Cleaning up Pet Accidents

Cleaning up Pet Accidents

Cleaning up Pet Accidents appeared first on Neatspiration

If you have a pet…at some stage you are going to have to deal with accidents…

Pet urine is especially hard to thoroughly clean and remove the smell as the urine spreads…

Urine in carpet

But…did you know urine does not always smell??

And that’s why it is sometimes hard to find the urine…or to even know it is there in the first place!!…until…it eventually starts to smell. Urine that has been left will always start to smell as it dries because bacteria breaks it down.

But if you find a fresh accident that does smell – your pet may be dehydrated and the strong smell is ammonia in the urine.

As urea in urine breaks down into ammonia …there are two cleaning tips you need to know.

Don’t use ammonia based products. Ammonia based products will make your pet think there is another dog or cat marking their territory and will encourage your pet to repeat the same behaviour.

Do use a product with enzymes. They break down the fatty acids and proteins so they are no longer volatile/smelly.

And I guess you are wondering if fresh urine may not smell…how can I find it??

There are these cool little lights called UV Blacklight’s. Under the purple glow of a Black Light in a darkened room, organic stains such as pet urine, vomit and faeces will light up fluorescent yellow, making them easy to find and treat. I got one for $9.89 from ebay.

And if you are now wondering how to thoroughly clean pet urine…fellow NeatFreak Renée Brekelmans has conducted the ultimate experiment and here are her tried and tested tips!

Renée dissolved Boizet in warm water and cleaned the area with a really wide perimeter. As Biozet has active enzymes that break down the fatty acids and proteins in urine.

After it initially dried though…the smell was still there!! And Renee also found after it rained the smell was worse.

Renee then re cleaned the area again with Boizet and the smell was fainter.

Then Renee splashed some straight vinegar on the area and recleaned with Biozet…and…


So Vinegar is the extra step to totally remove the urine!!

Thanks so much Renee!!!!! I LOVE experiments!!
xo sal

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