Clean your Oven with NO Chemicals!

Clean your Oven with NO Chemicals!

Clean your Oven with NO Chemicals! appeared first on Neatspiration

ok…I get it…you are probably thinking this is one of those posts that gets around…that you really think is going to work…but actually doesn’t…I have been there too…and I get soooo bummed when I go to all the effort of trying something new, for it not to work!!!

BUT…I guarantee you this does work!!

You really can say goodbye to Mr Muscle and the fumes forever!

And the best part, is that this method is easy, involves NO scrubbing and is less messy that oven cleaner!

All you need to do, is remove the racks and spray your entire oven with NeatFreak Lemon Oil.

Then if you have time, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, but if you are in a rush, you don’t need to wait.

Then, respray with NeatFreak Lemon Oil and grab a paint scraper with a blade and just scrape!

That’s it!!!

You can clean the glass, the walls, the floor, the roof and even the racks of your oven this way. Just wipe the baked on grease and grime from your scraper on some newspaper or paper towel and keep going. I also have found that if the area is wet, the scraper glides easier, so respray with your NeatFreak Lemon Oil every now and then.

And the best part?

Absolutely NO chemicals are going anywhere near your food!

You will love…ok that was an exaggeration…but you won’t mind cleaning your oven this way

Have FUN!!
xo sal

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