Plastic Pegs vs Stainless Steel Pegs

Plastic Pegs vs Stainless Steel Pegs

If you have ever wondered why Supermarkets don't sell Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs, it is because they last too long. They want you to go in there every month or so, and buy a new packet of shiny and brightly coloured plastic pegs to replace the faded, rotten, cracked, chipped and broken pegs you currently have. We have been conditioned to love a disposable society, where things are made to only last for a short time, and the thought of owning something for a lifetime would even enter our minds, as we have been taught to favour convenience over quality, opting for a cheaper, temporary solution. But...permanent solutions are possible, and ultimately work out cheaper in the long run. There is a chance to be sustainable with every household item we use, even pegs. We can fight against the throw away culture and promote the “Buy Me Once“ way of the future.

Plastic Pegs vs Stainless Steel Pegs

The Cons with Plastic Pegs...

We all know plastic is not good for the environment and especially marine life. Plastic pegs fade, snap, rot and break. They also have a tendency to rust at the springs, which can lead to rust staining on your washing.

The Cons with Wooden Pegs...

Traditional wooden pegs are a better option than plastic, but still have their issues. They are either made of birch, beech or maple because these hardwoods are durable, have a uniform light-colored grain, and do not bleed tannin stains onto clothing. However, good quality traditional wooden pegs are hard to come by, and the majority of wooden pegs are now made with cheap imported materials. Even quality wooden pegs, have the problem of springs - they eventually rust, which can lead to rust staining on your washing, and the springs will eventually break.

The Pros of Pincinox Stainless Steel Pegs!

Pincinox stainless steel pegs are not only elegant and expertly crafted, they come with a life time guarantee to back up their claims. In a world where products are built to fail and only last for a short time Pincinox Pegs are a refreshing change back to a time when products were built to last.

  • You will never need to replace them.
  • Unbreakable Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs.
  • You can drive a car over them, and they will not break.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Rustproof.
  • Heat and frost resistant.
  • Can be kept outside all year round.
  • Unique patented solid one piece spring-less forged construction.
  • They look great, perform even better and never wear out.
  • No more stains on your laundry.
  • No more picking up springs and bits of broken pegs.
  • Strong grip design holds heavy wet clothes securely.
  • Easy to hold and use by all.
  • Recyclable – Completely zero-waste.

 A lifelong solution is a purchase for life.

Plastic Pegs vs Stainless Steel Pegs

Other uses for Pincinox Clothes Pegs...

As the stainless steel adds a layer of elegance and style, they can be used not only for washing, but for paperclips, hanging bunting, hanging photographs and more. Something you wouldn’t want to do with a brightly coloured cheap plastic peg that’s for sure. You can even use them to seal plastic food packets.

Plastic Pegs vs Stainless Steel Pegs

The History of Pincinox...

In 1969, Monsieur Violet, a very skilled metal worker in the petrochemical industry in the South of France, heeded his wife’s remark that even though plastic clothes pegs were certainly more colorful than the traditional wooden ones, both types were as prone to breaking, rusting and leaving stains on laundry as the other.

After experimenting with many different designs, Monsieur Violet hand-wrought the first ever stainless steel clothes pins out of an old washing machine drum salvaged from his local scrap yard. Thanks to Madame Violet’s enthusiastic response to her husband ingenious invention, the word quickly spread around them that the “Violet’s stainless steel clothes pins” were simply the best.

Orders followed and Monsieur Violet was soon kept busy hand-making stainless steel clothes pins from salvaged stainless steel before finally quitting his job and setting up his own company. Today, Monsieur Violet’s son uses industrial-grade stainless steel and modern metal press to continue the family business started by his father. The production methods have certainly been modernised but the same pride is taken in making the best unbreakable, rust proof, life-time warranty stainless steel clothes pins in the world.

Madame Violet still uses the very first pegs hand-wrought by her late husband 50 years ago.

Pincinox Manufacturing Process...

The PINCINOX stainless steel clothes pegs are made with a high-grade stainless steel called UGINOX manufactured by ArcelorMittal, the world largest steel producer. This type of stainless steel is used in construction for external cladding and roofing, making Pincinox clothes pins exceptionally resistive to corrosion, rustproof and heat and frost resistant. Stainless steel used in production is sourced from a local ISO certified manufacturer, therefore every delivery comes with a detailed technical analysis report to ensure quality. You can buy with complete confidence knowing that these pegs really will be the last ones that you ever need to buy.

Our in-house quality control is done at 6 stages:

  • During the semi-automatic manufacturing process.
  • During the polishing of all flat surfaces and edges.
  • Every single Pincinox stainless steel clothes peg is individually inspected for physical and visual defects.
  • Every single bag is counted twice by 2 operators before being packaged.
  • Finally, each packet is individually weighted and sealed. 

Pincinox stainless steel pegs are expertly crafted in France and come with a life time guarantee to back up their claims. In a world where products are built to fail and only last for a short time Pincinox Pegs are a refreshing change back to a time when products were built to last.

Made in France since 1969. Not a single Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothes Peg has ever been returned with rust or breakage in normal use.

Plastic Pegs vs Stainless Steel Pegs

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