Reviving and Cleaning Plush toys…Polly vs Little Hootie

Reviving and Cleaning Plush toys…Polly vs Little Hootie

Our puppy Polly often takes a liking to some of Matthews new toys.

The latest victim was Little Hootie, before that was Eeek the Emu, and before that Bamboo the Koala.

Bamboo didn’t make it…

Eeek was ok, and after a good soak in Sodium Percarbonate his only battle scar was a small hole near his neck…Now this hole was barely noticeable, yet Matthew noticed and disowned Eeek.

I always tell Matthew when Polly gets one of his toys, and he takes it so well, but after he disowned Eeek, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about Little Hootie, as Little Hootie was his favourite.

Little Hootie had been missing for a few days and I was beginning to think the worst…

But today, I noticed a dirt trail leading from the grass halfway down the path, and then…

I spotted Little Hootie!!!!!

Thanks to my BFF Sodium Percarbonate, Little Hootie is now back to pristine condition!!!

All I did was add some boiling water to a bowl, added half a cap of Sodium Percarbonate and popped in Little Hootie for about 2 minutes.

But…I wont use such a small bowl next time… as the water fizzed up and spilled all over the bench, down the cupboard doors and onto the floor – as I am yelling out Help!! Help!! And…ummm…no one came!!!! lol lol

I then rinsed off Little Hootie and he is now in a bra bag in with the washing.

Sodium Percarbonate is non-toxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable, and leaves no harmful by-products or residues which can harm the environment, or sensitive little skin. AND is a disinfectant!!!

So Little Hootie is now eco clean and germ free!!!

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Here is the before, during and after.
Little Hootie vs Sodium Percarbonate

You can get Sodium Percarbonate here!! Buy NOW!

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