Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

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You need to ‘sell the dream’…yeah ok a bit corny, but its true!! You originally fell in love with your home, and you need the prospective owners to see the life they will have in your home, and the new life they want to live, so they can also fall in love with it. So stage it up and make your home look a little ‘un-lived’ in lol but its true

NeatFreak Staging tips for Selling

– Do a what I call, a ‘walk through’ in every room, and look top to bottom, as the buyer would. Remove cobwebs, and ensure it is immaculate.

– Remove all unnecessary furniture that will clutter your home, and make it feel small. People will be turned off buying your home if they think it is too small for them.

– Rearrange the furniture. Sure, you have your favourite chair in your favourite spot, but that does not necessarily mean it looks good Here are 2 little tips. When you walk into a lounge room, the first thing you see, should not be the TV. Ideally it is a lounge with beautiful welcoming scatter cushions and a piece of art above it 3/4 the size of the lounge. For bedrooms the same goes for the bed. Try to reposition all beds so the bedhead is on the opposite wall as soon as you walk in, so it too, is the first thing you see.

– Open all blinds and windows – unless you live near noise, or have blinds half drawn, if the outlook it not too pretty.

– FLOWERS are great, especially yellow ones, as yellow evokes a buying emotion. Do not use Oriental Lilies as they are very strong, and you don’t want people getting hayfever in their prospective dream home.

– In the KITCHEN, don’t have anything on the benches, unless it is flowers or greenery. Put the rangehood light on. It looks good.

– In the BATHROOMS, tri-fold your towels on towel racks – it looks great, and adds a little bit of luxury  Don’t have anything but a nice hand wash on the vanity.

– CUPBOARDS – box up as much stuff as you can that you don’t really need while you are selling. Buyers look in cupboards and if you are bursting out of them, they will think the house is too small for them as well. Stage your cupboards as well.

– DE CLUTTER. Remove pretty much all nik knacks. Your hubbies mounted talking fish might look better in the ‘pool room’

– Lots of people say to bake cookies or onions before the open house to create a homely feel. I say don’t. Fresh flowers are beautiful.

– Ensure the garage and exterior is as immaculate as the inside.

BIG TIP – Keep your good linen, towels and tea towels for open houses. Use old ones everyday, and put the good ones out for inspections so they are fresh and clean.

Have Fun and inspire your inner Neat!!
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