Universal Stone: The Stone That Foams

Universal Stone: The Stone That Foams

An eco-friendly, biodegradable, multi-purpose, cleaning and polishing stone.

We’re all about eco-friendly cleaning products, cleaning doesn’t have to cost the earth! What we love even more, is when a product is biodegradable, the Universal Stone has been proven to be safe for everyone, including the chemically sensitive and biodegrades in 14 days (research and tests conducted by The Allergy and Asthma Research centre in Finland). The ingredients are all natural, meaning it can breakdown at the end of its life and return to the earth, rather than be dumped in landfill- how awesome is that?!

Universal Stone is made from 6 natural ingredients:  Soapflakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, polishing clay earth, and lemon essential oil. There are no genetic modifications within the product or its ingredients, the ingredients are all pure. That’s what we like to hear. It’s safe around kids, pets, and those suffering from allergies and asthma.

There are a lot of opportunities to “go green” when it comes to cleaning products and materials. Many are loaded with harsh chemicals such as bleach, antibacterial soap, and all-purpose cleaner. These chemicals are bad for the environment and can also be harmful to the people in the home, most are toxic or can cause illnesses. When choosing cleaning products, there are a lot of great, sustainable, eco-friendly options for cleaners. These products can make your home clean, without getting rid of the good bacteria that helps with your family’s immunity!

 universal stone


Wet the sponge thoroughly with water.


Wipe damp sponge across the Stone a few times to pick up a modest amount of cleanser.


Gently squeeze the sponge in your hand to make the cleanser foamy. The foamier, the better.


Clean your surfaces gently with the foamy sponge.


Rinse or wipe your cleaned surface with a damp or dry cloth.

 The Universal Stone will help you to avoid wastefulness. Eco-friendly products are both good for the environment and safe for consumers.

By using eco-friendly products, each person is contributing to the safety and preservation of the resources provided from the planet, such as metals, plastics, and even water. If more people use eco-friendly products, the cost of other products will go down, and it would benefit all inhabitants, human and animal.


This non-abrasive cleaner, cleans, polishes and preserves all surfaces in one step!

METALS – stainless steel, aluminium, tin, chrome, copper, brass, silver, gold, titanium, trophies and more

JEWELLERY – all excluding Amber

FLOORS – hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, bamboo, assorted tiles

WOOD – all sealed wooden surfaces and painted wooden surfaces

BENCHTOPS – Stone, marble, granite, laminate and more

APPLIANCES – fridges, stoves, ovens, hoods, fans, toasters, kettles, etc.

STOVE TOPS – glass, ceramic, electric and gas

COOKWARE – pots, frying pans, casseroles, Dutch ovens, lids, etc.

BAKEWARE – cookie sheets, cake molds

GLASSWARE – including fine crystal

HOMEWARES- Ceramics, DVD’s, fireplace glass and surrounds

KITCHEN – sinks, faucets, dish drainers, cabinets, back splashes, tea and coffee stains, grease

BATHROOM – toilets, tubs, porcelain, shower stalls & doors, tiles, grout, sinks, faucets & fixtures, and even removes lime and hard water deposits, mould


WINDOW COVERINGS – Plastic, sealed wood and fabric blinds

GLASS & CRYSTAL – vases, chandeliers, glasses, eye glases


HOME EXTERIOR – eaves troughs, vinyl & aluminum siding, brass knockers & numbers, mailboxes, light fixtures, windows/frames and more

INDOOR and OUTDOOR FURNITURE, including vinyl and other material seat cushions


AUTOMOTIVE: Trucks, cars, motorcycles and ATV’s, exhaust stains, including vehicle interiors and windows

RECREATION ACCESSORIES: Boats (even safely removes algae), boat covers, watercraft, skis, boogie boards, goalie pads … fibreglass

TRAILERS & RV’s – aluminum exterior & other surfaces

SPORTS SHOES – removes dirt & scuff marks from leather, synthetic, and other material surfaces

GOLF ACCESSORIES – clubs, shoes, bags

VINYL/PVC vertical, horizontal & roller blinds

TOYS – completely safe around children & babies

HARD TO REMOVE MARKS – Permanent marker, crayon, grease, rust stains, oil stains, scuff marks


GENERAL CLEANING - Wipe a damp sponge across the stone a few times. Squeeze the sponge to make foam. Then use the foamy sponge to clean everything that should be clean and shiny again. Rinse under running water or polish with a damp cloth. What a shine!

TOUGHER JOBS - For tougher jobs the e-cloth non-scratch scouring cloth is the perfect companion. And you can even use any e-cloth instead of the Universal Stone Sponge. Just wet and ring out the e-cloth non-scratch scouring cloth and use the non-scratch scouring side to rub over the stone and then clean. Rinse under running water or polish with a damp cloth. Finishing off with the e-cloth polishing cloth leaves an amazing shine!!

REALLY TOUGH JOBS - For tougher jobs, like burnt on or baked on messes on pots and pans, gently wet some steel wool, rub over the stone. You will find not much comes off on the steel wool, and that is ok, if any water residue gathers in the universal stone container, tip that into the item you are cleaning and you will have more than enough universal stone cleaning power! Only a gentle wipe with the steel wool and Universal Stone is all you need.  Rinse under running water or polish with a damp cloth. Finishing off with the e-cloth polishing cloth leaves an amazing shine!!

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