The Secret Life of a Design Show Addict

The Secret Life of a Design Show Addict

The Secret Life of a Design Show Addict appeared first on Neatspiration

I love Design Shows.

What happens, when one becomes a design show addict, is that they actually think they are designers themselves…lol.

It is definitely addictive, consuming and all encompassing… and the dream of ‘the one day’ renovation is a constant in the mind of this type of addict.

The Design Show addict…aka me…study every minute detail in each Design Show ‘Reveal’, and OMG so help anyone that wants to change the channel at reveal time!!!

So I have compiled, from my very extensive viewing experience…lol… a Top Eight:)

1) FOCAL POINT – Each room needs a focal point. This is the thing you see when you first enter the room. Ideally this is not a TV
2) PROPORTION – The furniture size really needs to reflect the size of the room. If the furniture is too big in a small room, it makes it feel cramped, cluttered and overwhelming
3) SCALE – This is in regards to placement of Art. The piece should ideally be 2/3 the size of the furniture piece below it:)
4) LAYOUT – This is the configuration of the room. U shaped furniture placement is the most appealing on the eye, and is the most guest friendly
5) HEIGHT – This is a major impact attracter. If everything is at the same height, you feel pretty blah…but if you use height, you can build up to a focal point, creating the illusion of a larger room by utilizing the height as well as the square metreage
6) FLOW – This is especially important for open plan living. As an example, it makes sense to go Kitchen, Dining, Lounge
7) WALKSPACE – Always leave a walk way, no matter how small the space is, if you leave a clear walkway, the space will also appear larger
8) THE BIGGEST TRICK – Is to know the rules and know when to break them…to make your space work:) Some new rule breakers are forgoing area rugs, and one oversized piece of furniture in a small room – rather than a few small pieces.

Have Fun and Inspire your Inner Neat!
sal xx


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