Do Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers really work?

Do Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers really work?

I have Stainless Steel cookware. It took my husband ages to get used to them as he is the cook in our family...but I insisted he persist as I was sick of those Teflon coated pans, which were never really non-stick and over time, became less 'non-stick', and the coating would come off and the thought of that in our food...well... So Stainless Steel is here to stay, but it does have its own cleaning problems, and anyone who has Stainless Steel cookware will know only too well the brown dots that are seemingly impossible to remove. The only thing that easily worked for me was a sprinkling of Bon Ami and my trusty Stainless Steel Wool. My pans came up perfect, but Stainless Steel Wool has a whole heaps of environmental disadvantages so when I first stocked Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers, I had massive reservations, but gave them a go...AND...I am almost not believing what I am typing here, but...they do just a good a job as Steel Wool, but with no adverse environmental impacts. 

Yes! Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers really work! Not only that...they: 

Coconut Fibre Scrub Pads come from the Earth and after use, they can go back to the Earth, as they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Tough yet gentle, they easily remove residual impurities without damaging surfaces. 

  • Stay fresh for months
  • Powerfully Durable
  • All surface friendly
  • Removes baked on grease effortlessly
  • Non scratch
  • Non Toxic
  • Odourless
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Safe for your hands 
  • Rinses clean with water
  • Non-absorbant
  • Quickly air drys
  • Compostable
  • 100% natural

    What are Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers?

  • Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers, are a 100% natural alternative to regular household cleaning scrubbers.

    Why should I use a Coconut Cleaning Scrubber?

    Apart from all the above mentioned benefits for Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers, a particular brand I sell here at Neatspiration - Safix™, has become a symbol of hope for thousands of women in rural India. Previously, the lives of these women were grim, with very little access to education or healthcare. These women spent their lives burdened by household chores, and were even denied the freedom to be trained.

    Passionate about women's rights and empowering women in rural India, Safix™, said... "What can be done to provide a brighter and more secure future for these women? Can we equip them with skills to ensure a life of dignity and respect?" Finally, the skills required for creating Coconut Scrubbing Brushes were taught to these women, and the sorting and cleaning of loose fiber - a vital step for manufacturing Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers has transformed the lives of thousands of rural women in India. Now, these rural women can live a life of dignity and economic empowerment. The creators of Safix™, Inovex Enterprises believe that, every scrub pad sold in the global market will help even millions more women.

    How are Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers made?

    Nature’s wonder fiber “coir”, is extracted from the protective husk of the coconut - or as you and I may refer to it, the hard outer shell, to create an eco cleaning masterpiece. This golden fiber is safely treated to retain its natural abrasive properties, and is compacted into a Scrubbing Pad.

    Are Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers Sustainably made?

    Yes! All Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers sold at Neatspiration are made sustainably and ethically.

    What Surfaces can I use a Coconut Cleaning Scrubber on?

    Any Surface! They are durable enough to tackle burnt on food on Stainless Steel pans, gentle enough for non stick coated oven trays or pans, and scratch proof enough to be used on delicate China and Shower Glass.

    How do you use a Coconut Cleaning Scrubber?

    There are a few different ways you can clean with a Coconut Scrubber. 

    • For big jobs like burnt on food on Stainless Steel pans, I wet the pan under the tap, tip out the excess water, sprinkle some Bon Ami over the pan, and use the Coconut Scrubber to clean it. I must say, I was sceptical of Coconut Scrubbers, and could not see how they could possibly be as good as Steel Wool, but...they work JUST as good!
    • For gentler jobs like non stick coated oven trays or pans, delicate China, regular dishes and Shower Glass, I add a few drops of Dr Bronners Castile Soap, or dishwashing liquid to the Coconut Scrubber, and rub it together. They sud up amazingly! 

    Shop the Safix™ Coconut Cleaning Scrubbers here, and EcoCoconut Cleaning Scrubbers here.

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