How to fix a Smelly Bin.

How to fix a Smelly Bin.

How to fix a Smelly Bin. appeared first on Neatspiration

What is lurking in your bin can be more dangerous than you think…

Even if your Kitchen bin looks really clean, they can sometimes get stinky…

The majority of bins are plastic or lined with plastic. There are two main types of plastic – rigid (meaning it does not bend) and flexible non-rigid (the type of plastic that bends when you push on it)

Flexible non-rigid plastic is porous, and can absorb odours, germs and the odours germs create – which are separate odours to food odours.

So next time you notice your bin is a bit smelly…it could be the actual bin and not what is inside it.

The best way to prevent your bin absorbing odour and germs is to regularly clean it with a disinfecting agent.

Neatspiration  cleaning oils are perfect for this job!  Apart from smelling amazing, they don’t leave any residue – so they don’t need to be rinsed. They are also a great cleaning agent because they have both antifungal and antibacterial properties, and they are also antiviral, an antiseptic and a disinfectant!

Neatspiration cleaning oils are also odour neutralizers – meaning they do not mask odours, but actually kill the germs that create the smells

You can get Neatspiration Cleaning Oils here!

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