How to remove Underarm Stains from Clothing

How to remove Underarm Stains from Clothing

Do you have countless shirts with white deodorant buildup, or awful yellow stiff underarms? Yes? You are not alone! Find out how to fix the stains and stop them from returning.

What causes underarm staining?

Generally this is caused from antiperspirant deodorant. Aluminium is an active ingredient in antiperspirants because of its ability to reduce the production of sweat. The stain you see? Well that is a deposit of Aluminium that's reacted with the fabric, your own sweat and body ph. The result? Those annoying hard yellow stains.

How to remove underarm staining.

You need a deep strip wash. Ok, so you will be either saying round about now, either what is that!! Or, how do I do it? Stick with me, and I will reveal all...There seems to be a lot of talk lately about 'strip washing', the purpose of this, is to 'deep clean' items of clothing or linens in order to eradicate stains or odours. Lots of people make up their own concoctions, however you really don't need to go to all that trouble. Charlie's Soap alone can 'strip wash' or 'deep clean' your clothing and linen for you without the fuss!

Charlie's Soap has been around for decades. It is a unique formulation that has been designed to REMOVE all old detergent, dirt, fabric softener and other deposits that make your clothes smell, retain stains, feel crunchy and not looking or feeling (or smelling!) their best. These deposits are often the culprit when it comes to eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. Once these deposits have been removed your washing goes back to its natural state which also means there is no need for fabric softener, as your fabrics are naturally soft!

All it takes for a Charlie's Soap Strip Wash, is a soak in warm to hot water with a scoop or two of Charlie's Soap. The colour of the resulting water will give you an idea of what's been lurking in the fibres!

If you want to see actual proof...and be impressed with what Charlie's Soap can do, check out my own Strip Wash!!!! I soaked all my supposedly CLEAN cloths and I am not sure if I am impressed or horrified!!! lol
Charlie's Soap Strip Wash

How to prevent underarm staining.

As soon as you finish wearing that shirt, try soaking immediately each time before you wash. Modern washing machines have water saving measures built into them that prevent the soap from fully saturating and rinsing out of your clothes. If you have a pre-soak setting and extra rinse setting, this will also help.

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