Simple Life = Less Mess

Simple Life = Less Mess

When I was a kid, we had everything we needed, but not the stuff others had. I thought this stuff was the secret to my happiness. I thought one day, when I had this stuff I would be different. But, in my 20’s and 30’s I got some stuff and nothing changed. I was like, how could 15 pairs of jeans not transform me into the magical person I imagined I could be!!!

So I bought some more jeans, and more jeans…and somehow…I felt a little emptier.

Then one day, I decided I did not need all those jeans, as I only ever wore a few, and donated a some pairs. Then, I felt scared, as in belly bubbles scared. Then, the warm pressure balloon came, the one that starts in your stomach and rises quickly to your chest, then throat. This was scared, anxious remorse. Pretty stupid aye…yet I did not realise at the time how ridiculous I was being…

Over the next few years I donated the odd thing here and there, and the warm pressure balloon came each time. I now know, this was because I was not happy.

Things cannot make you happy. Your mind is the only thing in this entire world that can make you happy and you have to give it permission to let you be and feel happy. The moment I did was easy. But, maintaining that on a daily basis was hard – and years in the making. But, it became habit. And happiness became me and I realised it was not my jeans, it was me!! I did it!!!

So over those next few years, I stopped buying jeans, and we began a little reno.

For a fair few months, our little reno left us living out of boxes. And…it was the best thing that could have happened to me!!

Each time a little part of our home was completed, I unpacked the boxes, and made a change.

I looked at each item and got tough.

I decided if I did not use this item all the time, or would not even use it for say, when visitors came over…it was gone. And go, did my things!!

As I was designing my kitchen, I was worried I did not have enough storage and now, I have cabinets that are empty. EMPTY!!! Can you believe that!!! And…it feels SO good!!!

Everything in my cabinets now, has space, room to breath and room for my hands to get to the things!! And…opening a cabinet that is not cluttered, makes me relaxed and motivated to keep it that way!

For me, when things are cluttered…I am cluttered and I really don’t like that feeling.

My new minimalist and simple life has changed they way we live. My home is now so much easier to keep clean and tidy, and I am happier looking at less things.

Could you, and would you love less things?

Love your Home and Inspire your Inner Neat!


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