The Floor Rug Experiment

The Floor Rug Experiment

The Floor Rug Experiment appeared first on Neatspiration

This is my Floor Rug:) I love it:) When it is CLEAN… it is bright and fresh…’when’, being the operative word…lol

My Floor Rug cops a hiding. I have Dean (a messy husband), Jimmy, (an absolutely perfect 11 year old Staffy/Lab puppy baby) and Matthew (a crumb dropping, milk spilling, muddy footed toddler…)

Needless to say, I am CONSTANTLY cleaning this Floor Rug!! As I previously said, I love it, but it does not always love me back. It shows all dirt, in all its glory. The creamy white parts almost hightlight the dirt and ask more dirt to join in on the fun. But, my Floor Rugs ability to highlight its dirt, is ironically, one of the things I also LOVE about it. It is what it is. No pretence. No dirt hiding colour.

So because of all this, I have to clean this Floor Rug very regularlly.

I have experimented with a fair few methods, and these are my top 4. The first 3 all produced similar results.


STEP 1 – Spray entire surface with ‘Long Life Carpet Cleaner’
STEP 2 – Wait about 10 minutes
STEP 3 – Use a damp microfiber cloth, and rub all over the surface. You need to use a bit of elbow strength…lol
STEP 4 – Periodically rince the microfiber cloth, and keep scrubbing
STEP 5 – Once done, rince the microfiber cloth in water, and rewipe over entire surface
STEP 6 – By now your surface may be a fair bit wet, but thats ok
STEP 7 – Put out in the sun to dry:)
STEP 8 – Once dry, vacuum
STEP 9 – DONE!!!!


STEP 1 – Grab a bowl with hot water, a synthetic scrubbing brush, a microfiber cloth and a cake of cheap soap
STEP 2 – Dip the brush in the water, rub the soap on the brush, dip and rub again, so the brush has a visible amount of soap on it
STEP 3 – The hard work begins!!! Start scrubbing. Do little bits at a time, and work your way over the entire rug, continually dipping and rubbing the brush with the soap
STEP 4 – With clean hot water, dip in and wring out the microfiber cloth, and rub over entire rug
STEP 5 – If you have a steam mop, steam mop rug, if not just miss this step, and repeat step 4
STEP 6 – Grab a white towel, and rub all over rug. Even though you have spent over an hour scrubbing, the white towel will still have dirt on it!!!!
STEP 7 – So now the rug is clean, put out in the sun to dry
STEP 8 – Once dry, vacuum
STEP 9 – DONE!!! And I can guarantee an AMAZING result!!!! N.B You will go through 3/4 of a cake of soap for an average sized rug


STEP 1 – Use a spray botttle and spray entire rug with cold water
STEP 2 – Sprinkle a thick covering of Bi-Carb over entire rug
STEP 3 – Spray entire rug with 100% White Vinegar
STEP 4 – Grab a synthetic scrubbing brush and scrub entire rug
STEP 5 – So now the rug is clean, put out in the sun to dry
STEP 6 – Once dry, vacuum
STEP 7 – DONE!!!

And the winner is…


THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! You may think this is CRAZY!!! But is worked amazingly!!! It only took about 15 minutes as opposed to up to two hours. It bought up the pile, so it looks brand new and it is perfectly clean!!!!!! PLUS…I didn’t even do it!!!! Hubby Dean loves using his Ghurney, and did it for me!!!!!

STEP 1 – Take your Floor Rug outside and hang over something like a fence
STEP 2 – Use a Ghurney (Pressure Water Cleaner) and slowly and carefully, making sure you pressure clean the entire Floor Rug, GHURNEY it!!!!!!!! lol lol
STEP 3 – Leave out in the sun to dry
STEP 4 – Periodically, ring by hand, the bottom of the rug, to help the excess water out
STEP 5 – Leave out in the sun to dry. This make take a few days to dry depending on the weather.
STEP 6 – DONE!!!!!

Love your Home and Inspire your Inner Neat!

sal xx

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