Vignette,  vignette,  vignette…

Vignette, vignette, vignette…

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I love the word vignette.

I don’t think I have actually ever used the word…but I love it nevertheless:) Vignette is just interior design speak for a carefully placed grouping of trinkets or ornaments.

I must say, I am not big on trinkets. I think if was to count all the trinkets in my entire house, there would be …hang on, I will go count now…seven. Only seven trinkets!!! I much prefer pictures and art…but that is another blog coming soon:)

I also have a china cabinet, that Dean ‘made’ in year 12. Note. Woodwork Teacher made…lol,  that houses all my treasures, but as for visible trinkets, well it’s seven, not including bedrooms.

I have a thing against trinkets, I guess. They are dusty, and take too much time to move to clean. But in saying that, trinkets can look beautiful.

There is a secret rule. It is called, according to me anyway…lol…the ‘rule of odds’.

When displaying trinkets, cluster them in groups of either one, three, five etc. Seven could be bordering on too many, but odd numbers give the perfect result.

A few other vignette basics, in accompaniment to the RULE OF ODDS, will have your home looking like a magazine:)

1. Don’t spread trinkets out in a neat line. Cluster objects together using height and depth:)
2. Match colours and limit how many colours you use at one time
3. Less is more

If your trinkets are taking over your home, and you cannot bear to part with them, why not put away some of those items you’ve had sitting in the same spot for a long time and replace them with treasures you’ve had tucked away. It’s a fun way to redecorate when the budget is tight or storage space is at a premium.

Have Fun and Inspire your Inner Neat!!
sal xx

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