Why you should use eco Bathroom Cleaning products vs Supermarket brands.

Why you should use Eco Bathroom Cleaning products vs Supermarket brands.

I am absolutely passionate about protecting the surfaces in your home. I have seen far too many bench tops ruined, metals permanently etched, window glass scratched, protective coatings removed from flooring, and shower screens destroyed from Glass Cancer...

The reason for my quest to protect surfaces, started after I myself, ruined surfaces in my own home. Years ago, I delighted in trawling the household cleaning aisles at my local supermarket. I baulked at any ‘eco friendly’ brands. According to my then self, they did not work. I needed chemicals. The more chemicals, the smellier, the more claims made, the better. And they sucked me in and I tested out everything on offer. But, my self confessed love of chemicals came back to bite me. My chemical karma started slowly, and grew, and no matter how much I sprayed and scrubbed my glass shower screen, the fog and speckles kept on growing and would not budge. It is then, that I learnt that my shower was not dirty, it had glass cancer. And to make it worse, there was no one to blame but myself, oh, and my harsh chemicals.

Glass Cancer in Action...The Fog beginning...

Glass Cancer

So Neatspiration began, to bring you exceptional quality environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday household cleaning products. But not just that. They also needed to work. They needed to be durable. They needed to look after our homes, and not damage our surfaces. They needed to look after the earth and us. Oh, and of course, be beautiful.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally-derived, safe, nontoxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don't negatively impact the environment or your family's health. The same cannot be said about Supermarket brands...

What is the difference between Bathroom Cleaning products and Multi-Purpose Cleaners?

This is a blog in itself, but basically, Multi-Purpose Cleaners are designed to be used on a daily basis, where as Bathroom Specific Cleaners are designed to tackle the harder job of Cleaning Bathroom specific problems on a less regular basis.

Why should you use Bathroom Cleaning products?

Bathroom Cleaning Products are specifically designed to clean surfaces, and soiling found in bathrooms. By concentrating on specific conditions, specialty products can deliver superior performance and reduce cleaning time.

These specialty products are formulated to remove not only the normal soils found on bathroom surfaces, but also hard water deposits, soap scum, rust stains and discolourations due to mould growth, which are common to these areas.  

What makes Bathroom Cleaners so effective?

Getting a bit more technical, understanding the importance of pH is critical in the proper selection of cleaners for a particular job. 

The grime in Bathrooms is generally soap scum, water deposits, calcium deposits and body oil deposits. All of these substances, are considered on the pH scale, Alkaline. As in the case of opposites attracting, to clean Alkaline substances, we need an Acid based cleaner. We need Acid based cleaners to clean Alkaline substances because the Cleaning Product attempts to "neutralize" the impact of the Alkaline dirt, and when substances are neutralised, the dirt, is released.

If a solution has a pH that is lower than 7, that solution is considered acidic, and is the perfect choice for Bathrooms.

How do I know what Bathroom Cleaning Products to choose?

Over the years, I have taken this guess work out of play for you. At Neatspiration, I only stock Bathroom Cleaning products that are safe, effective and good for the environment. 

What Bathroom Cleaning Products should I avoid?

I won't mention names...but the product that caused my Glass Cancer was a well known Supermarket brand that was marketed to spray and leave, daily. I did as instructed to the letter, and years of these harsh chemicals resulted in Glass Cancer.

These types of cleaners contain fake fragrance, harsh chemicals and solvents to help clean and prevent soap scum and hard water deposits and to aid water in sheeting off shower surfaces.

If a product claims "No further scrubbing, wiping or rinsing is required, just simply spray and walk away"...think again. Scrub free cleaning really just means nasty chemicals.

Shop the Neatspiration Eco Bathroom Cleaning Collection here.

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