The case of the missing Donation Bags…

The case of the missing Donation Bags…

The case of the missing Donation Bags… appeared first on Neatspiration

I love all things de-cluttering and organising. And especially love nothing more than a good wardrobe purge!

Matthew had just grown out of some clothes, and I had also just bought him some new ones…and before I could put them all away I needed a purge!

I carefully folded all the clothes I was going to donate to charity, and placed then in a green bag, and then a garbage bag over the top to protect them when I squeezed them in the donation bin.

And when I was done, I popped them on the floor in the dining room ready for tomorrows drop off…and said to Dean. ‘Please don’t touch this bag – I am going to donate it.’ I am sure, positive, yes positive he heard me as he nodded and said ‘mmrrrmh’.

So a few days pass, and I forgot about the donation bag…

I searched everywhere!

Then it hit me! OMG I think Dean threw them out!!!!

So I asked Dean if he had seen it…no, he had not seen it…I said…you know, the bag I put there…that I asked you to leave…that I said were clothes to go to charity…

Well…they are in the bin, which is now at the tip!!!!

And get this!!! Dean said…’Sometimes I don’t listen to you…’

Really??? lol lol

So on my way out later that day, I said ‘Dean, I am going to say something very important. Please don’t put the garbage in the wizzy’…and guess what…yep…he did!!! lol lol

Mind you…the actual garbage is again overflowing and needs to be emptied…I just might try this trick again today lol

So…I dare you to have a purge!!! And please, donate it before the garbage man comes…

Have Fun and Inspire your Inner Neat!
xo sal


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