Why do the top of Kitchen Cabinets get sticky?

Why do the top of Kitchen Cabinets get sticky?

If you don't have bulkheads above your overhead Kitchen Cabinets, you will know the pain of cleaning them...AND don’t get me started on the greasy thick film of sticky dust – we all know how hard that is to clean!!

I have, over the years, spent many an hour cleaning the top of my kitchen cupboards, and it is hard work!!! You have to either get up on the bench, or pull out a ladder (Note: Never stand on a Stone bench) and contort yourself to reach every corner…

BUT…there is hope! And yes...it is possible to never clean the top of your Kitchen Cupboards…AGAIN! Finally! A job you can actually get out of forever!

Why do the top of Kitchen Cabinets get sticky?

The sticky residue is usually caused by cooking oil, fat from foods and dirt. It begins when you cook and even a spoon of oil in a hot pan will cause some of the oil to evaporate into oil vapour. Oil does not turn into a gas when it evaporates, like water does, instead, oil vapour consists of microscopic droplets of oil which float through the air in convection currents, before cooling and sticking to the surfaces in your kitchen. The 'stickiness' occurs when dust lands on the oil.

How do you clean the Sticky Residue?

I have found it is best to use a product designed to be used in the Kitchen, and a non scratch scourer followed by a Microfibre Cloth. Kitchen cleaners are designed and have the ph required to cut through grease quickly. But as a guide, I spray the top of the kitchen cabinets with diluted Neatspiration Lemon Oil, leave for a few minutes… and with a Microfibre Cloth soaked and wrung out in hot water…it just wipes away!!!! Nothing I have ever tried works better!

How do I stop the Sticky Residue returning?

If you want to avoid the icky and sticky in the future, here are 4 great ways to do that! Cover the top of your cabinets in either…

  • Brown Paper
  • Contact
  • Cling Wrap
  • Newspaper
  • Baking Paper
  • Aluminium Foil

That way the next time you dare to look, all you have to do is remove the covering and reapply!!

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