Neatspiration Loyalty Rewards Program!!

Neatspiration Loyalty Rewards Program!!

Neatspiration Loyalty Rewards Program!! appeared first on Neatspiration

I know how lucky I am so have such awesome people in the Neatspiration community and want to Thank YOU!!

After all…there would be no Neatspiration with out YOU!!

So…to give you a little something back – for your loyalty, support and taking a chance on me and loving my products…

Neatspiration has a Loyalty Rewards Program!!

And to make it even better it’s FREE!

Reward points accumulated will appear at checkout.

When can I redeem my Points?

  • Points are redeemable after 200 points. So when you spend $200, you receive $5 off your next purchase!!

How do the points work?

  • For every one dollar spent you receive one point.
  • 40 points = $1.00 of redeemable value.
  • Points may accumulate but once redeemed for a purchase balance will return to zero and will begin accululating again on new purchases.

How many Points do I have?

  • You can see your reward details when you checkout, or, when you click on the Rewards tab on the top menu.

Can I earn extra points?

  • YES!!!!! Provide an honest review for a product you have purchased, and received 200 points – valued at $5 FREE – for each review!!!

How can I earn my FREE points?

  • Go to ‘My Account’ from the top menu.
  • Press the ‘View’ box for any of your orders.
  • Click on the product you would like to review.
  • Click on ‘write review’ box, and complete your honest review.

Your extra 200 FREE reward points will automatically transfer to your existing rewards, and can be seen when you click on the ‘Rewards’ tab in the top menu.


Have a great day, and Inspire your Inner Neat!

sal xx

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