Pantry Moths

Pantry Moths

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Pantry Moths are not cute…and they are usually IN your food when you buy it!!

The best way to ensure you are not going to be a Pantry Moth victim…is to freeze any dry goods as soon as you bring them home from the supermarket – for a week. You can then, put then in sealed containers. 

If you think you have pantry Moths…check everything in your pantry for the larvae and moths.

If any signs chuck the food out.

If an open bag of grains or dry food does not appear to be infested, but you still have concerns, you can either discard the food or place it in the freezer for a week. The cold temperatures will kill any moth eggs that you cannot detect with the naked eye. 

You also need to thoroughly remove everything and clean the inside of your pantry and all containers in hot water and the cleaner of your choice…Lemon Oil

Pantry moths thrive on moisture, so keeping things dry is an important part of getting rid of the pests.

Here are some great tips from fellow Neatspiration Freaks!!

Kellie shares – I recommend freezing stuff as soon as you buy it. I mainly do anything cerealish: flours, oats, seeds etc so it doesn’t actually freeze due to the low water content. Just would kill any larvae etc.

Mel shares – I had the same problem this weekend we had to throw out flour, cereal potatoes , rice, everything! We pulled it all out sprayed the crap out of it with vinegar and laid pantry moth traps we brought from Coles for $9.95. They also hate bay leaves. So far only 3 in the trap

Madonna shares – I freeze any food I buy that could possibly already be contaminated eg flour, rice, breadcrumbs, oats, etc etc. I put the unopened pack in my freezer for a couple of days before putting in the pantry. It doesn’t actually freeze as such. Just gets really cold.

Julie shares – I keep the flour in the freezer along with breadcrumbs and sugar and use it straight from the freezer.

Natalie shares – We had a shocking problem so we now store all flour, polenta etc in the fridge. We also freeze any bags of pasta etc for 24 hours before moving them to the pantry. Bay leaves didn’t work for us.

Sue shares –  Agree with tupperware and the bay leaves. When i was a demonstrator many customers would say about the bay leaves and also fill their pantry with airtight modular mates.

Di shares – I was thinking throwing cloves around but I guess that is messy you can also buy something from the supermarket, like a paper folder thing, know idea what the name is but i know you can get them because my daughter used them a couple years ago

Rebecca shares – Tupperware! We had months once, cost us a fortune! Replaced all of my containers with Tupperware modular Mates and have not had a problem since. They can’t get in or out of the double seal so if you bring them home from the supermarket, they will only contaminate the food that is in that container.

Em-j shares Try some huon pine. Huon pine tress are located in Tasmania the shavings are used as moth deterrents in wardrobe & linen cupboards.I guess it can be used in pantries too.

Jacqui shares – Bay leaves. Also freeze things like flour for a day or so to kill any eggs that may be in the product

Amy sharesALDI had pantry moth traps that seen to work so far.

Angela shares – I used to have issues and since using dried bay leaves – no problems

Sam shares – Bay leaves

Stacey shares – Tupperware containers are great they stop weavels getting into the food and if you bring them home from shop in flour they can’t get out of the container either to infest everything else I’d be happy to help you with Tupperware modular containers if you want some.

Libby shares – Pantry moth baits from supermarket.

Casey shares – Tupperware! It keeps everything fresh for months!

Kat shares – I had this happen years ago. Once you remove everything and wash containers. Refill and start again. I also placed some bay leaves around the cupboard. They have never been back.

Julie shares – Make sure you put your flour and sugar in the freezer. Also bay leaves in the cupboard is a deterrent.

Vanessa shares – You can get pantry moth traps at the supermarket (near all the cockroach baits etc). They are like a cardboard pyramid with a sticky base. Apparently they attract the male moths which get stuck (and die) in them which then stops the breeding cycle. I use Tupperware now too but I always keep a trap in my pantry “just in case”

Thanks so much for your great all your tips!!!!!

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