such a wonderful product that is your Lemon Oil! It truly cleans EVERYTHING superbly! Thanks for the info sheet too, it’s a great resource showing the many uses of Lemon Oil. I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future!’

from Kerrie
‘Love the lemon oil for cleaning. Can see the finished item. Thanks again’

from Kendall
‘I am loving this lemon oil. It is amazing. I’m a little embarrassed to show this first pic but I had an operation and the house didn’t get cleaned for a few weeks so this is about three weeks of built up yuck on the bathroom sink. And with lemon oil the amazing result. I would normally have to use jiff, gumption or bleach to get rid of rust marks from my hairspray and to get the sink so white. I want to buy 1000 bottles of lemon oil so I will never be without it. ‘

from Sarah
‘I got my order this arvo and madly got to work on the bathroom! Oh my what can I say?! The mirror and shower are blindingly shiny now, and the smell is just intoxicating! Now halfway through my kitchen and so far have the same awesome results!! I used to hate cleaning now I am loving it hehe Thank you!! Xx’

from Nic
‘I would just like to thank you on such an amazing product. My shower screens have never sparkled so much especially with a child who loves to plaster soap all over it. I love it!!!! Sold for life!!’

from Emma
‘Just wanted to let you know Sal, my spray bottle made up with the multipurpose mix was sitting on my timber sideboard today after I’d been spraying some lemon oil. I noticed much later that some had leaked onto the varnished timber – I thought “oh no, it’ll have eaten away the surface!” Not so, it just wiped clean  Phew!’

from Karen
‘My puppy peed on the carpet so I soaked as much up as I could and thickly sprinkled the same mixture over the top of it. I left it over night and vacuumed the next day. There was no mark or smell. I was pretty chuffed.’

from Karen
‘Don’t judge me – Before and after! WOW Lemon Oil and a Little salt – THIS IS AMAZING! I am Stoked!!! I had intentionally left this til it was REALLLLLLY dirty to really put Lemon to the test – I am amazed! the lightly caked on stuff just wiped off with a sponge! The bits around the hotplate was a bit harder and needed a few applications and a bit of Elbow grease! NeatFreak- I’m a convert!’

from Caterina
‘I freshened all my mattresses by mixing lemon oil & bi carb soda in a jar & sprinkling all over. While I was at it, I sprinkled all the carpets as well. Went out shopping for the day came home & vacuumed it up. Everything smelt so fresh.’

from Rachel
‘Loving the smell! Sprayed my entire house yesterday for a good clean, gone through a spray bottles worth already! Thank you’

from Bianca
‘I put my lemon oil to the test today……the oven and rangehood! I sprayed the oven all over and sprayed the rangehood plus removed the whole top part of my rangehood that holds the filter. I gave these a good spray, popped them into the dishwasher adding a couple of drops of lemon oil also, all I can say is oh my gosh!!! It all looks amazing. I actually love cleaning my oven and rangehood at last :)’

from Karly
‘I just wanted to let you know about the lemon oil. You know how when you store things like spag Bol or anything like that in clear containers, it often stains and is hard to remove? Well I’ve found by rinsing and washing the container as you normally would and then add a few drops of lemon oil, some hot water, put the lid on and shake, let it sit for a while and then wash as normal, it cleans perfectly! ‘

from Mandi
‘I just wanted to share… I’ve still been using the lemon oil to clean everything.. For my shower I’ve started spraying with the lemon oil leave for 15mins and I bought one of the rubber squeeze things and use that to wipe it off.. Shower is clean and dry and gets the extra bits off to!’

from Louise
‘Sooooooooo happy with my Lemon Oil  my shower screen is sparkling ….will definitely recommend to all my friends !!!!’

from Katarina
‘I made up a bottle of spray and the bathroom sink and mirror have never looked so good! It was so easy, I normally have to scrub and scrub as it’s all old enamel… Left it for ten minutes and it just wiped clean and sparkly. So wonderful. Thanks again ‘

from Amii
‘Just thought I’d send you a before and after pic. There have been heaps of better jobs its done but I actually thought about taking before n after pics this morning. This is baked on starch from potatoes boiling over. And I mean it was baked on there. A spray of lemon oil which I left on while I did the dishes and then it simply wiped off. ‘

from Belinda
‘I just wanted to let you know I saw the post this morning about the oven clean so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s a job I’ve had on my ‘to do list’ for a while but I’ve been avoiding it because I thought it would be a nightmare. I used my lemon oil and it was easy, almost too easy! I feel like I was working myself up over the oven for nothing. I also feel so much better knowing I’m not using any terrible chemicals which always leave an odour that has me fearful of cooking in the oven until it goes away. Thank you!’

from Kristy
‘Hi. Just wanted to share my first experience using the lemon oil. This really is gold in a bottle. I sprayed lemon oil on my oven door left for approx 10mins then with a little bit if elbow grease and a few drops of pure lemon oil my oven door was clean. Thank you so much.’

from Gina
‘Can not live without my lemon oil from Neat Freak.. A cleaning product for the home & the body.. Put it in my water bottle.. In my moisturizer.. In my wash!.. U name it!!.. Heals, cuts & cracked hands, kills warts!!.. A must not run of product!!!.. It’s addictive!!’

from Debbie
‘I sprayed lemon oil through my shower, let it sit for a bit, then wiped it out with a damp microfiber cloth. It’s sparkling! I clean absolutely everything with lemon oil now. It’s just amazing! I’m in love! Lol’

from Cathy
‘Every time I clean my shower screen i have to grab someone (normally my husband) to show how freaking good the stuff is! lol ‘

from Jennifer
‘Oh I love the stuff. Oh it’s awesome stuff :)’ from Kristy ‘My husband told me the other day that I remind him of the father out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but instead of a spray bottle of windex to ‘fix everything’ I have my lemon oil lol.’

from Roma
‘I found another use for lemon oil (love this stuff). I wipe out the kids lunch boxes and then put a little lemon oil on a microfiber cloth and wipe it over the inside . No more smelly lunch boxes’

from Karen
‘Okay so I received my Lemon Oil and WOW – normal spray & wipe cleaners have always left my bamboo wood dining table / coffee table with a tackiness to them. Lemon Oil diluted in a spray left no tacky feel and cleaned if so brilliantly. I then cleaned the bathroom and was amazed when I accidentally sprayed it on the mirrors (I though oh no! The oil will make the mirror streaky) and Holy Moly !!! With a single wipe of a paper towel if SPARKLED …. The reflection was crystal clear and I didn’t even have to scrub (my dear children somehow manage to always get toothpaste on the mirror- don’t ask me how). Today I am going to do my very shiny floor tiles throughout the house and I can wait to see the result !’

from Roma
‘My car interior is sparkling clean and smelling lemon fresh. The leather looks really shiny and smells pretty :)’

from Kathleen
‘Can’t put it down-very addictive!!’

from Madonna
‘I know ive said it before but I have to say it again. Your lemon oil is absolutely amazing. I just cleaned my whole kitchen (oven, inside fridge, microwave, sinks, cupboards etc) all in an hour. I sprayed everything with lemon oil, placed cups of lemon oil and boiling water in my oven/fridge and microwave. Left if for ten minutes. Went back with my microfibre cloths (one wet/one dry) and everything practically wiped off. I only had to scrub a tiny bit to get the inside of the glass oven door clean. I actually swear by this product. Thankyou so much for selling such an amazing cleaning product thats child friendy and actually works… ‘

from Karen
‘Ok NeatFreak… a while ago you asked for some before and after photos… I am embarrassed to share this photo… but if it helps people realise just how good this stuff is… ok… I have been very slack the last month or two and today was the day to do something about it… every surface in my house has been cleaned with lemon oil diluted… including the shower screen… it isn’t easy to photograph but as you can see on the left my open shower door is disgusting… it looks like water and soap… but it is actually dry and that is dried on scum… I have only used lemon oil diluted on it… and WIPED with a micro fibre cloth… wiped NOT scrubbed… granted it was so bad that I had to leave it longer than 10 minutes… and I repeated the process 3 times… but as you can see in the picture on the right it is sparkling clean and reflects like a mirror… no scrubbing… I LOVE LEMON OIL… LOL…’

from Karen
‘Everything is sparkling :)’

from Sara
‘My son had glued his artwork to my tiles.. Your Lemon Oil dissolved the glue in no time!’

from Bethany
‘I cleaned my car windows with the lemon oil mix and it worked a treat getting the sticky residue from old rego stickers off the inside of the window!! ‘

from Bethany
‘It’s been almost a week since I wiped the basin in my bathroom with lemon oil and its STILL sparkling!’

from Tracy
‘I picked up my order yesterday and oh my goodness the tiles in the shower are so shiny, and the kitchen is looking so good, I love lemon oil….’

from Karen
‘I received my Lemon Oil this morning and I’ve just used it to clean my rather neglected shower screen. All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe how easy and effortless it was to wipe clean. I’ve used all sorts of chemical cleaning products in the past to try and get rid of the cloudiness at the bottom of the glass door but nothing ever really worked. After using Lemon Oil on them they are now clean and clear and I barely even had to put any elbow grease into it! Amazing! This stuff is gold! Now I’m off the find more stuff to clean! Thanks heaps’

from Kellie
‘Hi please post.  Young mum of two boys here! Holy shit balls what can I say about these amazing products, I am now cleaning two nights in a row, it’s unheard of in this household hahahaha! So happy with my purchase :)’

from Kellie
‘I tried the Lemon Oil on my granite bench tops and marmostone came up a treat thanks   very excited thank you’

from Louise
‘OMG wow! You have a customer for life!!!! Best stuff ever and has made my move easy as! It’s making me want to keep cleaning lol:)’

from Mel
‘Got home tonight with my “crazy cleaning” on – clove bud worked wonders on the ceiling in our bathroom and lemon oiled the rest of the bathroom and stainless appliances. Now have glass of wine in hand and enjoying the weekend ‘

from Melissa
‘I use the Lemon Oil above some lights we have on our feature wall, as every time they were turned on, the wall & ceiling above the light would fill with those tiny little bugs. I just sprayed all around the light & on the wall & ceiling (not wiping or anything) & they haven’t been seen since. Have to redo every 5-6 weeks as it wears off but it works great!’

from Annarita
‘Your Lemon Oil is amazing and each day by reading all the posts I’m discovering new and wonderful ways to clean by using the oil!!’

from Bethany – part 2
‘You should print out a warning!! LEMON OIL – VERY ADDICTIVE!! Not only did I look forward to cleaning (which, I assure you had NEVER happened) but as I walked through the house I sprayed it through the air, and it cured a cough that I have had for over two weeks!!! I’m not even kidding! I had to force a cough just to prove to myself it was gone!! I can’t believe it!! My bathroom basin, and toilet are literally sparkling!!! I sprayed some in the laundry (where the kitty litter resides) and now when I walk past all I can smell is fresh, lemony goodness! I put some in my laundry, sprayed some on my pillow, (hell, I even put a drop in my glass of coke hahaha) I am ADDICTED!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!??

from Bethany
‘I couldn’t resist, I opened it to smell it in the car and Brodie (my 2.5 year old daughter) goes “Mmm! That smells good!” I can’t help but agree!! Enjoying a coffee, then I’m gonna start cleaning!! I’ll keep you posted!’

from Greg
‘Lemon Oil is brilliant for cleaning your glasses, best thing I’ve used on them.’

from Rochelle
‘Lovin’ the lemon oil’

from Anthony
‘Totally impressed with the Lemon Oil and have been cleaning things ever since haha.’

from Kristie
‘All I have to say is WOW! What can’t you use this amazing stuff for? I’m in love. What an amazing diverse product. Thank you sooooo very much ‘

from Bianca
‘Today I dedicated my day to NeatFreak! I got as far as the kitchen and glass shower screens….oh my gosh how good is this stuff. I don’t think my kitchen or shower screen has ever looked so clean. Now to work out what to focus on tomorrow haha!!’

from Bel
‘The main reason I am running low on Lemon Oil is that I have been using it with all of my washes. The clothes come out very clean and smell amazing

from Beth
‘WARNING…….This product can cause soreness, cause once you start you cant stop, I LOVE IT!!!!! The first time I used it I was so impressed I didn’t stop for 3 days!’

from Rachael
‘Hi! I just thought I’d share this pic with you! The roses were in this water with a few sprays of lemon oil for 17 days and died at about 15 days. The water is still clear. The other flowers were 8 days old. The water had the little sachet that come with flowers, they ended up going mouldy and died within 5-6 days.. Both bunches of flowers were from Coles!’

from Peta
‘Um I don’t want to sound too out of control but you should see my shower right now!!!!! I really don’t think it has ever looked or smelt so good!! And floors and benches and stove tops and walls and cupboard doors……!!!! I am out of control! It’s amazing what you can achieve with an amazing product and little people in bed!!!!!!!’

from Peta
‘Just having a sit on the lounge enjoying my beautiful smelling lemon oil floors! This stuff is great! I love it! ‘

from Lisa
‘Highly recommend it!!! Put it this way…I used it for the first time Saturday, cleaned the shower and sink, results are amazing! Then…after being out today, I even used it on the shower again, cause I love how clean it makes it look. And great for mirrors, windows etc. Think I have the cleaning bug now!’

from Karen
‘Ok so today I tried something new…I don’t have a dish washer:( I hate washing up and I hate Drying the dishes even more… so today I washed up and once everything was in my dish rack I sprayed it with lemon oil (diluted)… I even did the inside of the glasses… left them to have a nanna nap as one does  came back later to sparkling dishes that shine like they have just come out of the… you guessed it… the dishwasher!!!  doing the happy dance….

from Mel
‘So – new dishwasher got installed today and once its washed everything in sight, I decided to give the sink a birthday since I won’t be using it much anymore – out comes the lemon oil mixture. OMG!!! This stuff is AMAZING! Got carried away and did the bench tops, stove top, oven front, cupboard doors…. Just couldn’t stop. Had used in the bathroom with fantastic results but now the kitchen sparkles. I’d send you a pic but the glint and shine ruins the shot bahahahaha. Thanks xx’

from Em
‘I just did a lemon oil wash through my front loader and all I can say is wow! not only does my washer smell awesome my whole laundry does as well.’

from Sara
‘Received my order today. Thank you; had one very excited little lady who opened the package and stated ‘oh mum is this spray bottle for me? Now I can clean too can you fill it with lemon oil quickly I know just where to start’. I could not stop laughing ‘

from Toni
‘Wow! My sister raves about your products and I came with her on Tuesday to pick up her order….. And curiosity got the better if me (as amii isn’t a fan of cleaning at the best if times, let alone be so impressed by a cleaning product) I got her to grab me lemon oil…. Far out I’m exhausted, I just had to have a go (even though I didn’t have an aluminium spray bottle yet) I mixed a small amount and basically thought I’d try it on a bench…. I ended up doing the entire bloody house! It’s AMAZING. ‘

from Haley
‘Hey Sal, just wanted to say thanks! I spent all weekend cleaning & my house looks & smells amazing I have been telling anyone & everyone how awesome lemon is!!! I absolutely love it :)’

from Rebecca
‘I have received my Lemon Oil & totally love the new fresh smell throughout my house. The multipurpose spray is also great for cleaning the kids grubby finger marks of the walls with ease. Fantastic product. Thank you!’

from Debbie
‘Well… Much to my displeasure , I actually ENJOYED using the lemon oil on my shower screen as it worked sooooo well! Spray, wait, wipe, dry… I wish I had more shower screens to clean.. Might have to head over to my parents house tomorrow.. It does make me want to clean… I didn’t believe the stories of it motivating people to clean, but damnit, it does!! Kylie, watch out for Patrick ordering this stuff in bulk so I clean more lol! Awesome products girls, definitely recommend to others!’

from Karen
‘Just thought I would share this… after a week in this vase the rose water was murky and the vase discoloured as vases do… I changed the water but DIDN’T clean the vase… I was cleaning with Lem…on Oil at the time and laughing I sprayed some on the rose and in the vase and water… and said here ya go rose… well by that afternoon the vase looked like this!! believe it or not these two roses have been in this water without rinsing or changing it for ten days… and in all I have had them for 15 days counting the days before Lemon Oil was added… I think it Mazing!!!’

from Sarah
‘My husband asked me to get him the glass cleaner so he could clean the car windows. I gave him lemon oil instead. When he finished he said ‘that’s magic!’ The windows turned out so clear and shiny.’

from Susan
‘I think I am addicted to Lemon Oil! This afternoon I have pretty much cleaned my house from top to bottom and it is looking sparkling!’

from Renee
‘Oh no I’ve run out of lemon oil!!!! I’ve always been a clean freak but since discovering lemon oil it’s taken my OCD to a whole new level as it gives me piece of mind that its safe if my kids come into contact with it & it smells so good! ‘

from Haylie
‘I used my lemon oil as a cleaning product yesterday for the first time since buying it & wow my house is still sparkling & smells so fresh from the lemon love at first use.’

from Greg
‘Sal, I found another use for lemon oil. The keys on the piano were disgusting, from certain little people’s grubby hands and somewhat older people’s grubby hands. I sprayed the keys, waited a while and wiped off. The keys came up as good as new and feel terrific.’

from Lauren
‘I really think your bottles should come with a warning label ” Warning: You will NOT be able to stop cleaning, you will then CREATE things to clean” Hahaha I haven’t stopped since I picked it up on Friday! Thank you so much for bringing Lemon Oil into my life  my house smells amazing and is absolutely sparkling! ‘

from Hayley
‘Discovered another use for my lemon oil spray. Tea stained cup. A few squirts in side, let sit for a few minutes and wash as normal. Brilliant!!’

from Anon
‘I occasionally get a cold sore around my nose, anything that irritates my nose such as wiping with tissue can irritate it & cause a sore. One started to emerge a 2 days ago, I cleaned my face entirely to remove any impurities & then dabbed a drop of lemon oil directly to the spot & have repeated the process each night. Usually the sore will spread into a horrible, ugly sore that will last a week maybe 2 but after the lemon oil use it has stayed in the one spot not spread & is rapidly drying out. For me this has had more of an affect than the over the counter cold sore creams. If anyone else suffers cold sores lemon oil is definitely worth trying.’

from Ange
‘Today we made playdoh & I added a drop of the lemon oil! Smelt lovely.’ NF Note – Lemon Oil helps Playdoh from drying out. As it is antibacterial, it will keep any nasties at bay It is non-toxic to children, pets, and the environment.

from Kristy
‘Hi. I just wanted to let you know that after buying the lemon oil off you at Adamstown markets well let’s just say it’s changed my life. I am now cleaning my home chemical free and the smell is simply divine. And to top it all off. I have removed stains on walls that have been there for years. What a wonderful product. I am convincing all of my family and friends to make the switch to lemon oil  xxxxxx’

from NeatFreak
‘I have popped a few drops of Lemon Oil in flowers and they have lasted ages without the water or the vase going mucky ‘

from Karen
‘Hey Sal, further to my last message when I was cleaning  I had 2 roses in a vase and the water had gone a bit cloudy… I emptied the water and gave the poor roses fresh water but the muck was still on the inside of the vase so Laughing I gave the roses a squirt of the diluted lemon oil and sprayed some into the water… not only are the roses still alive but the water AND the vase is crystal clear… AAAAAmazing lol’

from Karen
‘Lemon Oil= love the way when you are using it you think… not sure what the fuss is about… it’s ok but not wonderful… smells good but… then you walk out of the room…later when you walk back in the room you go… what the heck!! it’s all nice and clean!!! this stuff keeps working while your off doing something else!!! you run your hands over the surface and go… wow this is good s@&t… I sprinkled baking Soda on my sink today and then sprayed it with Lemon Oil… wiped it off and once again thought… yeah not bad but not wonderful… went in there tonight and was almost blinded by the shine!!! It’s the only household cleaner that seems to work better once you leave the room!!! You can even turn it around and spritz your face as you work … heck you can even drink it if you get thirsty! Lemon Oil= liquid gold ‘

from Janines postie
‘Hi Sally, just got my package, haven’t started to use yet as I’m working from home today but my Aussie Post delivery man just said thanks as his van has a very nice lemon smell thru it now;)’

from Hayley
‘Just wanted to let you know that NeatFreak Lemon Oil made cleaning my commercial style hose tap so easy! The base has a lot of right angles that collect grime and stainless steel coil at the top collects dust but I just sprayed on lemon oil multi purpose spray, left it for 10 minutes and then wiped over with a damp microfiber cloth. I won’t ever dread cleaning my tap again and it looks like new! Thanks P.S. then I went on to clean the outside of my fridge, microwave, kettle and slowcooker base, the wall behind my kitchen bins and the lids on my kitchen bins. Too easy!

from Kelly
‘I finally got time to try out the Lemon Oil today. I think I am in love… My shower screen has never looked so good… I can’t stop looking at it! Thanks! I was so happy with the result – I have been reading your posts about the Lemon Oil for a while now – I can’t believe it took me so long to try it. It really is amazing!’

from Tracey
‘I cleaned my little girls bead frame maze toy with my Lemon Oil mix tonight as it was disgusting. I was worried that the colour would fade or it would affect the timber beads but very happy that it didn’t. It looks as good as new again and with the help of Lemon Oil and the microfiber cloth it was an easy job, thank you Sally’

from Heidi
‘As you already know I love lemon oil for cleaning. It leaves the house smelling so fresh, but when I felt a sore throat coming and asthma I added a drop to a cup of warm water and a drop on my pillow at night and could instantly feel it sooth my throat and my asthma just love it……thanks Sal will definatly be stocking up on lemon oil some for cleaning and some for the medicine cupboard!!’

from Cathy
‘Just thought I’d let you know that I realised today our shower screen isn’t actually frosted glass! It’s just never been cleaned with Lemon Oil before!! lol Lovin’ the stuff! ‘

from Tracey
‘I cleaned my little girls bead frame maze toy with my Lemon Oil mix tonight as it was disgusting. I was worried that the colour would fade or it would affect the timber beads but very happy that it didn’t. It looks as good as new again and with the help of Lemon Oil and the microfiber cloth it was an easy job, thank you Sally’

from Denise
‘Thanks for the kitchen floor cleaning tip. It came in handy today when my 2 yr old sprayed pretty much a whole can of cooking oil spray all over the kitchen floors!!! The lemon oil, hot water & microfiber cloths cut through the oily mess. My little one wasn’t so happy that I cleaned up his slippery handiwork though’

from Jody
‘I got my lemon oil yesterday, omg I have fallen in love lol, this stuff really is amazing everything is shining  very happy thank you’

from Jo
‘Ok, so I have just received my first order in the mail from Neatfreak & I wish to make a formal compliant. I collected my order of Lemon oil , spray bottle & microfibre clothes from the post at 8.30am this morning. It is now 10.15am & I have cleaned 2 flat screen tvs, my entire kitchen bench tops cupboard fronts & stainless surfaces,& 2 entire bathrooms, complete with glass shower screens. The problem is I am go now going to be at least a minimum of 30 mins late for work, because I was unable to stop cleaning & even now as I sit here staring in amazement at this spotlessly sexy kitchen I am getting later & later, but I don’t care….I am in love. To you I would like to say “Neatfreak Lemon Oil, you had me at hello, where have u been all my life”

from Sara
‘Hi!… I received my lemon oil today, I cleaned my shower but now I’m too scared to use it because the screens are now mega transparent!… Hehehe thanks for a fantastic product!’

from Mark
‘Hey Sal, just gave the kitchen a once over with my new lemon oil sprayer….it worked a treat! The real kicker is the lemon aroma is the perfect accompaniment for my stubbie of “150 lashes – pale ale” that held my hand while I cleaned up… Genius!!’

from Tammy
‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fabulous Lemon Oil that I purchased on the weekend. It is amazing! My shower screen and bath tub have never looked better. It even removed some oily finger marks off our tables. Thank you!’

from Gina
‘Since using Lemon Oil my homes have been so much easier to maintain on a weekly or fortnightly visit.. It repels well on the glass & showers etc.. Loving it!!.. ‘

from Monique
‘Since I got my Lemon Oil I have cleaned the shower and have to say I love the lemon smell and also loving not having a house of chemical smell. My dad has asked for some lemon oil. I have also cleaned my work desk and it got all the marks of the white desk and cleaned keyboard and mouse, which all look like new again.’

from Emma
‘Just wanted to share how much I am loving your oils. I have been using Lemon Oil for cleaning, deodorising clothing (my husband is a landscaper & his hat is feral) & adding to my moisturiser at night for problem skin… It is amazing!!!   I have used the Clove Bud oil for adding to my washing when washing my bath mats, along with Lemon Oil to remove the smell & all I can say is WOW!!! I have been using Lemon, Lime & now Sweet Orange Oil for fragrance in an oil burner & the smell is incredible!!! After burning the Sweet Orange my house now smells like a tic tacs. Very very happy – thank you’

from Bec
‘Tried my Lemon Oil today and have to say the only thing I didn’t like was how small the print is on the tip sheet lol I struggle to read such small print. But loving the fresh lemon scent’

from Simone
‘Since my Lemon Oil has arrived, I have cleaned the house already! Loved the ease at which the shower screen sparkled!! Kitchen smells great too. Love it! Thank you ‘

from Melissa
‘Just thought I’d send some feedback on the Lemon Oil I bought this morning because wow! I LOVE this stuff!! Haha I put it to real good, hard work today at a home that needed a big clean up & it was amazing! Brought shine back to tiles that other cleaners couldn’t, removed stains that we had scrubbed at previously & couldn’t budge, got the whole kitchen looking like new again! Only problem I had was I couldn’t wait to finish one job to see how good it would work on the next thing so I was back & forth through the house all day lol! Don’t know where/how you came across this but well done! Very impressive! Thanks so much’

from Mandi
‘Lemon Oil needs a warning: can make cleaning addictive! And once you start you realise how dirty the house actually is! Lol!’

from NeatFreak
‘I have found spraying non stick pans before I wash them helps remove any grease and oil much easier!!!’

from Denise
‘Another reason I love the lemon oil – I have limited bench space in my kitchen, so when I cook I clean as I go. Using the lemon oil spray, I don’t need to worry about chemicals on my chopping block or counter as I continue to cook!’

from Mandi
‘I was just amazed at how easy it was, I sprayed it left it for 20mins cos it was just so grose, came back and cleaned t off like the instructions said and hey presto! I ended up cleaning the whole down stairs, the dogs, and their crates with it!! I can’t recommend lemon oil as a cleaner enough!!!’

from Annarita
‘Hello, I’ve discovered the joy of cleaning again thanks to your wonderful Lemon Oil’

from Cathy
‘Got my goodies on Monday but have just used it in the shower and WOW! What fab stuff it is! Very happy customer!’

from Alesha
‘Cleaned most of the house today with Lemon Oil including wiping over every slat of our shutters. Busy, but it looks and smells great!! I think I need another bottle to leave one in the kitchen and one in the laundry. I am burning some in an oil burner in the bathroom and it smells divine. Think I am hooked!  When are you at the Markets? Thanks’

from Sammi
‘I just washed my big smelly German Shepherd, and he was still smelly afterward. I put a couple of drops of Lemon Oil on a cloth and wiped him over and now he smells good enough to be allowed in the house!  This stuff is just good for everything!’

from Sinead
‘So my house is sparkling clean!!! and smells so lovely and fresh!! So excited cleaning is to be much easier from now on!! Thanks for the fast shipping and all your help :)’

from Nicole
‘My Lemon Oil removed some mould I had on my back room walls. I was amazed how well it worked, I even took before and after pics to show my husband haha. It’s great because usually I have to use exit mould which is full of horrible chemicals and I don’t like my little one around it so this was a fabulous alternative.’

from Margo
‘I have been too busy cleaning!!! Very happy with the Lemon Oil and I am so glad that I have caught the cleaning bug like so many of your other customers! I’m interested to see how long it lasts so for now I will just go with it. I feel like I’m nesting again because I am cleaning all of the house at once because I can’t stop. Thanks again ‘

from Salena
‘Hi Sal I am LOVING the Lemon Oil! It is brilliant thank you again!!! I love that I can spray the bathroom or wherever and leave it, knowing that it is not harmful for my kids or dogs if they get into where I am cleaning, which is what happens when you run a business from home. It is such a bonus as I am always running to answer the work phone.’

from Leanne
‘Finally have my Lemon Oil… omg now I know what everyone is raving about ! All chemicals going in the bin !!!! Love it !’

from Tammie
‘I have to admit… I’m a bit unhappy with this product. I don’t enjoy cleaning & I’ve just done my shower, which looks fantastic & now I’m compelled to clean more to see how good it cleans everything else!!!!. ‘

from Rochelle
‘Hi Sal I used the Lemon Oil and water spray on my shower. It was great! I didn’t even have to scrub. I might add I hate cleaning and not having to scrub was a nice change lol

from Shirley
‘So pleased with how long this little bottle of Lemon Oil lasts. Happy customer’

from Rebecca
‘I wanted to write and let u know that I was at first skeptical of what I could achieve with Lemon Oil but I used it on Thursday night to help with cleaning and deodorizing whilst one child had gastro and today followed your directions for cleaning my shower doors and you could have knocked me over with a feather. Both showers look like new. Thank u very much!!! ‘

from Madonna
‘Came home after school drop off to find my neat freak package on my doorstep. I was that excited to see for myself how well your lemon oil worked, I started cleaning as soon as I walked in. Its amazing how easy and well it cleans. I started with my shower and there was no scrubbing required. My shower screen looks brand new and smells awesome. Thankyou so much. ‘

from Cindy
‘I started rubbing Lemon Oil straight into my fingernails about a week and a half ago now, and OMG … They have already started getting stronger and the white part at the top is whiter as well !! For someone who has horribly weak nails and constant breaks, I am very VERY HAPPY, that I have found this use in lemon oil and feel it’s definitely working  Thanks Neatfreak :-)))))’

from Bel
‘Stoked about my Lemon Oil, I can actually see myself in my mirrors again and loving the fresh scent of lemon all through my house. I cleaned the inside of my car and its now lovely and clean. Can’t wait to have a bath on the weekend with the bath salts.’

from Jen
‘Can’t believe how amazing Lemon Oil is…My showers are sparkling my oven is the cleanest it has ever been and my house smells lovely and fresh… Lemon oil has cut my moving out clean in half loving it ‘

from Gina
‘Hey Sally.. A friend put some of my Lemon Oil on her cracked & really sore hands yesterday & this arvo at school pick up time, she showed me & asked if she could get some as she has tried everything with no success until she met the little drug called Lemon Oil… 100% good shit, lmao!!… I just smiled at her & explained that I’ve just came from my dealers house with a few bottles of good shit.. She left my house one very happy lady.. Addicted as soon as she started reading the info sheet’

from Gina
‘I need some more….omg…what can I say but love love love it!!!!’

from Rebecca
‘So glad I popped down and bought a bottle of your lemon oil, it’s done everything everyone & your leaflet said. My stainless fridge & oven look amazing, I got highlighter off the wall, my shower screen sparkles and now, a DVD that was so scratched it wouldn’t play, is now playing perfectly!!! I will have to pop down and grab another bottle very soon I think  Thank you Sally!!’

from Jennifer
‘The oils are awesome! My rug is no longer smelling like baby vomit, my windows and glass in the house is super clean and I have killed any mould and used clove bud oil to stop it returning. Plus have used cotton balls with peppermint oil in small shot glasses as air fresher!!!’

from Mandy
‘I’m in love with it. My house know smells like lemon’

from Mel
‘Hi sal just wanted to let you know I used the Lemon Oil on one of Jacks favourite dvds that was badly scratched and would freeze all the time and we would have to skip half the movie. After one clean with the lemon oil and a microfiber cloth, the movie has not frozen once.( He has watched it every day since I cleaned it lol ). I have one very happy 3 year old.’

from Nikki
‘All I can really say is WOW lol. Just used my Lemon Oil for a bit of cleaning and I’m amazed, where has it been for all these years. I will be highly recommending it to friends and family. Thankyou NeatFreak’

from Kristy
‘Very happy with my lemon oil my bathroom looks amazing!! I’ve never ever seen it so clean n for the age of my house I didn’t think id ever see it looking so good.. ‘

from Belinda
‘So today I went to wash my floor. I have polished porcelain tiles. So far nothing has been satisfactory. I have a steam mop which is ok sometimes. I have tried everything. Today I decided to try lemon oil with white vinegar. OMG not only did it clean but when I went over with a dry mop it was almost dry whereas I would normally have to go over with a towel if I use the mop. So impressed! Plus my shower screens have never looked cleaner! Will be placing another order very soon. Love your work Neat Freak!!!!!’

from Carley
‘After reading all this great feedback I thought ok for the sake of $10 I need to see what it is about….first i decided to use it as air freshener and couldn’t get enough then i thought oh i will clean the window like everyone says! I sprayed it on and rubbed it a little and thought OMG how crap it won’t dry so I walked off to get the trusty windex only to come back and see it was 100% clear ???? Sally I have been cleaning my house for the last 5 hours cause I can’t get enough of it!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!! ‘

from Kristy
‘Very happy with my Lemon Oil! My bathroom looks amazing!! I’ve never ever seen it so clean and for the age of my house I didn’t think I’d ever see it looking so good.. ‘

from Renee
‘I use Lemon Oil in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, high hair basically everywhere! But after I cooked my dog a batch of casserole I had burnt stuck on food in my pot and after soaking in dishwashing liquid and hot water then scrubbed and put through dishwasher it didn’t all come off, so I sprayed with Lemon Oil multipurpose recipe. I let sit for a few hours a light scrub with kitchen brush put through dishwasher and its like new again. Thank u’

from Tami
‘So I picked up my order today (lemon oil and microfiber cloths) Wow I don’t think my shower door has ever been so clean! To the point when I walked back in checked to make sure if was closed & not open it was so clean. Vanity mirror = wow (although now I can see more lines on my face lol) Also tried it in my hallway wall. I have 3 boys & a boxer who likes to shake his dibble over the walls (gross I know) and can be quite stubborn to get off if not done directly. Lemon Oil + microfiber cloth + dog slobber + dirty fingers = easily clean. Super stoked & will be back to your veranda market on the weekend Thank you’

from Carolyn
‘I sprayed the Lemon Oil mix on my windscreen and guess what………….? the rain beaded off beautifully today.’

from Kylie
‘Today I went to work, and the shower screen was really grotty soap scum everywhere and a good build up of it I sprayed it with my watered down lemon oil left it for 5 mins then cleaned it off woah! It was amazing it was see through again’

from Amy
‘Lemon Oil is great! Thankyou! I have used it to clean my daughters room so far, and I love it’

from Renee
‘Am in absolute love with the lemon oil. It even got little duck marks off the bottom of the bath from those non slip things. Awesome stuff. Tried everything… thanks Sal.’

from Rebecca
‘Hi just want to send you a before and after shot of my kids chest of drawers that has had marks and stains on it for years never being able to get any of it off I’m very happy with the results I wasn’t expecting any of it to come off and most of it did very happy’

from Kirsten
‘Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have converted! Lemon oil is the best! To start out with I was a bit skeptical and wasn’t a huge fan (I think because of the spray bottle situation) but I used it to clean the house the other day and its amazing. I use it on our gloss kitchen cupboards and nothing makes them shiny and streak free like lemon oil and micro fibre cloths. I still can’t get the shower screen up to scratch though. Just wondering if you know how to tell if its just dirty or if its chemically damaged like I read about? Thanks!’

from Trizzy
‘I am addicted to the smell of Lemon Oil. Haven’t come across anything yet that I cannot get clean with it. I like that it is hassle free, was always a cleaner with half a cut lemon and bi carb soda. Amazing.’

from Cindy
‘Cleaned my shower screens this morning and I have a lot of glass in the shower LOL and damn!! so clean you cant even tell there’s glass there LOV it’

from Cindy
‘I have found an awesome use for lemon oil… the overhead stove vents -took them out -sprayed with a tonne of diluted lemon oil -left to soak it up for half an hour and then all I did was wash them off with our pressure hose and BAM the oily horrible mess was gone, and hardly any hard work on my part LOVE !!!

from Tracey
‘Thank you for my micro fibre cleaning cloth, I love it…. That and my lemon oil makes cleaning Imogen’s high chair so much easier!!! I don’t hate cleaning it 3 times a day anymore’

from Scott (Kylies husband)
‘The oils smell so good. Kylie got them today. Thanks heaps for them. I think she will go wild using it every where it smells that good lol’

from Kylie
‘Hi hunni thank you I received my oils today and I’m not joking it’s the best stuff I have ever used. I got nail polish off my girls wardrobe and a little scribble patch that my son decided to do my door and I just helped a friend to get marks off her floor. She’s actually going to buy some I need to buy a big batch off you and some microfiber cloths and spray bottles. Thanks hun your stuff is amazing.’

from Katie
‘So I came home after picking up my first batch of Lemon Oil this afternoon, armed myself with my spray bottle, 2 x microfiber cloths and an open mind. What could all the fuss be about I thought….. Wow I am super impressed is an understatement! I started off in the bathroom, and with just a small amount of effort our mirror is looking cleaner than it ever has, bath glistening and shower screens clear once and for all. And it all smells just divine!! Thank you so much! I can’t believe I didn’t try lemon oil sooner. Katie xo’

from Megan
‘Omg I just had to share this… My son 12 months ago decided to be creative and draw on his mirror sliding doors with crayon. I could never get it out, I tried everything. Today when I was going through his room with my handy NeatFreak Lemon oil spray bottle with micro fibre cloth in had, I thought I would give the crayon a go. And what do you know, it CAME OFF! I hardy used much elbow grease at all!! I did put a couple of drops undulated on the cloth for the more built up crayon. It came up perfect!’

from Toni
‘I only just got around to using the Lemon Oil tonight after bleaching my shower yesterday, decided to try the oil on my shower screen (which is putrid) but didn’t read the leaflet on how to use it, just figured spray on then immediately wipe off.. I’ll admit I gave up, thought ‘meh it’s late’ and thought it didn’t work well to clean it at all…. untill……………. I read the leaflet and walked back in 20 mins later!! The spot where I used the oil is crystal clean!!! I am amazed just like everyone else lol… Thank you’

from Heidi
‘I used to be an exit mould lover but since I had my miscarriage in 2008 I became a hippie cleaner only using white vinegar and bicarbonate with my enjoy mitt. I got my lemon oil yesterday can cant believe the difference in my bathroom my shower screen looks cleaner and I love the scent’

from Cindy
‘I am in love with this product, being one who suffers skin allergies I cannot use 90% of chemical cleaners, I was so pleased to have discovered Lemon Oil through you and to now be using it. It hasn’t caused any issues with my way to sensitive skin, in fact it’s made it better  so it’s helping me as well as the house  My partner has been laughing at me for how much I am using it but certainly thankful for how clean the house is lol. I admit I was nervous because I just always react to bloody everything LOL but no word of a lie it has helped stop the dull itchiness I suffer from I feel like my hands are less red under the skin and my skin looks so much better than it did :D:D’

from Ash-Lee
‘I just wanted to let you know how much I love cleaning with my new lemon oil. It makes cleaning more fun, easier and I get better results then using chemicals normally bought from my local shops! Thank you for all your tips and ideas ‘

from Terry
‘Beautiful clean fresh smell and fantastic cleaning power. Awesome for people like me with disabilities and still wanting everything perfectly clean. So thank you greatly. ‘

from Ann
‘Love it on my shower screen :-)’

from Karly ‘Hi Sal, My cousin Rochelle sent me a message today saying she had just received her Lemon Oil and loves it’

from Rochelle
‘I received my oil today and yep, I’m a fan. The oil combined with the vinegar is the only product that doesn’t leave any streaks on my polished floors. So glad I heard about your product, thanks again Sal. x’

from Kylie
‘Customer Complaint….After using NeatFreak’s Lemon Oil to clean all the mirrors in my house I am now in the market for a bloody good Anti-wrinkle cream… Thanks a bloody lot Sal!!!!!!!’

from Leeann
‘I will definitely be getting more its amazing’

from Anon
‘I cleaned my shower screen and all the mirrors in my house today – they are SPARKLING!!) I am so in love with my pristine shower screen! It’s never looked this good! Oh, and my sparkly bathroom mirror

from Amy
‘I have already used the lemon oil to clean my oven and my venetian blinds, and it is amazing! I can’t smell a thing because of my cold, but Billy tells me the house is overpowered by lemon at the moment ;)’

from Alison
‘I was going to throw out a baking pan as I could not scrub it clean and it was a bit built up! I decided to try the Lemon Oil on it. Sprayed it diluted, left for about an hour, then scrubbed with a scourer. Amazing result!’

from Erin
‘Loving my Lemon Oil’

from Tracey
‘I have also used it in the fridge which now smells lovely and used it to clean the kitchen and Imogen’s high hair. It’s great as you get that lovely fresh smell but its not over powering’

from Tracey
‘Yay Sally…. I sprayed my multipurpose mix on Imogen sweaty sheets and chucked them in the wash… The stains are just about out!!! Yay…. So happy…. Thanks NeatFreak’

from Kylie
‘I LOVE the Lemon Oil. The smell is refreshing and since using it…I don’t know if it’s because I cant get enough of it (over cleaning) or what…I’ve had much less of a cockroach problem!!! Cheers NeatFreak!’

from Karen
‘Hey Sal… I was just out in the garden and stirred up a wasps nest and one bit me… I thought well I’m going to try this lemon oil stuff… and blow me down it stopped stinging immediately… to the point I looked at it and said… oh that’s Bull***t… then when I went back outside the wasps wouldn’t come near me even though I was bashing there nest!! Good stuff!!! lol’

from Aimee
‘I had soaked my husbands dirt covered shoes overnight in normal washing detergent. When I pulled them out of the water they absolutely stank so I soaked them in Lemon Oil for 2 hours. Absolutely no smell when I pulled them out of the water. Have also been using it as a multi purpose spray to wipe down benches and it leaves such a nice scent in the house.’

from Kristy
‘I’ve cleaned all day love the lemon scent!! ‘

from Karen
‘My son 7, thinks The Lemon Oil is the best thing. He has always liked to help but I have limited it in the past because I used multi purpose spray. Now, I have given him the spray bottle and a microfiber cloth and away he goes he does the benches, walls, table and just sprays it everywhere he even drank it when I told him it wasn’t poison thanx again’

from Sally
‘I’m going crazy with it, lol.’

from Belinda
‘I love it! It cleans so well and smells great!’

from Alana
‘We have a deck with a ceiling and down lights which were rotten filthy, Lemon Oil on the job and they came up good!’

from Lu
‘I live in a weatherboard house and the spiders love to make their homes in the cracks. I brush the outside to remove webs every weekend. Recently I have been spraying where I brush with the lemon oil mixture. They aren’t coming back. I had previously used the Shannon Lush method but found it didn’t work. Maybe not enough oil getting in the right place. Spraying and leaving certainly has made a difference. I have done all the door and window frames, hinges and handles etc….none have come back. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts. I am going to tackle the car side mirrors next.’

from Narelle
‘Fabulous! ‘

from Roma
‘Totally addicted to that stuff . I even put a little bit under the seats in my car. Smells pretty’ from Sue ‘You were right! This Lemon Oil is the best thing for cleaning the glass door for my shower. I left it a while and the soap scum wiped straight off’

from Lisa
‘Hey Sally, am loving it so far!! Have only used in oil burner as have been sooo sick this week with the flu, and I honestly think it really helped.’

from Jenny
‘I’ve been cleaning like a crazy woman lol, I’m so happy :)’

from Rachel
‘Just tried the lemon oil in the bathroom shower screen – fantastic!! ‘

from Krystal
‘I love the smell. :-D’

from Denise
‘Finally got a chance to start using the lemon oil & my new spray cans! Loving the clean, fresh smell of lemon! My little boy is newly toilet trained so I’m keeping a spray bottle of lemon oil in the toilet to keep the area clean & smelling nice, despite the many misses that are going on in there!’

from Anon
‘Just discovered another use for the Lemon Oil . I don’t know about anyone else but I’m always paranoid about a smell when I have my period especially when I’m sweating at the gym , this morning I put a small dab on the inside of my thighs and I smell great ! No sweaty smells

from Carla
‘I really love it. The Lemon Oil removed some black marks off our Kitchen Bench that we have not ever been able to get off! Plus it cleaned the oven glass so easily :)’

from Cherie
‘I use it for everything I have even been telling friends and family how great it is’

from Renee
‘I’ve cleaned my bathroom and kitchen with it so far and I love it, not normally a fan of the smell of lemon but I love the smell of this one. I gave the second bottle to a friend of mine that is also a germaphobe…’

from Kristy
‘I’m Lovin it and feeling inspired to clean. It works great in the shower and on glass. I’m also putting a drop on my pillow at night for a better sleep :)’

from Megan
‘I think I’m in love’

from Heidi
‘Hi sal, loving the lemon oil it is awesome! I am using it for everything, love the smell it leaves…..but the best part because it is so safe Ruby can help me clean which she loooves to do so she has her own spray bottle and cloth and off she goes. Will definatly order more when you have restocked. Thanks’

from Renee
‘Lemon Oil is magic! You should have seen me yesterday. I walked around the entire house with my spray bottle looking for things to clean. I looked like a hunter! Then I cleaned the shower screens and tiles and they have come up so well… and the fragrance, yum! My next pursuit is the kitchen and floors. Thanks Sal!

from Tracy
‘Love it. Put a drop in my water bottle everyday and refill it 3/4 times and can still taste it. I also use it with some vinegar to mop my shiny tile floors-thank you.’

from Emma
‘I’ve been using Lemon Oil so much my husband has started calling me a hippie!! I was putting it on the dishwasher blades (as suggested on the info sheet) and he was like “are you using that for EVERYTHING?” I said “well, yes! There are so many uses for it!” Haha ‘”

from Katie
‘I ALSO have to tell you how well the Lemon Oil cleans my stainless steel fridge!! I have previously been using the wipes specifically for cleaning stainless steel, but have found they leave streak marks and does not get all the grubby fingerprints off, well today I used the Lemon Oil mixture, sprayed the fridge, and it instantly took all the marks off my fridge, then I used paper towel to remove the excess water, and my fridge looks brand new!! So thought I had better tell you that one, as I haven’t seen any comments and wanted to let you know how well it works!! Thanks again Sal x’

from Morgan
‘Thanks so much for my delivery it is beautiful! I’m loving this Lemon Oil! It’s really amazing. I had to show my mil today and she would like to order 3x bottles!’

from Roma
‘Just cleaned my furniture with Lemon Oil . My loungeroom smells so yummy ! Now I’m going to do the bathrooms. Loving this stuff !! And my autistic son loves it too ! :-)’

from Roma
‘Just used my Lemon Oil on my kitchen floor. Love it!! I could smell it before I opened it. Very happy. Can’t wait to try it in the bathroom.’

from Katie
‘I cleaned the entire bathroom the other day, even hubby came out and commented how great it smelt lol!! And it cleans the bathroom beautifully, as well as the kitchen, removes the grease from the backsplash with one easy wipe! VERY happy customer!’

from Emma
‘Just wanted to say how nice it was to clean the bathroom today with Lemon Oil for the first time, and not get light-headed from all the chemicals! I love breathing in the Lemon aroma instead, it’s so uplifting. I was originally just going to clean the shower screen to see how it worked (brilliantly!) and got carried away and cleaned the bath and shower recess too! I was a little skeptical about how it’d work on grout, and was pleasantly surprised! And I just love how it leaves everything smelling so fresh Thanks NeatFreak!’

from Emma Part 2
‘I’m so excited that something natural works so well! Oh, I also took up the suggestion on the info sheet to add a drop or two to my glass of water – it was lovely! I love sparkling mineral water with a hint of lemon, and this is just as nice!’

From Carolyn
‘I have been using Lemon Oil for years and prefer NeatFreaks Lemon Oil than the Oil I have been using:)’

from Karly
‘I just cleaned the whole house again with Lemon Oil (I know exciting Friday night for this mummy) and it was so easy to use the one cleaning product, from bathroom, to kitchen, to furniture kids high chairs, everything! Love love Lemon Oil, and it was quite quick too, I have even kept my glade Mist toilet spray bottle, put lemon oil and water in it to use as a toilet spray, deodorises, smells nice and isn’t overpowering!’

from Alex
‘Hey sal just wanted to let you know that I received the oils and bottles and have spent the entire day “playing” with them!! My house is sparkling and smells amazing!!! so thank you!’

from Karly
‘Just cleaned my whole bathroom with my Lemon Oil in a spray bottle (well everything except the shower bottom as it needed bleach, I don’t like using bleach at all but had too, hoping if I keep on top of it now the Lemon Oil should be enough) and it was great, using one spray bottle from the toilet, to the vanity, to the bath, to the shower, on the glass and mirror and then on the floor too!! About to attack the kitchen and then do the floors too I have just done the kitchen and the furniture and the rest of the house too, I’m a big fan, makes the house smell so fresh too! I must say I have just used the Clove Bud Oil in the bedroom where we had some mould, not a fan of the smell of the Clove Bud Oil, but worked a treat too, just about to mop the whole house before we go out to try and mask the Clove Oil smell, and hopefully come home to a lovely clean (and clean smelling) house :)’

from Selena
‘I used the Lemon Oil in the oil burner and its really good you only need a couple of drops its potent stuff and I’m using it everyday. I used to use Lavender Oil all the time but Lemon Oil is my new favourite .. I’ll still use the Lavender but not as much .. Converted!  Also Lemongrass Oil is something I’ve used in the past but I like the Lemon Oil better !! Also I’ve been an exit mould girl for years but used the Aldi mould killer and your right is really good.’”

From Kathleen
‘OK I can verify for you all that the Lemon Oil is fantastic, brings up glass and shower screens like new – I kid you not – and the smell is divine.’”

from Angela
‘Hi Sal, just wanted to let you know how much I’m loving the Lemon Oil…the smell is divine and leaves a beautiful fresh scent throughout the house. So far I’ve just been using it as a multipurpose mix for general cleaning and have found it fantastic. The information sheet is a Godsend and I find it extremely useful so I’m going to laminate it and stick it to the inside of my cleaning cupboard for easy access to all the great tips:)’”

from Selena (I am really excited about this feedback as Selena is a regular Oil user:)
‘I am very happy with the Oils the Lemon is divine and the Lavender has a lovely smell I’ve not used either in my oil burner but for cleaning and air freshening very good the smell lingers which is good can always tell when I’ve been out and come home and still can smell …you have priced them to be very affordable which is great


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