Who is Neatspiration?

Who is Neatspiration?

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Me!!! sal – aka Sally Mortimer.


Neatspiration is all about Loving your Home and Inspiring your Inner Neat!


Neatspiration is all about finding EASY to use household items and cleaning products that will NOT harm your surfaces over the long term!


My earliest memories and influencers of becoming a NeatFreak, were from my Nana and my Uncle Steve. My Mum is not a NeatFreak…lol

My Nana is the most wonderful woman, and my Pop was the kindest man. They were the best Grandparents ever!!!! I only have memories of love and fun, and the effortless way their home was always immaculate. It always felt special being in their home, and it was not till I was a lot older that I could appreciate the effort Nana put in while also making it seem effortless. We were never made to be tidy, and I guess Nana fixed the aftermath after we left…which would have been never ending…considering we were there nearly every day!! She was a real NeatFreak.

I grew up around the corner from my cousins, and spent lots of time there. Their home was always immaculate as well – I guess Uncle Steve got that from Nana. I loved my cousins bedrooms, and every time I got home from playing, I would run straight to my room, and have a massive clean, purge and re-design. It would take me sometimes hours as I was a messy kid. My Mum was not a NeatFreak, and would love it when I got on a mission!!! When I was done I would call her into my room for the big reveal! I just loved it and got the biggest buzz ever!!

As I got older, when I was in my early teens…back in the very early 90’s…lol…my Mum and I would look at Display Homes…for fun! Anyway, as I walked through the perfectly staged rooms, I would dream about living in those beautifully amazing homes, pick out my bedroom, and imagine the life I would have living there…

When we got home, I would run straight to my room. It was like I was taken over by some inner NeatFreak…I would clean, clean and clean. Organise. Declutter. Rearrange my bedroom ‘teen suite’ lol and finally step back to happily admire my work. Note. A few scratches and a hole in the wall were collateral damage along the way…

I since then, have kept dreaming. I love nothing more than a good design show and pouring over magazines, imaging the perfect renovation I would complete…one day…

I have yet to complete this perfect dream…but hey…I can dream… can’t I?


Dean and I bought our first home in 2002. He actually bought it when I was at work!!! I hated it!!! I told him it was the ugliest house I had ever seen! Dean, my Dad, Jimmy our Puppy baby and I renovated it, and after 10 years of living there I loved the little place.

I was so house proud, and would spend a few hours after work each night cleaning and a whole day on the weekend!! But I loved it!!!

I always dreamed of making my own cleaning products…but life got in the way…


Matthew came along! Matthew is an IVF baby 6 years in the making…and I decided not to go back to work, as I didn’t want to miss a second of this!! I had already decided he would go to preschool one day a week, and somehow…this is when NeatFreak began…

I was chatting to one of my friends. She had a little boy a few months younger than Matthew and had to go back to work full time and was really struggling with the housework. I said I would give her a hand one day…and well…afterwards…she wanted me to do it all the time!!!! She told her friends…and before I knew it I was booked out with regular cleaning gigs!!!

So I started my facebook page…mainly for them as a bit of fun.

I was totally freaked out, as I had never done this before. Cleaning your own home is one thing…but someone else’s was totally different!!

I didn’t want to stuff up anything…so my research mission began, on the best way to clean your shower glass without ruining it. So I researched and researched…

After nearly a year of cleaning and researching…

I found something I had not heard of before…Lemon Oil…

I had no idea what it was…so I just used Lemon Juice, and OMG I loved it!!!!

As my page grew, people began asking questions which I would post and myself and other NeatFreaks shared our ideas and answers. A fellow NeatFreak Carolyn, kept saying Lemon Oil for every question, and I was like ok, I am going to check out this stuff again…

So I got to know Carolyn, and picked her brain. She said she uses it all the time, and taught me lots about Lemon Oil, and I am so thankful to her for sharing her tips with me.

I then began researching Lemon Oil and was amazed by what it could do, so I lashed out and bought a bottle, and have never looked back.

I thought…hey, maybe other NeatFreaks might like to try this, and bought a few bottles and sold out!!!!

I made my Lemon Oil affordable as I wanted everyone to be able to try it!


I have tried to make Neatspiration a community where everyone’s opinions really matter and are heard. I always say, ‘There would be no Neatspiration without YOU’. I believe in showcasing loyalty, and created a page on my website where I post every single bit of feedback I receive and also post it to Facebook. I want people to know I care, and genuinely share in their excitement. I want people to know I appreciate the time they took to let me know what they think – and Neatspiration is now built around this entire philosophy. I don’t think you could receive a greater gift, than the gift of time from people, and I am so thankful for that gift. I am still amazed people have taken a punt on Neatspiration ! And I believe in always giving more than you get.


To you! For engaging with the Neatspiration  page, for liking posts, and commenting, for asking questions and answering them, for sending in cool ideas and funnies for me to share, for telling friends about Neatspiration , for talking to people about Neatspiration , and to those who have taken a punt on my products a BIG Thank You to you too, for giving me a chance, and to all of you who have sent me feedback and have let me share that feedback!

I have said a million times before, Neatspiration would not be Neatspiration without YOU!!!

I have learnt so so so much from you all, and I know lots of other people have too!!

Have a great day and I really appreciate you all!

xo Sal



That moment when this is the best pic of yourself you have…lol lol lol!!!

Love your home and Inspire your Inner Neat!!
sal xx

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