Top to Bottom Thorough Clean

Top to Bottom Thorough Clean

Top to Bottom Thorough Clean appeared first on Neatspiration

Yesterday, I went to the toilet. Now I know that in itself is nothing special, and definitely something I do not need to share. BUT on this occasion I do…I thought all would be ok, as Matthew was in his chair having a bottle. I then, hear giggling, followed by Jimmy barking. I quickly ran out to find Jimmy looking rather guilty, a sorry Mum I really tried to stop him look. My eyes quickly scan to see the inevitable damage…milk droplets all over my floor rug, and all over the floor, and I mean ALL OVER THE FLOOR…

Matthew enjoyed helping me clean the mess as much as he did making it, but a thorough clean was in order when he had a nap…

Nap time came soon enough, and as I had been mentally planning the big clean, I had also been mentally planning a few changes to the back room.

I have a big love of floating furniture, and have my desk backing onto the back of my lounge. It was one of the best changes I ever made as it visually hid my desk, but at the same time, one of my worst moves, as adventure baby thinks it is hilarious to scale over the lounge, and onto my desk. So with a milky floor, and this in mind, I moved the desk.

The big move was on!! And…I was just so happy!!!! I know this sounds weird, but I love nothing more than moving around furniture and a thorough clean. So I thought I would share my ‘Top to Bottom Thorough Clean’

I like to think of it as a top to bottom, as I actually clean top to bottom…When I am doing a BIG clean, I do small areas and then move onto another area, as opposed to doing the whole room at once. I like to do small areas at a time, when mopping is involved, as it allows the floor to dry where you were working, while you are working somewhere else:)

So here is the ‘Top to Bottom Thorough Clean’…

1) Move all furniture out from the wall
2) Vacuum the floor, and ceilings for cobwebs – Some people would find this very controversial, as most people dust first, as some dust falls onto the floor…well…when dusting. But I always like to Vac first, as when you are cleaning, it is inevitable that some water will fall on the floor, and then the vacuum just spreads the dust instead of vacuuming it up
3) Dust Architraves and door frames (including the top)
4) Dust all Art and hanging pictures
5) Clean blinds
6) Clean Windows
7) Clean Window sills
8) Dust all furniture and nick nacks
9) Dust skirting boards
8) Vacuum AGAIN – This fixes any dust that falls on the ground whilst dusting
9) Mop
10) Move back all furniture, and then move onto next section:)
11) Once all furniture is back in place, I vac and mop again:)

Oh, and I am just about to clean my floor rug…again…see here

Have FUN! Love your Home and Inspire your Inner Neat!
sal xx

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