The mop that changed my life!

The mop that changed my life!

The mop that changed my life! appeared first on Neatspiration

For years now…I have dreaded mopping.

Not because I disliked mopping…but I was getting increasingly grossed out by the thought of swilling around filthy water all over my floors.

No matter how many times you clean the mop head and change the water as you go…the filth factor is still there…so I set out on a mission.

I experimented using two buckets and still filth…lol then I got a tip from a fellow NeatFreak, Kylie and I ran straight out and got this mop and it has honestly changed my life AND Matthew can even do it!!

All you do is fill the chamber with water a big splash of vinegar and about 10 drops of any Neatspiration Cleaning Oil and away you go!! Squeeze the trigger, mop and when the pad gets dirty change it I have 3 pads.

You can get them from Bunnings and it is called the sabco spray mop.

Love your home and Inspire your Inner Neat!
xo sal

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