How to deep clean your Toilet!

How to deep clean your Toilet!

When we first moved into our home, something about the Kitchen bench tops wasn’t quite right. I didn’t know why I thought that, but I did, and after a few weeks, I wondered if the gloominess of the 90’s teal Laminex could possibly be dirt…

So I cleaned it, and again and again. Still gloomy looking. Then, I thought why not…I am getting the steel wool onto it!! lol lol So…I did, and the filth that came off it was kinda disturbing…

Now I am only telling you this, to maybe make myself feel better about the real reason I am writing this…and it is not about the bench tops…

Should I also mention a Dad and his teenage boys lived here? Would that also make me feel better as to why I didnt realsie what was lurking in my toilet? Should the neighbourhood urban party house stories make me feel better?

Well they do!!!

I love that my house was loved! I love my house was really, really lived in before we moved in there. I love, that a really great guy raised his kids there – and they stayed till they all bought their own homes, and he moved to be closer to them.

My dirty bench tops made me feel the happiness that created them…but…I wasn’t as joyous about the toilet…lol

What are the black marks in the Toilet Bowl?

The toilet was old, and I had scrubbed it in every way possible. But still the black marks on the sides of the lower part of the internal bowl remained. I resigned myself to believe it was concrete, as the bowls of some old toilets are not fully coated with porcelain. But an accidential experiment proved me wrong! 

I wanted to see if Sodium Percarbonate would be any good at cleaning the toilet – just general cleaning – as I was convinced the black marks were concrete...After my Sodium Percarbonate treatment...I noticed…little black flecks sitting at the bottom on the bowl, sort of floating around…and it hit me…OMG it was POO!!!!

How to deep clean your Toilet Bowl.

Sodium Percarbonate Method.

  • Push all the water out of the bowl, back into the s-bend with the toilet brush, and scoop the remainder of the water out.
  • Sprinkle a lid full of Sodium Percarbonate just below the rim line and sprinkle the rest in the bowl.
  • Boil the jug and pour in 2L. Note: If you do this – don’t freak out…the Sodium Percarbonate will go crazy and fizz up.
  • Leave.
  • Once cooled, get a really sharp pointy knife and carefully, slip the knife under the 'black stuff'. The ‘black stuff’ I can now officially call poo, will come away from the porcelain in one go!! If not, repeat all steps.
  • N.B Sodium Percarbonate is biodegradable and septic safe.

How to deep clean the exterior of your Toilet.

This little trick is my absolute favourite. 

  • Spray the entire toilet - Cistern, lid, seat and exterior bowl with the eco cleaning product of your choice...hopefully from the Neatspiration Collection.
  • Then with an old towel, create a barrier to capture the water from the next step.
  • Boil the jug and pour from top to bottom all over the toilet, lifting the lis, and seat to ensure you get into all crevices. (Note: ONLY do this with the lid and seat still attached to the toilet, or water will get inside through the holes that attach the seat.)
  • Remove the seat, and once again clean the seat. (I usually do this in the laundry tub)
  • Again spray the entire toilet with the eco cleaning product of your choice, and wipe over with a dry microfibre cloth.

Why does your Toilet need a deep clean?

Your toilet needs a deep clean as sometimes, we just can't get into all the crevices that can hold bacteria, germs and odours.

When should you deep clean your Toilet?

If you have kids? As often as necessary!! But as a general rule once a month should be sufficient for a full deep clean.

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