Cleaning the Fridge…

Cleaning the Fridge…

Cleaning the Fridge… appeared first on Neatspiration

I think everyone takes for granted and sometimes forgets about the most useful item in our homes, THE FRIDGE!! So lets show our Fridges some love, and they will love us back with fresher food, and greater efficiency:)

I recommend you take on board this challenge before you do a grocery shop:) Also, if you can, invest in some containers that are Fridge and Freezer safe. You don’t need expensive ones. I got some cheapies from GoLo, and they are amazing:)

But first, before you do anything inside the Fridge, grab a ladder and clean the top, the sides, and the front, concentrating on the door handles:) If you are really adventurous, pull out the fridge, and clean the skirting boards and the wall, as dust loves to hang out on the wall behind your Fridge:) Neatspiration Lemon Oil is great at quickly removing that sticky gunk on the top of your Fridge

So now onto the BIG FRIDGE CLEAN!!!

Start with the Freezer
STEP 1 – Pull everything out, and place on your kitchen bench
STEP 2 – Throw out anything that is out of date or looks old
STEP 3 – Fill up the sink with hot water, dishwashing liquid and a few drops of Neatspiration Lemon Oil
STEP 4 – Pull out all shelves, crisper etc, and wash all the removable parts in the sink
STEP 5 – Wash the inside walls, floor and roof
STEP 6 – CHECK THE DOOR SEALS, this is really important, as often mould loves to hang out there. If you see any mould, spray with a Mould Remover spray, leave a few minutes, then scrub with an old toothbrush, and finally wash with your hot water and dishwashing liquid. N.B Don’t forget to look on top of the door seals and the underneath seals as well. Once all the mould is removed. Spray with diluted Neatspiration Clove Bud Oil and leave. This will kill the mould spours, which are the dangerous part
STEP 7 – Dry inside the Freezer, dry the shelves and put them all back in
STEP 8 – Close the door
STEP 9 – Now you have done the Cleaning, it is time to ORGANISE!!! If you do have any freezer safe containers, put all opened things like Veggies, Frozen Chips, etc in the containers, and throw out all the plastic and cardboard boxes. If an item is unopened, leave it in its packaging:)
STEP 10 – Do a quick sort out. Move things around on the bench to group all like items
STEP 11 – Now its time to place items back, BUT put all veggies on one shelf, Bread on another, Meat on another…etc

The containers give you back LOTS of space, and let you see exactly what you have:)

Now onto the fridge…

Do exactly what you did with the freezer, but be really thoughtful where you put back the items, to make the best use of space and efficiency:)

Enjoy your new Fridge:)

Love your Home, and Inspire your Inner Neat!
sal xx

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