Removing bathroom rust stains!

Removing bathroom rust stains!

This is my delightful bath…

And I HAVE to tell you how we got those rust stains there, as I think that in itself…is a better story than how I FINALLY was able to remove them!

So anyway…Dean does bath time with Matthew, and when they are finished, Dean yells out… ‘Saaaaaaaally!!!’, and I go in, do the tag team, and dress Matthew and put him to bed.

Until one day…Dean decided it would be much more cooth to ring a bell to request my presence, rather than bellowing…and one of Matthews musical bell instruments became the ‘Bath Time Bell’.

Now Dean does not pack things away, and by the time bedtime is done…the LAST thing I feel like doing is cleaning the bathroom…so the bell deteriorated little by little, till the paint around the base wore away. Each bath time and each use of that bell began adding to a rust mark, and bath by bath, that rust mark grew!!!!

And…I left it…lol lol lol..I know…that’s pretty bad aye…

So, the other day I decided to redeem myself and over the course of a few days, I have tried it all!!! CLR, WD40, my BFF Aldi Mould Remover, Bleach…and even my Lemon Oil…and none of it worked…


I tried something new!!!

I honestly did not think it would work…and as you can see in the video…nor did Matthew…heheh


I love Matthews commentary!! ‘How did you do that??’ and ‘I thought it wasn’t going to rub off!!!’

But it did!!! This is what I did…

Step 1

Sprinkle Sodium percarbonate

Step 2

Gently pour a small amount of boiling water

Step 3

Leave till slightly cools

Step 4

Gently rub with your finger or a microfiber cloth AND…

Watch it disappear!!!!

You can get Sodium Percarbonate here!



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