The Holy Grail of Dog Hair Removal…

The Holy Grail of Dog Hair Removal…

Unless you have had a wet, sandy dog in your car, you cannot possibly imagine how the hair embeds itself into the upholstery!!!

Over the years I have tried everything. Professional car detailers, car wash vacuums, sticky tape, pet brushes, roller brushes, rubber gloves, the list goes on…and even my beloved Dyson was not up to the job…

So…as it was impossible to remove…I gave up…until…

I found the secret to completely removing Pet Hair from car upholstery!

I must admit, I was a little skeptical but, The CarPET is absolutely amazing!!!

Just gently rub, and the hair is magically lifted and goes into a pile that you can then vacuum!


You can get yours here


Have Fun!!
xox sal


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