Cleaning a Wool Doona

Cleaning a Wool Doona

Cleaning a Wool Doona appeared first on Neatspiration

The other day I was a total cleaning rebel.

I have a wool doona insert, and have always followed the cleaning instructions. Spot clean stains and air on the line occasionally.

Anyway, I really thought it needed a good clean, but being Wool, I was not sure what to do, and afraid it would get stinky…

So I decided to take the plunge and wash it in the washing machine!!

Anyway…it was too big to fit in…lol lol lol

So I figured I would soak it first, as wet things are smaller than dry things.

OMG we are absolute PIGS!!!!! The water was filthy!!!!!!

I then wrung it out, and squeezed it in the washer and washed it on the wool cycle. Hung it on the line and it is perfectly clean…and does not smell!!!!

I dare you to do it too if you have a Wool Donna

Just be careful not to do this too often, and do on a gently cycle as the wool can clump within the individual sewn sections – but you can separate it with a little patience.

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