The biggest “Shark Tank” success story: Scrub Daddy

The biggest “Shark Tank” success story: Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy

Specialised for Dishwashing

Scrub Daddy is a round ergonomic sponge developed to aid in dishwashing. With unique foam qualities, the sponge changes density in different water temperatures making it versatile and practical. Scrub Daddy comes in a range of colours. We are proud to  be stocking America’s favourite sponge.



The biggest “Shark Tank” success story, is available for order from Neatspiration!

  • Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture® changes texture based on your water temperature; firm in cold water for tough scrubbing, soft in warm water for light cleaning
  • He rinses free of debris, resists odors, and cleans well with water alone
  • Scratch free from non-stick to stainless steel and even car exterior paint
  • His eyes hold onto your fingers and mouth cleans both sides of utensils
  • Sanitize Scrub Daddy on the top rack of your dishwasher or in the microwave


Aaron’s story

Aaron Krause began his journey with foam as a car washer. His first design was an improved foam buffing pad that protected car paint from serious cleaning. After years of selling buffing pads to car garages and detailing shops, Aaron developed an ergonomic sponge ideal for cleaning hands covered in engine grease and grime. It didn’t take off and Aaron held onto the design in the background.

It wasn’t until 2011 that Scrub Daddy’s calling was unintentionally discovered. Realizing its temperature changing properties were ideal for dishwashing, the hand sponge took the form of a household scrubbing tool. A smiling mouth was added for cleaning utensils and a patent for the new design was applied for. Thus began the reincarnation of the smiling yellow scrubber.

After Scrub Daddy gained some momentum and on-air time, Aaron applied to the popular TV show Shark Tank. Scrub Daddy premiered on the season four, episode seven, Shark Tank airing on October 25, 2012. His product and vision caught the attention of celebrity shark, and prolific inventor Lori Greiner, who successfully secured the winning deal. Scrub Daddy became an instant hit, sparking an immediate flood of sales. Scrub Daddy has travelled internationally to be available in Australia right here at Neatspiration.

 Scrub Daddy’s variety of uses!

  • Household
    • Cabinets
    • Hardware
    • Floors
    • Wall
    • Baseboards
  • Kitchen
    • Dishes
    • Fridge
    • Produce
    • Counters
    • Cutting Boards
  • Outdoor
    • Lawn Furniture
    • Swing sets
    • Fences
    • Deck Railings
  • Bathroom
    • Shower
    • Sink
    • Toilet
    • Fixtures
    • Cabinets


From Car Garage to Kitchen

The Scrub Daddy product was a slow burning creation and has reached a successful climax. “Two and a half years since Krause’s ‘Shark Tank’ pitch premiered, Scrub Daddy has sold more than 10 million units and made over $US50 million in sales” (RICHARD FELONI Business Insider Australia). For ease of use and cleaning confidence, choose Scrub Daddy!

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