Yes, I love housework…

Yes, I love housework…

Yes, I love housework… appeared first on Neatspiration

Learning to like something you hate, can be as simple as tricking yourself…

When I really think about it, I guess I enjoy housework, and everything that goes along with it, because it’s a quick visual fix. I enjoy it, and do it to please no one but myself. Definitely not my husband!!!!! as he would never notice details like clean skirting boards, or window sills. Come to think of it, I don’t think he would notice if I didn’t do the dishes for a week!!!!! That’s why I love him!!!

So in saying that, it makes me happy because it’s my thing. I feel happy doing the housework, because I want to do it. No one is nagging me, because no one notices the mess but me…lol

In saying that… I don’t love doing all the housework;) I used to really really really hate doing the dishes. (I have never had a kitchen big enough for a dishwasher…and yes, if you have one…I am envious!!! lol.)

I now, only dislike doing the dishes.

How I came to this epiphany, was to trick myself.

I thought about life in general, and thought of all the reasons I didn’t like, or struggled with something. Most of the reasons came back to either having no interest in it at all, or feeling the task was hard, and therefore, I was no good at it, which resulted in me flipping back to having no interest in the task, and therefore hating it.

So it got me thinking, why do I really really really hate doing the dishes??? It’s not that it is hard, so cross that one off. Total lack of interest!!!! That’s it!!!!! Because it is never ending!!!!! There always seems to be at least one thing there, staring at me, dirty and messy and almost daring me to wash it. But don’t worry, I don’t do dares, so I would leave the offending item there till a more substantial amount of its dirty and messy friends came to hang out. Then, and only then, would I consider tackling the task.

So as this problem cannot be solved without a dishwasher, I am stuck with it.

I had a choice. To be miserable, or to change my tune. So I chose the latter.

So I looked at myself, and thought of all the things in my life, that I have disliked and thought how I overcame it. My inner self has only one remedy…its simple, its sneaky, and it works for me…

I trick myself.

The more I told myself I hated something, the more I actually did hate that thing. So I tried the oldest trick in the book on myself…I pretended I liked it.

To learn to like doing something you dislike, takes inner motivation and positivity. These are skills. No one is born a super positive person. You need to work daily on it. And eventually, if you focus on something long enough, it just becomes you:)

So if you hate doing the dishes, tackle them first, stand back, smile, and know that you got the upper hand!!!!!! No dirty messy dish is going to get the better of me!!!!

So that’s how I pretend to love something, that was once a downer on my day. The dishes and I are definitely not BFF’s, but we are getting there:)

Have Fun and Inspire your inner Neat!!
sal xx

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