Neatspiration Lemon Oil cleans it all!

Neatspiration Lemon Oil cleans it all!

Neatspiration Lemon Oil cleans it all! appeared first on Neatspiration

When I started my little business, my first goal was to find a product that did what it said it did.

After years of disappointment with cleaning products, I just wanted something that actually WORKED. I wanted something that did not, over the long term, damage my shower. I wanted something that did not cause glass cancer. I wanted my shower glass to gleam, streak free. Was this too much to ask??? lol

During my first year of then NeatFreak, now Neatspiration, I spent this time testing, researching and googling, and finally fell in LOVE with Lemon Oil.

I LOVE that one product does it all – AND better than the rest – AND is actually safe and 100% Natural.

Lemon Oil has now replaced all of my other cleaning products. It is safe to use on all surfaces in your home, even marble and granite…which is pretty rare…

I love this little product, and can’t help but think…where have you been all my life!!

My absolute favorite Lemon Oil use, is for cleaning the shower. I have tried so many things, and have never had a better result – on tiles or glass before – AND it keeps your shower cleaner for longer as the water beads off it – resulting in you having to do much less work!! Yay!! Find out more here

Lemon Oil looks after your surfaces. It will NOT cause glass cancer/corrosion. If your glass squeaks when you run your fingers over the clean glass, but it still looks speckly, almost inside the glass, it is glass cancer – caused by harsh chemicals over time. Nothing can fix this, other that replacing your glass…

Lemon Oil, apart from smelling amazing, is safe for kiddies and pets, not to forget the environment.

NeatFreak Lemon Oil doesn’t leave any residue so it does not need to be rinsed. It is a great cleaning agent because it has both antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also antiviral, an antiseptic and a disinfectant. It is also an odour neutralizer meaning it does not mask odours, but eliminates them, by killing the germs that create them

Have Fun!! And you can get NeatFreak Lemon Oil here!

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