Get 5 min more sleep on a Work day!

Get 5 min more sleep on a Work day!

Get 5 min more sleep on a Work day! appeared first on Neatspiration

I think the majority of people struggle getting out of bed on a workday. For some people…just deciding on an outfit to wear can be enough to hit snooze…

Things were so much easier when I wore a uniform, but things changed in a big way when I got a job with…gasp…horror…shock…no uniforms!!!

I now actually had to find, and decide on what I was going to wear each day!!

My bedroom resembled…well, a nightmare pigsty each morning, until I finally decided on said outfit.


I have actually been late to work because I couldn’t find something to wear that I was happy with…

It all got too much!! So…

This is what I used to do to take away that morning stress…

I dedicated a part of my closet to work clothes. In this area, I got 5 coat hangers and attached a piece of paper with the days of the week on each hanger. You can get creative and even use old CD’s.

On the weekend, I planned the weeks clothes, and put Mondays outfit behind the Monday sign and so on.

I also matched my shoes and jewellery, and put them under each outfit.

Hope my little tip helps you get an extra 5 min sleep in the mornings!!

Have Fun and Inspire your Inner Neat!!
sal xx

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