The best way to clean your Microsuede Lounge!!

The best way to clean your Microsuede Lounge!!

The best way to clean your Microsuede Lounge!! appeared first on Neatspiration

When Dean and I bought our first home, we also made out first big ticket furniture item purchase. It was a Microsuede Lounge, and we loved it!!!

It was super comfy and always looked neat as it didn’t have back cushions – and worth every cent!

I loved that lounge so much…I sat on the floor so I didn’t get it dirty…Yes. I am nuts!!!! But it really meant that much to me!!

Over the years I experimented with LOTS of products to keep it clean and finally found the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to clean it.

The secret product was just plain old straight metho!

Note: Don’t spot clean or you will get a ring…do an entire cushion for even a small mark

Put your straight metho into a spray bottle.

Liberally spray every cushion and the fixed areas of your lounge.

Go back to the first cushion you sprayed, and with a damp microfiber cloth firmly wipe over. Rinsing very regularly. I love these cloths for cleaning microsuede.

Repeat for the rest of the lounge.

Sun dry the removable cushions and open your windows and pop on the ceiling fans to dry the rest of the lounge.


And I can guarantee, your microsuede will love you for it!

Love your home and Inspire your Inner Neat!
xo sal


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