Why should I use a Wool Wash for my Winter Woolies?

Why should I use a Wool Wash for my Winter Woolies?

Wool is great at keeping you warm, but it's not so easy to clean...

You're probably perfectly aware that wool comes from sheep, but you may not realise what it means to have a jumper essentially made of protein. The "shrinkage" that happens when you wash wool is something most people know about, but it isn't really shrinking at all. It's the fibres clinging together so tightly the wool appears to have shrunken down.

The other big issue with washing your woolies, is your normal laundry detergent. 

Why should I use a Wool Wash?

Modern laundry detergents have enzymes that are specifically designed to break down other biological molecules. These enzymes awesomely remove stains, but they also break down the molecules in your wool. So, if you have to wash your wool items, do it in cold water with no agitation and detergent designed for use with wool.

How do I wash Woolen items with Wool Wash?

🐑Wash darks and lights separately. It can be particularly difficult to remove colour run from natural fibre fabrics.

🐑Turn the garment inside out before you wash it. This will prolong the good condition of your garment.

🐑Soak the garment in cold water before you put it in the machine. This will minimize the likelihood of agitation causing shrinkage in the machine.

🐑Follow the Wool Wash Instructions on dosage.

🐑Always use a cold water cycle. Even warm water will cause wool to shrink.

🐑Minimize agitation in the machine by using a ‘wool’ cycle. If your machine does not have one, use the ‘delicate’ or ‘hand wash’ feature. Agitation makes natural fibres to shrink and felt.

🐑Lay the jumper on a clean dry towel and place a second towel on top. Roll the towels up to squeeze out excess water. Unroll the towels and adjust the shape of the sweater to make sure it is evenly stretched. Leave in a flat position to dry.

🐑Never tumble dry. The heat from the machine will shrink your garment, no matter how careful you’ve been at washing it.

When should I wash my Woolen items?

🐑Wash wool less frequently. As it is a natural, self-regulating fibre, wool does not actually need to be cleaned as frequently as other clothes.

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