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Usually, a tidy workspace means you’re able to be more productive. Messy desk= a scattered mind. There are too many distractions, and opportunities to procrastinate, when your workspace is covered with things you’ve dumped there to later sort out. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of neglecting our workspace but know just how good it feels to sit down at a clean space, with a clear mind.

Here are a few tips when it comes to organising your workspace (there’s also FREE downloadable planners that you can save, print and use for your new clean workspace)!


Every change starts with a massive clean out! De-clutter your space, empty, shred and get rid of literally anything that adds no value to your productivity. Focus on one area at a time so you’re not overwhelmed.

Organise your space with colours and labels

Just think of how satisfying it will be when your documents are sorted into a filing space, identified by clear labels or colour coded. Yep, deep breath. We know it’s exciting. This doesn’t mean throw out all of your stationery and splurge on the newest fancy organising tools. Although… it is tempting. What you need to do is choose a proper labelling and colour system for your workspace. Take the time to label shelves, folders, bins and drawers. Your future self will thank you. Labelling helps you to put items in the right places, rather than dumping them all on your desk, meaning it’s less likely you’ll lose important documents. Having them filed and stored away also means you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee or food over important documents either (hope I’m not alone in doing this).

Use storage boxes and containers

Things can be tucked away rather than in plain sight, and even if they’re not filed properly, it gives the illusion of being tidy. You can trick your guests, but you can’t trick yourself. If you want to properly organise your workspace, you’ll have to stick with the labelling and colour system that you started. It’s better in the long run if you file things when you get them! You can label the storage boxed and containers, or have different colours for different contents.

Organise your desk accessories

The pens scattered across your desk, the sticky tape over in the kitchen and the paper clips shoved somewhere deep in a drawer. In order to organise your workspace you need to organise your desk accessories. You can buy small boxes/containers that have small compartments for different stationery items. Once it’s all in the one place, it will make your life a lot easier. Spend less time looking for stationery and more time on the actual job!

De-clutter your computer


De-clutter your laptop/computer

This is something that a lot of us may neglect, choose the “remind us later” option and get annoyed when automatic updates happen. The mess on your computer contributes to the mess on your desk, and limits you from being productive. Delete folders, documents, pictures and software that you don’t need. Although this will take some time, it’s something that needs to be done. Organise your work into different folders and use digital sticky notes and calendars where necessary to help you stay productive. If your work is stored on USB drives or external hard drives, go through and de-clutter those as well.

Invest in a good planner

Or, download our FREE PDF Planners! Keeping your workspace clean may be easier if you have somewhere to determine and write down your priorities. These printable planners are perfect for just that. With two design options, you’re able to choose the planner that best suits you and your workspace.

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