Make a Small space feel BIG.

Make a Small space feel BIG.

Make a Small space feel BIG. appeared first on Neatspiration

Small spaces can be tough.

But you CAN maximize every little bit of space, if you just think about your needs and what annoys you most about your particular lack of space.

With a few tricks, you really can make a small space feel BIG:)

1) Using the same colour walls and furniture gives the illusion of space, as one blends into the other
2) Furniture with actual legs make a space appear larger as you can actually see underneath
3) BIG Mirrors reflect light and also create a feeling of two rooms in one as they grab parts of adjacent rooms
4) Closed storage is neat, and anything streamlined takes the focus off what you don’t want to see…
5) Open your blinds to let all possible light in:)
6) Use Wall Art instead of ornaments
7) Float your furniture. Even in a small space, if a piece of furniture is only 30cm in from the wall, it makes the room look like there is more on offer beyond the furniture

1) Get rid of the Coffee Table
2) Add storage hangers inside of doors, big cupboards and on the back of doors
3) Consider the parents moving to a smaller bedroom, and converting the main master bedroom to a kids room/play room
4) Small furniture for small rooms:) But, not mini pieces, as your room will feel actually smaller. One large lounge, works better than two small ones
5) Casters allow you to easily move furniture to suit your needs
6) Get things off the floor
7) Utilize height from floor to ceiling. A hanging plant can make a room feel so much taller
8) Add extra shelves to existing cupboards
9) Convert an unused space to an actual room
10) See through room dividers section off a space, but allow light, as opposed to Privacy Screens
11) Hide appliances in cupboards if benchspace is at a premium
12) Dual Purpose Furniture is a creative way to get the best of both worlds. Instead of a coffee table, use side tables you can move around

Have Fun and Inspire your Inner Neat!
sal xx


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