The Dumping Ground

The Dumping Ground

The Dumping Ground appeared first on Neatspiration

When you get home, usually at the end of a big, long, tiring day, your busting to go to the toilet (well…I always am…lol), and your arms are laden with items from the car that need to come inside. Sometimes multiple trips are even required!! Well…not if I can possibly avoid it!!

You walk/waddle/struggle inside, with sore fingers from carrying too many heavy plastic shopping bags, to minimise the trips….and well, dump the stuff. The groceries tends to get plonked from the door to the kitchen, and everything else scattered in between. As you enter the house for the last time, arms weary, with plastic bag indentations on your fingers, you dump that last armful, look around…and…OMG what happened ???!!!!!!

Eventually, the groceries find their way to their designated positions in the fridge, freezer and pantry, more out of necessity as than want. You then look around, and the rest of the stuff, keys, handbag, toys, nappy bag, rubbish etc, is a scattered mess.

Sigh…deep breath, and when time permits you start gathering the stuff.

I got sick of stuff everywhere, and decided I wanted a dumping ground. I know it sounds crazy, but one dumping ground, seemed a whole lot better than scattered mess everywhere. So my plan hatched.

I now have a designated shelf, for each member of the family in a storage cupboard just off the kitchen.

It is all confined to the one spot.

Sure, Deans shelf looks like an episode from hoarders…but the rest of the place is ahhhhh…tidy:) well…sort of…sometimes??? lol

When I get to tackling my dumping ground…all I have to do, is a ‘pickup’ on all the dumped items.

My dumping ground is still packed to the max at the moment, just waiting for me. I chose to practice jumping with my little boy Matthew instead. He was very impressed with how high I could jump!!! Fun was more important and hey, the dumping ground is not going anywhere, but he was…to bed…and like I said, the stuff can wait…especially when I can shut the door

Have Fun and Inspire your Inner Neat!!
sal xx

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