The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness appeared first on Neatspiration

I was asked the other day what is happiness…

Happiness to me…is a bubbling feeling that makes your insides swell and your mouth laugh.

Happiness is a skill. You need to work on it every day.

Each day, wake up and say to yourself – what a GREAT day! Smile! Even if you don’t feel like it. Say good morning to EVERYONE.  Stop and look. Enjoy what you didn’t think was enjoyable…

Every night when Dean and I put Matthew to bed, we recap the day, talking about all the amazing things that happened, and I always say every single night how lucky we are:)

If there is something bothering you, that you have control over, and can change – then change it!
If something is bothering you that is totally out of your control. Stop. Realise the situation – and say ‘arrr well’.

If something is out of your control – don’t let it control you:)

Luck and happiness are a state of mind. Happiness will happen to you, if you let it. It is not a thing. It is a feeling.

So that’s the secret to happiness:)

NOTE – By all means I do not mean people who are afflicted with a physical ailment or Mental Health issues. Please please please consult your Dr if you think you could be suffering from a physical ailment, anxiety or depression.

Have a great day and Inspire your Inner Neat!
sal xx

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